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US school official formally resigns after anti-gay rant

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Reader comments

  1. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  2. Bishop Ioan 2 Nov 2010, 7:35pm

    Buh-bye, bigot.

  3. Peter In Brisbane 2 Nov 2010, 9:07pm

    The sad face of a born again stupid.

  4. Good riddance. Here’s a link of a CNN interview with the guy. NOTE: he doesn’t apologize for his hateful bigotry, he merely regrets the CHOICE of words. I’m grateful society took notice and smacked him down hard!

  5. Easier to have character than to regain it.

  6. One positive thing is that he has had to resign – not what you’d expect in supposedly ‘redneck’ Arkansas.

  7. john sharp 3 Nov 2010, 4:21pm

    he should do what he preaches
    like all religious freaks

  8. The American south is full of redneck, scum of the earth garbage like this fuuktard…

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