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Updated: Ugandan newspaper ordered to stop outing gay men

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Reader comments

  1. john sharp 1 Nov 2010, 4:15pm

    African are racist against gays
    a wave of protest would come if i said racist comment against blacks
    all that in the name of a fake god
    stop now this discrimination and criminal hate activities
    the west should stop all aid to these criminal countries

  2. This is beyond homophobia . . .

    “Homosexuality is already illegal in the country but David Bahati’s bill would impose the death penalty or life imprisonment in some cases.”

    This is legalised Murder . . .

  3. Joe in California 1 Nov 2010, 4:30pm

    I agree with halting all aid to Uganda. Money talks. It’s not about instilling a way of life, it’s global human rights that have been violated here. Ugandan elected officials need to put their political careers aside and step up to the plate on this!

  4. Uganda does NOT require international aid if it’s government has the time and resources to spend on legalising genocide against LGBT people.

    It will be good during these times of recession to halt all unnecessary aid to dishonest beggars like Uganda, who through its own genocidal actions declares that it does not need our aid, even though they are not withdrawing their begging demands.

    Not a penny more to backward, primitive, savage governments like the government of Uganda.

  5. Funnily enough, fundamentalism and bigotry tend not to improve when people are starving to death, dying of preventable diseases and being oppressed. Of course the Ugandan government should be pressured, but making innocent people including the gay people of Uganda suffer is not the answer.A high court judge has ordered them to stop doing it now, and that didn’t take any typhoid deaths at all now, did it? Moreover, implying that all Africans are homophobic is moronic not least in the oversight of gay Africans, their supportive friends notwithstanding. Please refrain from making insulting and bigoted generalisations.

    Myself, though the situation is dire I’m partially amused that the photograph of the newspaper that suggests that some kind of over-riding gay organisation called ‘Homos’ released a statement of their intent to ‘recruit 1,000,000 innocent children by 2012.’ Journalistic standards can’t be very high, over here newspapers have to *mask* their fraudulent claims and bigotry.

  6. paul canning 1 Nov 2010, 6:28pm

    A movement <a href="“>is underway in the USA to grant visas to those attacked by Ugandan tabloids – we should do the same.

  7. I think you’ll find its US chruches that are funding this homophobia and Today, a High Court judge granted a request from Sexual Minorities Uganda for the newspaper to stop outing gay people. so they cant all be backwards savages can they? youd get a worse reaction in some redneck places in the usa

  8. BenB – thank you for the voice of reason, although I can well understand how emotional gay people particularly, can get over issues such as this. Thousands upon thousands of gay people living in the UK have had to put up with – and many still are – open instances of oppression and reports such as this really brings out the fire in their bellies! Thank God for emotions, but please, temper emotion with rationality and preferably a few facts!

  9. john fuller 1 Nov 2010, 7:16pm

    we defend gay rights feel free to have a look at us we are a united lgbt movement

  10. david freeman 1 Nov 2010, 7:30pm

    we defend gay rights feel free to have a look at us we are a united lgbt movement

  11. david fuller 1 Nov 2010, 7:32pm

    we defend gay rights feel free to have a look at us we are a united lgbt movement

  12. Mumbo Jumbo 1 Nov 2010, 8:51pm

    Here is an interview with the editor of Rolling Stone:

    Truly, evil is banal.

  13. A trans woman is murdered and PinkNews permit no comments on it

  14. Miketruth, it’s something to do with legal issues. Always the same when it’s a story that’s still in court.

  15. Mihangel apYrs 2 Nov 2010, 3:52pm

    MikeTrurh: ditto for the student who was outed, and for the reason Leo gave

  16. > Today’s edition did not advocate violence, but Mr Muhame
    > wrote that gay men and lesbians were “recruiting and
    > brainwashing unsuspecting kids into gay circles”.

    This sort of propaganda has been illegal in international law, through the Geneva Convention on Genocide, since 1948, because it can lead to mass killings.

    Its exactly the sort of propaganda that was sued to stoke the genocide in neigbouring Rwanda.

    Unfortunately the authors of those laws were also homophobes (the British Conservative Home Secretary who instigated the crack down on homosexuality in the 1950s was one), so sexual minorities were not explicitly included. But the description of the behavior proscribed is quite clear.

    The Secretary General of the UN has an official responsible for watching for such activity and preventing harm. LGBT groups should be lobbying him, and the members of his advisory committee (such as Desmond Tutu) for action.

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