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Tory MP Chris Grayling named Stonewall ‘bigot of the year’

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Reader comments

  1. Well done to the winners, although I don’t think that Chris Grayling should have won Bigot of the Year. Thanks to Pink News for reporting the story so promptly.

  2. I see no difference between Chris Grayling and Ben (I lie about the cost of gay marriage to Lib Dems) Summerskill

  3. miketruth 5 Nov 2010, 9:31am


  4. What a load of contrived rubbish.

  5. Stephen Kay 5 Nov 2010, 10:12am

    I am sick of this organisation being paraded as if it were representative of the gay community it betrayed us. Ben betrayed us yet he is called “an inspirational leader” I JUST WANT TO PUKE!!!I call on all gay people to call Ben out when you see him in person. Make the runt fear us. Maybe then he will listen.

  6. de Villiers 5 Nov 2010, 10:24am

    Chris Grayling is far from this year’s worst bigot. This sounds like smug, self-satisfaction.

  7. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2010, 10:57am

    Ironic isn’t it that Chris Grayling gets it for what he said yet the LGB organisation were far more ignorant to the point of being bigotted for what they didn’t say!

    Whilst I can accept not everything they do is bad, I feel an organisation that is supposed to fight for equality and equal rights, then have to be pushed to fight for them, is a tad on the hypocritical side to hold an award for ‘Bigot of the Year’!

    I personally would like to see a another legit award ceremony that awards Sronewall that very title they deserve.

  8. As Speaker of the Commons, Bercow has to prove he’s impartial. Well Summerskill & Co have just voted one of Bercow’s colleagues a bigot, yet Bercow calls Summerskill a truly inspirational leader. Bercow is ill-advised.

    And if Sally wants to do any more parachute jumps in the future, she should think about doing them in aid of Peter Tatchell’s selfless campaign efforts instead.

  9. Some very deserving winners and great news that Mind Out’s profile has been raised, and they have been given some extra cash.

  10. Well now we know this money-grubbing travesty is rigged. Never a bigger gay bigot was there than the truly odious and pious Ben Summerskill. Shame on you.

  11. bigot of the year goes to Stonewall for NOT supporting marriage for gays. Who made this quarto the official reps of gay – I never voted for them and dont want them representing me


  12. James Justice 5 Nov 2010, 2:07pm

    Chris Grayling a bigot?

    This is just ridiculous – what about all those fanatical and not so fanatical muslims out there?

  13. Volpierre 5 Nov 2010, 3:49pm

    Well done in self congratulating Stonewall. Starting to mimic like the heteronormal world you despise so much and in which you evoke so little respect. Give it three more years before your organisation implodes.


    Have to admit with Ben thingy Still in charge I have to ask does Anybody take Stonewall serious any more, “awards” with it. They are clearly in it for themselves and themselves alone.

  15. @ No 12: Thanks for a voice of reason in midst of the hysteria. Btw, not just that one religion…

  16. Surely Stonewall itself was the Stonewall bigot of the year?

  17. I would of thought Lord Carey was bigot of the year. His demand for religious courts that deliberate over LGBT rights, so they don’t get in the way of religious discriminatory practices was a better candidate.

    Oh I forgot, that might of got in the way of Ben Summerskill’s quest to get himself into the house of lords!

  18. I don’t think it’s fair to say that Chris Grayling is bigot of the year. whilst I don’t agree with what he had previously said, to portray him as this homophobic hyena is a bit far. There are real enemies of the gay community who promote genuinely dangerous ideologies and i don’t think it’s fair to tar him with this brush. We can’t go after everyone who makes a slip of the toungue remark and if we do we will be the ones who come off worse. lets get down to fighting real problems.

  19. So Stonewall picks on Chris Grayling for a daft remark defending the rights of a handful of christian nutter B&B owners who wish to offer a gay couple two single beds rather than a double and igonores all those real peddlers of hate who pour out regular streams of frenzied hate to tens of thousands of their adherents from mosques and on websites up and down our country urging mass slaughter of gay men and women? This is simply ridiculous!

  20. 1234567890 6 Nov 2010, 2:10pm

    I don’t understand. I am not excusing Grayling, but he did apologise and said he was wrong to say what he did, and his voting record on gay rights isn’t as bad as other tory MP’s.

    The leader of the Catholic church however is still a homophobic bigot. The leader of the C of E is still a homophobic bigot. Muslim immans up and down the country, every weekend still give bigoted homophobic lectures in their mosques. Come on, is this apologetic tory MP our biggest enemy in the country?

  21. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2010, 3:03pm

    I’m not saying the Tories will give us equal marriage but I can’t help thinking that sending one of it’s MP’s and one that did apologise will not help with the support for marriage.

    Can’t help think Stonewall have deliberately sent done to stall progress which begs the question, how committed are they to equal marriage.

    There are so many others much worse than Mr. Grayling…

  22. Hodge Podge 6 Nov 2010, 5:19pm

    I don’t think Grayling’s statements were based on bigotry, just some questionable libertarianism. Not that I know the bloke, but there MUST be someone worse around then that.

  23. “there MUST be someone worse around then that.”

    I assume you mean someone other than the obvious candidate, Ben Summerskill.

