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Ian McKellen: Don’t call me ‘Sir’

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Reader comments

  1. Mihangel apYrs 5 Nov 2010, 3:32pm

    (he prefers “your imperial highness”) :-)

  2. Louie Mince 5 Nov 2010, 3:40pm

    Grade A luvvie. If he doesn’t like the use of the title he shouldn’t have accepted the knighthood. His false modesty is about as convincing as some of the accents he’s trotted out on film. I woulda thought two world wars, punk and reality TV’s obsession with promoting common-as-muck types would see the end of the English golly gosh luvvie toff actors, looks like we’ll have to stomach these caricatures of actors for a while yet.

  3. From the man who said I feel like chicken tonight when the age of consent was equalised.. Muppet

  4. Louie Mince 5 Nov 2010, 4:51pm

    Or did he mean “children tonight” dean?

  5. A lot of nasty and even scurrilous bile here about one of our greatest actors and an invaluable spokesperson for lgbt rights (take a look at his performance of King Lear on DVD. A milestone). But I agree that accepting a noble title and then forbidding its use is a bit silly.

  6. Louie Mince 5 Nov 2010, 5:20pm

    King Lear..on DVD….no thanks. A millstone more likely. Shame the likes of him and Branagh have to constantly rehash Shakespear over and over again to keep the roofs over their heads.

  7. Would he rather be called Grandma?
    Personally I think the title “Sir” is rather becoming and befitting of his stature and that he should flaunt it.

  8. If he’s looking for trade send him my way. I’ll knight his old knob head all night long. I doubt he’s seen any action that hasn’t been paid for in the last 40 years. @Louie don’t be a hater all your life.

  9. When I lived near him he used to be seen in the local gay pub, and never acted like he’s someone important, so kudos to him. Amongst the locals he was known as “Sareena”, whether he likes it or not.

    I also used to see him cycling round on a banged-up old bike. He just looked like any old geezer on a bike, and generally most pedestrians didn’t even recognize it was him.

  10. May be he meant soeur – oui soeur! yes sister ! no sister !

  11. Like so many lefties, they bitch on about the upper classes and the monarchy, yet aren’t too proud to accept a gong when it comes their way.

  12. OK, so let’s just call him Serena.

  13. PumpkinPie 8 Nov 2010, 7:19pm

    Like so many lefties, they bitch on about the upper classes and the monarchy, yet aren’t too proud to accept a gong when it comes their way.

    I don’t think a title handed out based on one’s merits makes one “upper class”. And refusing might be seen as a political statement. …Or perhaps just a little rude. :p

  14. Dandelion 9 Nov 2010, 6:10pm

    Tell him to come to America.
    We could use some more nice actors and our break away abolished all this cute play-time pretend monarchy business.

  15. All right, Serena.

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