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Parties raise tens of thousands of pounds for HIV charities

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  1. Jolly well done, now why not spend that money on producing an instructional dvd that shows gay guys how to use a condom?

  2. How about some decent HIV campaigns THT? I mean, what DO you do with all this dosh you reel in year after year with these sequinned events? The celeb luvvies may think they are being oh so trendy supporting an AIDS cause, but really they have no idea just how incompetent and screwed up HIV prevention has become thanks to THT et al.

  3. We need HIV/AIDS education. It’s very important!! CDC has granted CSU $1.9M for HIV/AIDS education. The number of members on the largest STD dating&support site == positivechats , com has reached 500,000 members. OMG! why so many people are infected by HIV? There is no doubt that we need SEX-ED

  4. Like Stonewall, another charity/quango that hoovers up public funds and begs us for our cash yet ultimately puts itself before those it pretends to serve.

    When are any of the clipboard-wielding PC zealots at the Trust going to be held to account for their ineptitude in the face of record-breaking HIV rates?

    Today more likely to find the Trust sanctioning saunas and sex clubs and manically touting PEP than produce an impact-ful HIV campaign that makes people stop and think. In fact, I can’t recall when a graphic HIV campaign last appeared in this country!

    I hope everyone who sat down at one of their dinners last night thinks long and hard about exactly how their money is being used (clue: sneak a peak at the fleet of executive cars in the Trust’s parking lot…)

  5. @Samuel B: the comparison to Stonewall is apt. More swinging doors into New Labour’s inner sanctum, and outrageously the THT supports the ban on gay men giving blood to the NHS. And even HIV-positive people now receive heavily watered down services compared to what they received before THT took over all the competition and became the dominant market force in HIV management. I am sure if THT are really that hard up they could get their Glaxo chums to throw another squillion or two their way…

  6. Perhaps tht should give the money to the nhs to help fund the drugs bill for pep and all the aids drugs that are being liberally dispenced, and which is sky high mainly due to their neglect and indifference towards the rights of neg men to remain neg by depriving them of hard hitting and effective HIV campains.

  7. It is interesting to see the usual comments about hard hitting campaigns but what would you say? A man diagnosed this week given appropriate treatment is going to have his life shortened less by HIV than a 20 a day cigarette habit. In my 26th year living with the virus my take is perhaps different but the era of Aids has passed in the developed world we need to be realistic about what we are warning guys about and their behaviour is their choice, we cannot tell men how to behave only point out consequences of those actions as the recent Hep C campaigns have been doing.

    For what it’s worth I think NAT is waste of space existing because of the money it got in the aftermath of Diana’s death it duplicates the THT’s work they should merge as Cruisaid did and lets have a single HIV Charity like the Cancer Charities merged. The THT’s Accounts are public and very comparable to other organisations in the health sector, and if you speak to positive people who’ve actually used the services the feedback is very good in difficult times they are their when we need them. I hope some of this money is used to top up the hardship fund, when I made my will shortly after diagnosis I left the balance of my estate to what was then the BP Hardship fund since I’ve kept them waiting they need to find funds from elsewhere.

  8. To Kevin,

    Thought it may be worth checking out the comments on , THT income last year was £18m.

    Information about the budgets and spending on HIV mecial services can be found at


    Income Costs Profit/Loss

    NAM publications 2007/2008 1163379.00 1213688.00 50309.00
    The Positive Place – 2007/2008 486159.00490583.00 4424.00

    AVERT – 2008/2009 504174.00 515716.00 11542.00
    Body and Soul 2008/2009 1327062.00 933422.00 393640.00
    DHIVERSE – 2008/2009 450293.00 476431.00 26138.00
    GLBT switchboard – 2008/2009 135583.00211041.00 75458.00
    GMFA 2008/2009 718753.00 681043.00 37710.00
    NAT – 2008/2009 967506.00 937704.00 29802.00
    NAZ project 2008/2009 890093.00 861925.00 28168.00
    PACE Health – 2008/2009 766835.00 863965.00 97130.00
    Positive East – 2008/2009 7621.00 23457.00 15836.00
    Positive Women – 2008/2009 586802.00593719.00 6917.00
    Stonewall – 2008/2009 3843063.00 3131913.00 711150.00
    The Food Chain 2008/2009 432681.00 434932.00 2251.00
    THT – 2008/2009 18019000.00 18026000.00 7000.00

    £30,299,004.00 -£29,395,539.00 £903,465.00

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