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Stephen Fry returns to Twitter to say women do like sex

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 5 Nov 2010, 12:29pm

    If the man cannot take criticism, what the hell is he doing in the broadcasting/media/acting/writing etc industry?

  2. Louie Mince 5 Nov 2010, 12:35pm

    He’s not ****ing back already is he? FFS. Fat, bibulous, smug, pontificating oaf. Anyone followng his Tweets seriously needs a boyfriend/girlfriend/hobby/lobotomy.

  3. Sadly, the damage is already done. I am so disappointed with him, I really used to admired him. This subsequently is already leading to abusive jokes for those women-haters. For how long women will have to put up with this kind of behavior? Always smiling at the sexist joke, casualising sexism.

  4. Fry is an idiot.

  5. As an outside observer of this shitstorm, I can only express my shock at the new level your gutter press has stooped to. Forget all professional and ethical standards, have they no decency left at all?!

    And women actually got angry over this complete non-story. What, was their enjoyment of sex suddenly lessened because Stephen Fry (of all people) allegedly issued a universal proclamation saying women don’t enjoy sex?! See how silly it sounds?

    @ Louie Mince:

    Feeling better now? After you projected all that personal tripe onto a famous person? And as a lobotomized individual with an array of different hobbies, let me just say I love his tweets. I am single though…

  6. I do sometimes wish Fry would just shut up.

  7. Fry was right anyhow.

    Note the fatophobic prejudice of Louie Mince. Still OK to hate fat people then?

  8. “Fry was right anyhow”

    When? Yesterday or today? Qv, you don’t have a clue

  9. Louie Mince 5 Nov 2010, 3:47pm

    @QV, I don’t hate him cause he’s fat. I just hate the sight of his fat head on every TV channel holding court. As for his only giving the interview “out of kindness” excuse, he gave the ****ing interview cause he loves the sound of his own voice. And @Lucius since when has the Observer been considered a gutter press publication? Or are Private Eye, The Lady and Fox & Hound the only things read round your way? Pfft.

  10. Louie, why do you put fat in with all your other negative labels then.

    Marta, you are as rude as ever. Where are all the lesbian bathhouses?

  11. Woof Woof 5 Nov 2010, 3:54pm

    Those who read papers and believe them do need a lobotomy indeed. Cheers to Stephen Fry. He wins again.
    Oh yes, I’m a 31 years old woman, in a relationship, happy, and I wasn’t offended by Fry’s (taken out of context) comments at all. I can’t imagine any sane woman to be offended. I’d love to wish all those who were spitting on Fry to get a boyfriend/girlfriend, but who’d want a relationship with such sickly vile beings.:)

  12. Jock S Trap 5 Nov 2010, 3:56pm

    Is your name Woof Woof cause you look like a dog? Kudos to you for nabbing a man then.

  13. Woof Woof 5 Nov 2010, 4:00pm

    Jock S Trap, if I looked like a dog, my name would be Sweet Babygirl or something like that.:)

  14. Jock S Trap 5 Nov 2010, 4:01pm

    Or “Douchebag”, that’s has a ring to it I’m sure you’re all too familiar with.



    Comment (12)& (14) was NOT by me but by an imposter. PinkNews REFUSE to stop the use of multiple names so therefore support this behaviour!

    Yet again I am changing My name.

    To the writer of comment (12)& (14) why don’t you fvck off and bother someone else you said little creep!

  16. Mihangel apYrs 5 Nov 2010, 4:54pm

    it is my belief that when Fry was young and impressionable he delivered a mot just and somebody commented “Stephen, dahling, that aphorism was worthy of dear Oscar himself!”

    And he never came back to reality


    and another thing, does my @rse look big in this?


    When the Daily Mail (odious as it may be) called him a “quiz show host”, he got into a strop and insisted he was a “journalist”. Now that he’s had a bad experience with a journalist – because the poor hack dared accurately report Fry’s brainless burblings – he’s denouncing British journalism and insisting he never reads newspapers.

    Oscar Wilde wrote stories and plays which will be read and performed a hundred years from now. His life was one of high drama, tragic lows, and great achievement. Fry, once he’s done hawking the latest iGadget and offending people (Poles, women… who’s next?), is unlikely to have so lasting an influence, his most notable contributions to Western civilisation being a secondary role in Blackadder and constant cretinous Tweeting. Given this is now the second time he’s flounced off Twitter only to return in a matter of days, when his life does come to an end they’d be well-advised to nail down the coffin lid if they want to keep him in there.

