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Lesbian MEP accuses UKIP of homophobia

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  1. Although I agree what they did was wrong, why is she at all surprised they did this? UKIP is just another bunch of BNP-style bully boys who saw how unpopular the BNP’s racism and sexism is, so hid their own. It’s kind of like complaining a tiger bred in captivity bit your hand off – it may be ‘tame’, but it’s still a tiger!

  2. Nikki Sinclaire has some horrendous views that could be viewed a racist. She knew just who UKIP was when she stood for election, one would hope she had also read its blatantly racist and homophobic manifesto too.

    So I cant help feeling Ms Sinclaire must of supported UKIPs homophobic policies when they did not effect her personally!

  3. Terrance Coyle 6 Nov 2010, 7:29am

    UKIP is not homophobic. Let me try and give an example. We have a system where selection for candidates is on a regional one member one vote list. Nikki herself was selected under this method, and in the North Eastern region Gordon Parkin topped the list. Both are gay. This would be impossible if the membership were homophobic, or maybe you feel that they, the membership are so stupid as to select Nikki without knowing she is gay? They select on the basis that she was a hard working and campaigning UKIP figure not caring about people’s orientation.

    Sadly Gordon just missed out on being elected, which would have given UKIP the highest ratio of any party when it came to out Gay MEPs. More than one party press officer in recent years was out, and there are plenty of members up and down the party who are so.
    They were selected entirely by the rank and file of the party, which would be hard to do if what she is now saying was true.
    Nikki has merely behaved in an appalling fashion, bullying hectoring and so on. It is sad, given the years which she has put into the party, but that is it.

    There are individuals with an anti-diluvian approach to equality, that is true of any political party, but as an organisation it is not homophobic.

    The general approach is it doesn’t who or what someone may be as that is entirely the individual’s concern, what it does care about is the ability of this country and the people of those country to make its own laws. That concern is not the exclusive view of any section or sub-section of society, and all are welcome within UKIP whoever they are.

    So no we are not racist or homophobic, we are a cross section of society.

  4. Terrance Coyle 6 Nov 2010, 7:31am

    Oh, sorry about the typos, a bit late/early.

  5. …no sympathy for her whatsoever.

  6. Is yous discriminatin’ on me coz I is a lezzer?

    Sounds like sour grapes to me, she didn’t want to toe the party line, so they sacked her, so now she is trying to find any means possible to incriminate them. UKIP are no way homophobic or racist, and if they were, they wouldn’t have taken her on in the first place.

  7. Terrance & Spanner – Since when were the far right friends to LGBT rights?

    I see plenty of evidence of homophobia and racism in UKIP and nothing to indicate the reverse (apart from the fact that far right activists seem to have invaded these boards).

    Show me their manifesto promises on LGBT equality and we can all share your rosy opinion of them. Good luck finding them though.

  8. Nick: I assume that you consider anyone that isn’t a dyed-in-the-wool red communist to be a “far right activist”.

    I am gay and right wing. The two are not mutually exclusive.
    Equally, just because someone happens to be gay, left or both, doesn’t mean they can’t be corrupt.

  9. ‘I’m a gay and I’m right wing.’ Good for you. You goosestep out of that closet girlfriend! Brown shirts are terribly flattering.

    Surely the point of these boards are for people to talk about LGBT equality? If your not interested in UKIP’s record on LGBT work and instead just want to defend them against the blindingly obvious, I’m wondering why you’re on here?

  10. Nick: The problem with morons like you is you cannot see your nose in front of your face. LGBT matters are only a small facet of my life, and unlike people such as yourself do not dominate my entire daily routine. Frankly, there are far more important matters than LGBT equality that need addressing, such as the national economy, defence, education, health, immigration and many other things. Frankly, bitching on about minutiae seems to be all half the people on here can talk about.

    And as usual, anyone that is not one of your red leftie socialist misfits is deemed slightly left of Goebells. Your lot couldn’t direct bloody traffic, so why not let someone who can?

  11. “Frankly, there are far more important matters than LGBT equality”

    Dont want to sound like a broken record but why are you here again?

  12. Dandelion 9 Nov 2010, 5:32pm

    What is next? This party is racist because they made me sit next to a black man? This party is sexist for making me sit next to a man? this party is (blank) for (blank)?

    She is the one that sounds discriminative in this case and immature. She is a politician and knows very well that she had to socialize with people she very well may wish to spit on in her head, but there are certain etiquette she had to follow – JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Not homophobia!

  13. Nick: You constantly sound like a broken record. This country is in the worst financial plight in over 60 years due to your “socialist” pals, and all you can do is moan about Stephen Fry.

  14. Dr Julia Gasper 29 Apr 2012, 3:03pm

    Well said, Terrance, thank you for putting right some of the nonsense people are spewing onto this page. UKIP has nothing to do with the BNP (which is a socialist party) and it has no anti-gay policies. It is just sad that Nikki Sinclaire in unable to work with other people because although she is very sincere in her desire to defend democracy, I don’t think she can every hope to achieve anything on her own. She has cut herself adrift and all her efforts are going to be wasted. I hope Nikki one day comes to her senses and re-joins UKIP which by the way has a higher percentage of women, ethnic minority and gay candidates than either the Libdems or the Conservatives.

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