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Silvio Berlusconi says it’s ‘better to like pretty women than be gay’

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Bower 2 Nov 2010, 2:03pm

    And how would he know?
    What a prat!

  2. This is too much!!! The EU must take an action against him and the Italian Gov.

    watch the video of him:

  3. So, did Italians get together and say, “Lets find the most offensive disgusting man in Italy, the man who represents the extreme of every negative Italian stereotype, and make him PRESIDENT!?”

    Looks like they took a play from the American playbook of 2000!

    I never thought it would be possible, but I think Berlesconi is actually WORSE than Bush, only (and thank goodness) with less power and less international influence.

  4. It's sad (Italy) 2 Nov 2010, 2:11pm

    It’s a sad homophobic joke by our homophobic Prime Minister… But the real tragedy for us in Italy is that we don’t have a credible and gay-friendly center-left… no political party in the Parliament supports things like same-sex adoption, marriage equality. Cameron is a lot (a lot!) more gay-friendly than our left!

  5. I do look at pretty women…but then again I’m also a lesbian.

    I do find it funny that the amount of straight men I know are cool with lesbians but not gay men….oooh cause if he is gay and he looks at him, he may actually find he is cuter than his 28 stone heffer of a wife..

  6. Mumbo Jumbo 2 Nov 2010, 2:25pm

    An asphalt-headed poison dwarf speaks.

  7. …what a pervert!

  8. I feel sorry for Italian gays but, however wanting our own leaders may be on some levels, thank God we in the UK don’t have to put up with a buffoon like Berlusconi.

  9. Nothing will happen.

    Italy cannot really be described as a democracy.

    The poison dwarf Berlusconi owns pretty much ALL the private media, and as PM, controls all the public media in Italy.

    Italy ranks 68th in world terms on press freedom (which is behind ALL former Eastern European communist countries and also Turkey).

    Italy ranks 65th in world terms on equality for women (again behind Turkey).

    Berlusconi will crush this controversry.

    Italy is a very beautiful place but an absolute joke of a democracy. Berlusconi is an international laughing stock, bringing shame and embarrassment to his country.

    His fellow Italians don’t realise it because of the lack of a free press in Italy.

  10. This clown has made italy the fool of Europe.

  11. rather be gay than fancy teenage children at your age – what a total insult to gay people all over the world


  12. Coming from a man who has had various cosmetic facial procedures over the years . . . a little bit rich so to speak – is not the word

    Moreover, misogny I think clearly is the word in Berlusconi’s case.

  13. Look, no-one pays attention to this cretin on the world stage and he’s lost all credibility domestically because of his sexual antics.
    We know he’s an knob, most Italians know he’s a knob and much of the world thinks he’s a complete joke so don’t even waste energy on the rancid little peasant.

  14. Didn’t Berlusconi’s wife divorce him because of his pedophile tendencies?

  15. No 13: Danny: you say: “he’s lost all credibility domestically because of his sexual antics.”

    Actually that’s not true. He remains extremely popular in Italy.

    He owns pretty much ALL the private media in Italy, and as PM controls all the public media in Italy.

    He strictly censors all negative coverage of himself (but denies doing so.)

    Italians have little idea of what a joke Berlusconi has turned their country into.

    Check out the documentary Videocracy for a scary analysis of how Italy’s media has become a woman-hating, celebrity obsessed joke thanks to the poisonous influence of Berlusconi.

    Alternatively check out the documentary Il Corpo Della Donna (The Body of a Woman) on Youtube to see how Berlusconi’s all-pervasive media has turned women into lumps of meat on TV.

    It is truly terrifying.

  16. “It’s better to like pretty women that to be gay” … says ridiculous, sexually incontinent, priapic, Italian goblin.

  17. Whats even more shameful is that blair used to spend holidays with the old perv.

  18. E vai, un altra rincoglionata di berlusconi! Ma quando’e’ che si dimette? Pedofilo, mafioso!

  19. Megan got in before I did. There’s a whole group of gay people who like pretty women, Silvio! Can you guess?

    (17 is a bit young for me, though – and I’m 28)


  21. Mr B is one of the most corrupt, useless, homophobic and retard politians in Europe (what a surprise)! He should be behind bars long time ago!

  22. Cue the usual reactionist pink banner waving suspects. That is his own opinion and free expression and, damn it and by golly, I will defend to my dying day his right to hold it.

  23. Charlie-o 2 Nov 2010, 4:32pm

    I feel sorry for the many Italians who have been shamed by this man’s antics for years. But unfortunately, those Italians are in the minority. The majority of Italian – those who voted for him time after time – are really no better than he is. This latest sex scandal is no surprise; everyone in Italy has known who he is and what he is for years. But they still vote for him. In fact, they actually admire him!