  19. Louie Mince 5 Nov 2010, 5:17pm

    Flounced off indeed and now back for more, I’m just wondering how long it is before someone from a rape crisis charity questions Fry’s comparison between being interviewed and being mugged or raped. Fry just can’t help himself. Still, it seems he needs some publicity and approval the way the rest of us norms require oxygen and water.


    “I was simply taking a thought for a walk”.

    Pity it ended up diving off a cliff.

  21. I’m still boggled by how many people were offended by his original comments. Then again, I’m boggled by why people pour so much energy into hating him in the first place. If you don’t agree with him, then you don’t agree with him. Just don’t read any bloody articles about him – and he’s equally easy to avoid on telly.

  22. “Marta, you are as rude as ever. Where are all the lesbian bathhouses?”
    “I’d love to wish all those who were spitting on Fry to get a boyfriend/girlfriend”
    Qv, sorry if I came across as rude, but if you get offended by “you don’t have a clue”, how you not expect that many women felt offended by “sex is a price women pay to have a relationship with men”? I have to laugh but it is sad, why every time a woman has self-respect for her own gender automatically is labelled as lesbian? Although I have many gay and lesbians friends which I adore, I am not one of them, totally straight.
    Woof Woof, in which world you have live until now that you never have suffered from sexism? I used to love Fry, until this week. And not because I think the press always tell the truth, but how wrong a journalist can get it? Quotation after quotation, all what he said was totally derogative on women. Btw, I am happily pregnant with my long term boyfriend, lol. That doesn’t stop me from seeing what is right from wrong.
    You see how wrong can you get it when you generalise? That is exactly what Fry did.

  23. > He said: “If women liked sex as much as men…
    > they’d go to Hampstead Heath and meet strangers to shag
    > behind a bush.”

    > …in an almost 3,000
    > word blogpost yesterday, he said he had been “simply taking a
    > thought for a walk”

    Then he failed to notice that he was dragging the thought around without a full complement of legs.

    It is actually known that the same proportion of women have the same degree of libido as men – repeat-length variations on the gene for dopamine receptor 4 make the difference in both men and women. About 30% of the population have the highest level.

    But his yardstick of public cruising, and sex, fails to be valid for many obvious reasons. Women are more private about sex and we are not unable to satisfy ourselves, but, when desiring a partner we are generally more thoughtful and anxious, tend to have more responsibilities caring for others, and are more vulnerable to violence. Our whole bodies being erogenous (meaning we are more likely than men to get totally unclothed); being slower to come, and then often multi-orgasmic, it also takes longer. Our bodies are more sensitive to pain and discomfort, and damage carries a high cost to our attractiveness and self-esteem. So sexual encounters in public places are far more risky and usually less attractive. Then there’s feeling safe with a partner being, for most women, far more erotic than danger.

    To be candid, a friend who lived nearby once took me, without warning, through the cruising ground below The Spaniards the Heath, and I was horrified. The atmosphere was terrifying. But then the guys, each close-by his own tree or bush in the silent gloom probably resented our brief presence.

  24. > …and did not realise that quotes from the
    > interview would be republished.

    So he bad-mouthed women in a gay men’s mag thinking everyone would all be as misogynistic as himself, and women would never hear about it because a gay men’s mag wouldn’t be commercially professional, nor taken seriously by the mainstream media. What a mistake.

    > He added: “I know that women enjoy sex. If women also say (and
    > I’m in no position to agree or disagree with them) that they
    > have as equally insistent and urgent libidos as men then I have
    > no doubt that must be true also.
    > “It is perhaps sad to think that they are as pathetically in the
    > grip of a base and humiliating need to get their rocks off as
    > men are, but if that is the case then that is the case and god
    > knows I’m no expert on the subject.”

    Apart from trying to wriggle out from under by moving the goal-posts, he seems to reveal a real bad attitude to sexuality. Is he in therapy? But since he traded his partner in for a younger model I’d guess he’s just lying.

    > The 53-year-old said he had broken his rule of not giving print
    > interviews in order to support the gay magazine, and “only
    > agreed out of kindness”.
    > He also claimed he had not read the published article, or any of
    > the newspaper reports on it.

    So he slurred all the journalists involved without having read the articles? Bad move. What a silly dear boy he is.

  25. Maybe we should all flounce off twitter in protest Fry is back!

  26. I have to admit I do admire Stephen Fry more than I realised. We have far more in common that I though and after reading his original interview properly I can’t see what all the fuss is about. So he was speaking the truth, get over it.

  27. Looking for a sugar daddy are you Leo? Perhaps do a Jason Manford on him and send him some pics on Twitter. He’s dumped the long term partner for a younger model, perhaps he could drop the age limit another bit.

