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Christina Aguilera tells gay kids ‘just be yourself’

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Reader comments

  1. “Hollywood rumours suggest the pair’s marriage fell apart because the singer had lesbian affairs”
    Of course it would get better earlier if people didn’t spread rumours about a persons sexuality for no other reason than for titillation…

  2. Or more to the point, why the hell are her marriage and ‘affairs’ our business anyway?

  3. She’s been very clear in interviews that she’s bi. So if pinknews wanted to make it clear she was an LGBT person speaking to LGBT kids, why not just saybit outright: “Bisexual superstar speaks to bullied teens” — why play coy verbal games talking about affairs & the state of her marriage to hint at it like you’re semi-outing her or something. It’s unnecessary and cheapens a report about an important contribution to the campaign.

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