    Italy is a very corrupt country – and it goes way beyond the political, social, economic, educational, etc. systems. The average Italian has a corrupt pysche, without a real inner compass, without any sense of decency deep within.

    And I’m sorry for the rest of the Italians who do have cuore. They’ve suffered the most.

  24. Megan, the reason why straight men like looking at lesbians getting it on is not because they enjoy watching them have gay sex so much but the fact that it would be a challenge to have sex with both, just as its almost every straight man’s fantasy or dream to have sex with two women in general. The reason why they find two gay men having sex repulsive has a lot to do with their internal issues and insecurity about their own sexual orientation which might be questionable. Many closeted gay men who pass themselves off as straight for example are often the same people who find gay sex repulsive, self-loathers. I wouldn’t mind betting there’s a lot of that among straight males who are homophobic. They see it as a threat to their manhood whatever that is. Its amazing how insecurity manifests itself but also very revealing.

  25. Italy will probably be one of the last countries in the EU to get any semblance of equality if ever. Its up there with the Baltic states, Greece and Poland. Homophobia in Italy is rife no thanks to the Roman cult and its influence in Italian society. You would think though that Italy would have made some progress when you consider that homosexuality was never criminalised as it was in most other countries, it had no history for instance of imprisoning people for engaging in same-sex relations before it was legal in other countries. I don’t expect much from Italy regarding LGBT issues, not with a conservative in power. Berlusconi is corrupt, a buffoon and a disgrace to Italy. He views women merely as sexual objects to be used for his own gratification then discarded. He has no respect for them whatsoever and I blame the equally ignorant electorate who persisently vote for institutionalised corruption. I’ve no doubt that sooner or later, he’ll get his comeuppance, tyrants like him never last forever.

  26. No 23: William: you say: “That is his own opinion and free expression and, damn it and by golly, I will defend to my dying day his right to hold it.”

    No-one has said he should not be allowed to hold an opinion.

    Please point out where someone has said that the repulsive little goblin should not be allowed to hold an opinion?

    If you read the comments you’ll see that people are simply appalled that the allegedly paedophilic Prime Minister of Italy is a pathetic joke, who has turned his country into the undemocratic, laughing stock of Europe.

    I hope you’ll defend to the death our right to condemn the alledged paedophile Berlusconi and his destruction of Italy’s reputation and influence.

  27. Keith Lynwood 2 Nov 2010, 6:58pm

    No 23 William. Please stick to reading the christian voice and the daily mail. Without the pink banner wavers, the public would not be aware of odious billionaire paedophile cretins dictating over fellow europeans. Defend free speech so long as it doesn’t create hatred. This is why the religions want exemptions from equality laws so they are free to carry on discriminating against gay people.

  28. It’s better to have a brain than be Silvio Berlusconi. He’s an abhorrent cross between Rupert Murdoch and David Cameron with George Bush’s stupidity and (somehow!) the sex life of a professional footballer thrown in. He has to be amongst the worse leaders of Europe.

  29. Lol, if he was a retired bus driver the prat would have been run out of town long ago.

  30. I have an eye for beautiful women too, but I’m man enough to admit publicly that I am gay, Silvio. You need-a to-a get-a this into-a your-a head, you silly silly little man!

  31. It must be horrible to be gay and live in Italy. The pope, berlusconi, catholic mothers, versace jeans.

  32. Hahaha…

    You have to laugh..
    What a tool..!

    And go on!
    Have me on the floor, peeing mesel’ .. and tell me he’s not gay…!

    What a camp old tart..!

    She looks as if he is wearing a latex face mask; any tighter and she’d break wind.

  33. You would not share a bus with that c.unt…!

  34. It's sad (Italy) 2 Nov 2010, 9:49pm

    The Italian society is generally a lot more gay-friendly than Berlusconi… even the majority of those who vote for Berlusconi are gay-friendly. Lgbt Equality is very far away here in Italy because of the incredible influence of the Vatican on ALL of our politicians, and the general lack of action of the italian society (italians do not use to boycott bad politicians).
    Three years ago the center-left was governing Italy… Rosy Bindi (Family Minister appointed by Romano prodi) said that she was against same-sex civil marriage, same-sex adoptions, same-sex registered unions, that she was merely in favor of giving very limited rights to cohabiting persons without any sort of PACS. Explaining her opposition to same-sex adoptions she said: “for a child it’s better to stay in Africa than to be adopted by a gay couple!”. Now Rosy Bindi has been elected President of the biggest center-left party (the Democratic Party). Don’t think that the problem is Berlusconi… it’s not.