  28. “So he bad-mouthed women in a gay men’s mag thinking everyone would all be as misogynistic as himself, and women would never hear about it because a gay men’s mag wouldn’t be commercially professional, nor taken seriously by the mainstream media. What a mistake.”
    I agree with you. But I also wonder if he thought that comments weren’t going to be published Oatc, I read somewhere that this comments were something similar of what could be say by “lads in a pub”, so it was just a guy badmouthing another guy about women, nothing really new in here, except this guy has been branded as “witty and intelligent” for as long as I known of him.
    “Maybe we should all flounce off twitter in protest Fry is back!”
    I’ve been really tempted of doing that Helen, but I after all this display, I don’t think this guy has any shame. He would just go on “sacrificing himself for the benefit of his fans”. What do think? Shall we just give it a try? ;)
    And finally Leo, hehe. As I said before you are saying nothing new. Some men have hated women for thousands of years, we do know this. But it is not easy to “get over it” when you are been discriminated. If anybody, has ever insult you or diminish you for any condition that you cannot change (sex, race, sexual preferences and so on) you should know also what I am talking about.

  29. Jock S. Trap 6 Nov 2010, 1:13pm

    I can’t believe Anyone would believe what Mr. Fry says. Clearly 2 brain cells on some would make them dangerous.

    Men who think he is correct are, I think, jealous of the fact that women tend to have a sex drive longer than men therefore these men feel threatened. Surprising though because gay men do as well so I think Marta you are right with your final comment.

    Leo, you are clearly a very immature individual if you think what your saying is true!

  30. Well tickle my jailbait tits til Friday. Marta not every show of support for Stephen Fry is a criticism against you. Jock, have you more than two brain cells to rub together? qv- go get an std. I stand by my comments, its my right as card carrying gay to support who I choose when I choose.

  31. “ Marta not every show of support for Stephen Fry is a criticism against you. “
    Is not about “every support” is about this support in particular, in this particular matter. And it is not a criticism against me but against all women and, as a woman, I feel included in the lot.
    “ I stand by my comments, its my right as card carrying gay to support who I choose when I choose.”
    I agree you are free to support whomever you want (wth, even the BNP has supporters). But are you supporting Fry just because he is gay? Or because you really believe it is right to laugh and criticism women? No matter your answer is, it is quite sad, don’t you think? I always believe this: to be respected you have to respect others, but then again, you could also say I am wrong.

  32. It seems to me that this is blowing his statement out of proportion, I do agree in my personal opinion that women relate to sex differently than men. I don’t think they enjoy it less, but I do think they statistically have less of an interest in casual sex encounters than men. Whether this is due to fundamental differences between men and women or societal pressure, i don’t know. I think Fry has simply misread a real difference but is it really so terrible to make a mistake?

  33. Patrick---03 7 Nov 2010, 9:46pm

    Stephen Fry is such an absolute idiot. He is just an insecure, attention seeking idiot.

  34. This article does not do justice to what Stephen Fry writes in the blog. No disrespect to Jessica Green: it would be impossible to adequately precis what Stephen Fry writes. But I would like to urge those who are continuing to throw mud at him to actually read his blog. I am convinced that not a single person who is continuing to rant about Fry over this episode has read the blog:
    Stephen Fry’s blog

  35. Fry must repent, ask for forgiveness, and give His life to Jesus. Let him not fry in hell. He will be forgiven if he genuinely seeks God. Life is funny. We feel good, important, and famous while we live. Life is short. Let us make good use of the short time we have by going back to our Maker through Jesus Christ so that all may be well with us when He comes back or when we die (whichever comes first). This is no laughing matter or a joke. Let all LGBT members come out of this satanic movement. The devil (satan) is clever, crooked and cunning. He can not be a trusted friend. He is busy recruiting people on his hell highway so that they join him in suffering before God for a crime that he commited himself, alone, long before we were born.

    I choose Jesus because He gives life. He will judge all. He will save those who live for Him and do His will. I don’t want to regret now or ever. His word I will keep, His commands I will follow, and from all appearances of sin according to the Bible I will shun. Therefore, I have nothing to lose. Why should I defend what He hates or forbids in His word for mere temporary pleasure? What is permanent and eternal is more important and meaningful to me.

    God bless all those who make sense out of my posting and take positive action.

    1. Its a bit difficult to make out the ramblings of a lunatic but I think I get the Jist your a homophobic bigot that hangs around on gay sites for no other reason than to show off his homophobia

  36. seriously guys a bit to strong a hatred for what he’s done. it’s not like he’s killed someone he’s merely made an observation on the promiscuity of the cruising scene

  37. This doesn’t seem like it should really be a big thing…

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