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Myths persist over gay adoptive parents

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Reader comments

  1. Whatever the current situation, there is definitely a case for excluding smokers.

  2. myths? give me a break – try adopting as a gay couple in Northern Ireland … oh that’s right – we can’t. Try adopting as an openly gay person in NI – just try – in fact – try to find someone who has

    smokers WILL be told to give up (rightly in my opinion, but why lie about that?) people who are overweight will be called obese and told to lose weight and told to provide evidence on a weekly basis (happened to me) sometimes you will get really lucky and deal with a social worker with a brain/heart – more likely you will deal with a social worker who is either a)burned out and could not give a crap about you or any child, they just want to punch the clock or b) a social worker who is a nasty controlling personality who gets off on controlling/manipulating people

    i am commenting from my own lived experience here – these so called ‘myths’ are a big part of the reality facing people brave enough to try and adopt – you do need to be brave and well-informed – baaf and adoptionuk are very cosy with social services – don’t take their word for reality

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