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US mid-term elections: Four out gay representatives

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick, Dublin, Ireland 4 Nov 2010, 4:40am

    Big deal. One more out gay representative. Wow – stop the press! 4 out gay representativees in a House of how many seats? Ina country with 303 million population? How does that compare to Western European countries I wonder?

    I think that it’s safe to say that these mid-term elections have been a homophobic kick in the teeth for LGBT people in America.

    I think that a direct action protest as a massive scale by the LGBT community throughout the USA is really the only option open to them at this stage. Religion, bigotry and ignorance are a potent and intoxicating poison to Americans.

  2. Why didn’t the outdated and unconstitutional DADT policy get repealed when both houses with a majority of Democrats had the chance a year ago to vote on the repeal?????

    Why did they wait and wait until a month ago when they lost the 60 seat majority?????

    The Authorisation Bill (as amended) never passed because it failed to get the 60 votes required!!!!

    Obama is a typical homophobic black man that is all talk and very little action!!!! All black men are all the same!!!!

  3. chris in new england 4 Nov 2010, 6:17pm

    Patrick – It depends on what you’re comparing. The U.S. lags in the number of out officials serving in the federal government, but it leads the world in the number of out officials serving overall. The reasons for the disparity are complex, but I think they boil down to the fact that breaking into national politics is much harder in the U.S. than it is in other countries, which is probably also why women are still woefully underrepresented nearly half a century after the second great wave of feminism in this country. The U.S. federal government is agonizingly slow to absorb changes in the culture at large, so even just the presence of a few openly gay congressmen is a good sign.

  4. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 4 Nov 2010, 11:20pm

    We seem to be losing ground in the good ol U.S.A Land of the free,home of the brave,
    well if so brave, Why are they so in fear of Lesbians/Gays? Relax folks,spend your
    energy, on the homeless,elders, youth, the addicted,the abused,all who are in need.
    Speak to your church,stay out of bigotry, move on.

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