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Equal Love campaign: First gay couple denied marriage

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Reader comments

  1. No – they won’t be the same (to an acceptable level) until the same rights given to married couples are given to civil partnership couples.

  2. Peter & Michael 2 Nov 2010, 5:21pm

    If thousands of same-sex couples in the UK go to their local registry office and ask for permission to marry, can this make a difference?

  3. Peter & Michael, that would be the ideal scenario, but I doubt it would ever happen, as much as I would like it to. I think its just a question time when we will eventually have marriage equality. There are more and more politicians declaring support for it who had no prodding from StonewallUK so I think the momentum will continue. Its up to us to keep the discussion going so its not swept under the carpet. Now that StonewallUK has reversed its position, it too must be held accountable and be seen to be proactive on this issue. We must hold its feet to the fire, no foot-dragging either.

  4. Red Gosans 2 Nov 2010, 6:37pm

    What I’m curious to know is what they’ll do if one (or more) of the couples are allowed to have the union that they apply for? Very slim chance of it happening, but you never know.

  5. Red Gosans, if that were to happen and the court ruled in their favour, then the government wouldn’t have any choice but to allow us to marry. It would have done the job that Cameron should now be doing. It would at least let him off the hook if that happened and he could just say that he will obey the courts decision and legislate for marriage equality. He wouldn’t have to face as much of the wrath of his party or the state cult, among others. In any event, I’m confident that we will get it in the UK sooner rather than later, every little bit of activism helps and I’m glad Peter Tatchell is on top of it. He it was who started this whole marriage equality issue years ago, long before the Dutch became the first country to legalise it, way ahead of his time. Now that StonewallUK has reversed its position by including it in its campaign, I think we’re in good shape to achieve it.

  6. de Villiers 2 Nov 2010, 9:23pm

    This will take years if it is to reach the Supreme Court or the European Court of Human Rights. The High Court will certainly reject it. The Court of Appeal may reject it. Who knows what the Supreme Court will do?

  7. Good luck to them :)

    We shall overcome prejudice and gain our civil rights.

  8. Jock S. Trap 3 Nov 2010, 9:44am

    Great innit… Criminals get the vote whilst law abiding taxpayers can’t marry equally!

  9. I wonder how the Registrar felt turning them away. It might be the law but it would sicken any decent person to discriminate in that way. What if a Registrar DID perform the marriage? Would it immediately be declared invalid?

  10. Collecting necessary evidence that same sex couples are in fact discriminated against showing that it’s not just theoretical discrimination, this is the factual evidence required to bring a court case.
    Well done Sharon & Franka.

  11. Iris, No. 9, in all probability, yes, it would be declared invalid unfortunately, in fact I think it would treated similarly in the ten countries who have legalised it.

  12. Thanks, Robert. It’s a long process, isn’t it? But I’m still hopeful that justice and fairness will win out in the end. I hope that the Government will act when they realise they’ll have to bow to the inevitable, and that we won’t have to wait for the end of a long drawn-out battle in the EU Courts.

  13. i was wandering how a gay person thats supposed to be a rev.can minister to a congregation about sins then look over the passage in the bible stating ” man shall not lay down with a man as a woman shall not lay with a woman.”a lot of them are fooling themselves picking what they want to acknowlege an dismissing the other.when the constitution was written those men were not going for marriage of this kind.most gay people are quick to call straight people bigots, uncouth, homophobic, just like you don’t want a straight person placing thier lifestyle on you then you should not do the same to us.these days you have glaad, activits,and that news correspondent that uses his job authority to silence straight peoples opinions.thats because he’s one.same sex marriage should not exist because believe it or not ignore the bible all you want the lord created ” man saw he was alone then took from his rib and made a woman. how did things get so turned around.the lord says no greater sin that which is an abomination.and lastly please remember that gays are not the only one being bullied lots of straight people are picked on harrassed, trashed, stalked, cursed out, some kill themselves too. where are protestors for that.

  14. I have asked before yet still not understood. What is the benefit to a mixed sex couple in having a CP? Is there one? If not, aren’t those behind the campaign for equality in marriage for same sex couples in danger of clouding the issue and reducing the chance of success. Has this been thought through? What am I missing?

  15. @13, Hello Ivana, I don’t know where you sourced you mistranslation of scripture when you cite …
    “man shall not lay down with a man as a woman shall not lay with a woman.”
    But anyway, over the last few centuries, most Christians and Jews have rejected Leviticus 20:13. They no longer call on the death penalty for homosexuals.
    Only Christian Reconstructionists and a few Christian hate groups wish to revert to mass executions of gays and lesbians today. Either be true to scripture and call for the killing of homosexuals (if that is what you want) or shut the fcuk up.

  16. Martin Lawrence 3 Nov 2010, 3:59pm

    Iris, It would be quite interesting if one of the gay couples could find a registrar who’s either on the verge of retirement, or so pissed of with their job that they really wouldn’t mind being sacked, and so officiated at the ceremony. I wonder if the legal process for declaring the marriage void (especially when neither of the couple complained0 would be quicker than that for the present intention, and thus get to the top courts that bit faster. No idea, but it would be interesting to hear from anyone with the legal expertise.

  17. Dave North 3 Nov 2010, 4:01pm


    Please learn how to use punctuation and the placement of capital letters.

    And your post has just confirmed to me that many religious tend to be illiterate dweebs.

  18. Mihangel apYrs 3 Nov 2010, 11:38pm

    A same sex marriage can’t exist in this country because it is forbidden by law. A registrar can say the words and get the signatures and it has as much validity as if s/he had married a cat and a dog. It wouldn’t be declared illegal, it is illegal

  19. @18, What are you trying to say apYrs?
    Same sex marriages can exist in this country when the law is changed and that is what this campaign is all about…changing a bad law that segregates and discriminates for no rational reason while it benefits nobody.

  20. Jock S. Trap 4 Nov 2010, 8:38am

    Was pleased to see BBC London covering this story yesterday.

  21. Random Bisexual 6 Nov 2010, 9:30pm

    Good to see this happening. With the Lib Dems in Government supporting equal marriage, and this campaign challenging the status quo in the courts, I’m optimistic for the future!

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