  24. Jock S. Trap, since Summerskill has reversed his position on same-sex marriage, then its up to the rest of us to hold his feet to the fire and make sure he is proactive. He felt the heat not only from his own membership, but from the co-founders and politicians. We must not let him drag his feet on this one, no excuses either. With the Liberal Democrats officialy endorsing marriage equality, Ed Miliband supporting it and handful of politicians on board, I don’t see how Cameron could ignore it or worse, do nothing but support it. If he doesn’t, then he’ll do so at his own peril when the next election rolls around. A lot of gays who voted for him might be wooed by the Liberal Democrats because I think it will become an election issue and I’ve no doubt Labour will endorse it to remain competitive for the gay vote. Lets face it, the Tories didn’t exactly win by a landslide did they? They were only able to form a government by the grace of the Liberal Democrats. Marriage equality should be the least of Cameron’s obstacles. Its not such a difficult thing to do since all it would really mean is making civil marriage gender neutral, nothing else will change, neither will civil marriage per se. Its strictly a civil matter and has NOTHING to do with religion either.

  25. @2 & @17 Helen, I’m still waiting to see a sign of Stonewall’s equal marriage campaign yet, has anyone else seen anything?

    As for Lord Carey…
    they could at least have crowned it Miss Uncongeniality.

  26. @Robert:

    “Jock S. Trap, since Summerskill has reversed his position on same-sex marriage, then its up to the rest of us to hold his feet to the fire and make sure he is proactive.”

    Eh, WHY?!? Just because the rest of Stonewall have pulled Zeroskills into line, that doesn’t change his indiscretions around gay marriage one iota. OK, he may now say what we want to hear, but we KNOW he has different opinions that go against our best interests in seeking equal rights. This is a farce!!! BS has been outed for his treachery and must go NOW. There can be no turning the clocks back or pretending it didn’t happen. How can Stonewall have any credibility in its representation of gay rights while they still let this clown speak for it as he clings desperately to his gold-plated private sector pension?

  27. Jock S. Trap 7 Nov 2010, 8:58am

    @ William

    I think your right.

    Ben Summerskill needs to go in order to let Stonewall at least try to gain some credibility back. Lets face it he only really agreed to campaign for equal marriage because he was forced into a corner from the outrage he created. As head of a gay rights organisation he should never have questioned if we should have equal rights he should have been fighting it as a important right for all. Therefore I do believe the man will stall on every possible opportunity.

    Sending a current MP this bigot award does nothing to help fight our corner particularly when we all know Chris Grayling was an idiot to say what he did. However he did apologise and we all know far worse more deserving (nut)cases.

    The damage has been done. Ben Summerskill has felt the need to decide he has the right to pick and choose what equal rights we should and shouldn’t have. This will stick for as long as he remains in charge. How is that right?

    Stonewall need a fresh prospective and that can only come with a new more stable leader who is willing to fight for equal rights for all of us.

  28. I would have thought Andrea Minichiello-Williams, spokesperson for the Christian Legal Centre, would deserve an award for her innsistent bigotry and vexatious attempts to erode gay rights in this country whilst trying to gain privileged treatment and opt outs from the law for a seemingly endless parade of spiteful pseudo-religious nutbags who have convinced themselves through a careful misunderstanding of scripture they have a special right to discriminate against gay men and lesbian women.

  29. I just looked over the Stonewall website and could find nothing about marriage equality there at all, perhaps I didn’t look hard enough but there really doesn’t seem to be anything that might make anyone think Stonewall was now campaigning toward equal marriage.

  30. Pavlos’s suggestion of Andrea M Williams is an excellent, and far more worthy choice. Why has there never been a bigot award for either Christian Concern for our Nation or the Christian Institute?

  31. Stonewall doesn’t like to oppose Christian organisations, or criticise the Pope, who was a suitable candidate for Bigot of the Year bearing in mind his criticism of UK equality legislation.

    When the last government put through a special amendment to emphasise that faith schools could teach sex education in accordance with their religious beliefs (PSHE in maintained schools, Amendment 70,) Stonewall issued this weak press release:

    ‘Personal, Social and Health Education is invaluable in providing young people with an education that reflects 21st century Britain and Stonewall welcomes the move towards statutory PSHE for all state-maintained schools. Taught well and inclusively, PSHE – including sex and relationship education – empowers young people to make informed decisions about their personal wellbeing. No young person should be denied this just because of the kind of school they go to.’

    So were they opposed to the amendment, or not?

  32. Luke Burke 7 Nov 2010, 9:18pm

    Chris Grayling is soooo ugly!

  33. Oops, of course my last post should have ended referencing BS’s “PUBLIC sector pension”…

  34. The award should have gone to the whole Conservative Party.

  35. poeticlicense 8 Nov 2010, 8:04pm

    why does it surprise people that the conservatives are homophophobic, they are definately transphobic, just look at the excemptions they allowed in the Single Equality Act.

    My nomination is Phillip Davies who has consistantly made homophobic and transphobic comments but Cameron does nothing, nor did I expect the leader of the nasty party to do so.

  36. Why hasn’t Summerskill been replaced yet?

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