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Lesbian PC killed herself after being ‘victimised’

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Reader comments

  1. It’s sad that her life was so difficult that she felt she had to bring forward her death.

  2. Louie Mince 3 Nov 2010, 12:08am

    Unfortunately the powers that be at the Police Commission will overlook the paragraph of complaints she wrote about the police force and instead focus on the whatever else she wrote. They don’t call ’em the ‘pigs’ for nothing.

  3. very very sad; she could/should have been supported. For heavens sake there are enough of the “Gels” in the police force nationwide, some in very senior positions! Truely very sad. RIP

  4. I call them “The filth” Why, because a straight friend of mine was murdered and my sexuality had nothing to do with the murder at all, but that didn’t stop them bounding it about that I was gay.

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