  35. LOL Who voted for this moron?

  36. jonnielondon 2 Nov 2010, 10:17pm

    He’s a f^ckin’ c.unt.

  37. Luke Burke 2 Nov 2010, 10:28pm

    It’s actually quite fun being gay in Italy…

    at least in Rome. Imagine what the response would be if David Cameron said something similar!

  38. Silvio Berlusconi says it’s ‘better to like pretty women than be gay’
    So I guess he must have tried being gay for comparison to be able to make such an assertion.

  39. He’s just a dirty old man.

  40. William #23: “Cue the usual reactionist pink banner waving suspects. That is his own opinion and free expression and, damn it and by golly, I will defend to my dying day his right to hold it.”

    No one here is arguing with his right to say what he thinks, but you’re missing the point of free speech:- freedom of speech is NOT the right to immunity for being challenged or shown up for being a complete idiot for making those statements. Get your facts right before you start waving the free speech card. People here are excising their freedom of speech to call this moron what he actually is.

  41. He hasn’t got any creedibility left. A silly and sad old man. What he does in his private life is his business (as long as its lawful)but he is a corrupt man in power so who knows what he gets up to and gets away with it! Feel sorry for the Italians to have such a PM. To el signori Berlusconi due parole: che schifo!

  42. Yes he is just a dirty old man who shags women young enough to be his great grand daughters; Yes he is disgusting and a disgrace to Italy. No wonder someone hit him with a model cathedral!

  43. William wrote
    “Cue the usual reactionist pink banner waving suspects. That is his own opinion and free expression and, damn it and by golly, I will defend to my dying day his right to hold it.”

    William how odd – how strange – how perverse . . .
    that you will defend Mr Berlusconi’s right to his views, but then come onto this site attacking our right to disagree with Mr Berlusconi’s homophobic views.

  44. What can you expect from a country that has spawned ‘the Devil’ with the Roman Catholic Church?

  45. Gay men say they are relieved they don’t have to worry about being swooped on by such an unattractive and dirty old man as Burlesque-oni.


  47. Rich, powerful …… but still a total SCUMBAG!!!!

  48. Tim Trent 5 Nov 2010, 2:07am

    And what if he’s right? See this take on what he says!

  49. Tim Trent, we really appreciate you trying to hock your blog here with some troll-like remark to inflame, the remark “Some people are heterosexual. Get over it!” is rather pathetic if you think that is going to defend a 74 year old fool who pays 17 year old girls for sex…. and who happens to be the head of a EU state, no less.

    I call that a travesty of democracy, and a poor reflection on Italian voters, and nothing to do with me “queering up a bit” to take an insult.

    Please go bolster your blog stats elsewhere, we get enough christians to suffer here without having cheap advertising getting in the way, cheers.

  50. I agree with Will, shameless plug for a blog – but thanks to Will’s synopsis, I didn’t have to read it :)

  51. Better for whom? The pretty young women, being leered over by elderly sleezebags like Berlusconi?

  52. Tim . . . better for whom ?

    So basically what you are saying is that attractive young women should be grateful that a fat ugly man likes her . . .

    I only have one word to describe this . . . Misogyny

  53. Hi all!
    I am Italian and I am gay!
    I am reading a lot of comments here and I respect your opinions all!
    But… I have to say something: PLEASE, don’t make the big mistake to identify a country with his PM. This is very wrong. And particularly in the case of Mr. Berlusconi, that was elected as a PM with only 44% of the Italian votes, due to our strange electoral system that privileged the coalition that at the end get more votes…
    Due to reasons related to my profession I travelled a lot in the past 10 years in the 5 continents. I believe that homophobic attitudes are really common (more or less, but common) everywhere
    in the world. Go out from cities and metropolitan areas and check by yourself! Everywhere in the world.
    Finally I personally don’t believe that in UK for example, people in general are more gay-friendly or less racists than in Italy, oh nooooooooo, really, I think that because I visited your country and I met so many Britons on my trips abroad.
    WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE is not the laws that support our lifestyle etc. BUT the general attitudes of the people around us, in our places of work for example etc. or we want to live our life in tribunals???
    I live in Italy and I want to build my future here, because I think that Italy is just a fantastic country, the culture, the language, everything. Italy is an incredible, unique, beautiful country, NOT PERFECT, read carful, NOT PERFECT, but just unique.
    I love it!
    See, people come and people go. The history goes on, the life goes on. Today Mr Berlusconi is my PM? ok… Tomorrow or in a couple of years we will get a new one… Better? Worst? Let’s see…

  54. Franseco,
    Well said. Please come more often

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