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School board official to resign over anti-gay comments

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Reader comments

  1. Good Riddance and don’t let teh door hit your *ss on the way out!

  2. Link to the interview on Youtube here

  3. As was pointed out on the other thread, his retraction rings a bit hollow in light of what he said at the start.
    No-one can hold those kind of opinions and have a genuine overnight epiphany, and much of his apology was based around the words he chose being “Too emotional” and “The words I used were unfortunate”…”Over the top”.
    Most of us were left with the impression that he imagined five minutes with a thesaurus would’ve made his hatespeech more acceptable. To which I say “same sh*t, different packet.”
    Seems pretty obvious the only thing he sincerely regrets was being called out on it. But on the plus side he’s not in charge of a school board any more.

  4. Well he appears to have gotten off light… will there be any charges to follow?

  5. It’s doubtful that he’ll be charged, I’m guessing that the first amendment freedom of speech issue would apply.

  6. In order for this to be classed as an illegal hatecrime there would have to be measurable harm inflicted on someone with a direct causal link to what he said. We can speculate on that, but in the absence of empirical evidence the only thing he’s guilty of is being a homophobic jerk, and that’s not an arrestable offence in itself.
    As unpalatable as it may be, he is free to have those opinions and he is free to express them.
    However he’s not free to choose the public reaction to his ill-judged statement or the professional fallout with regards to his employment as a vice-principal on a schoolboard.

  7. Gene Touchet 29 Oct 2010, 2:33pm

    More proof that everyone who runs for political office, of any kind, needs serious vetting by voters.

  8. yuck – gosh i do hope his kids turn out to be gay. How sad to see a grown adult making such vile comments -he is a bully of the first order.

  9. Jock S. Trap 29 Oct 2010, 2:46pm

    Lets face it what he did was because I reckon he believed he’d be supported and commended for his disgusting comments.

    The only reason he is sorry is because it backfired and he got caught out. Nothing more nothing less.

    I just now feel sorry for his children and other like this creep whose households are filled with repressive hatred and discrimination.

    Laws should be passed to stop people like this being near children let alone having them!

  10. Another fundamentalist! As a rabbi once said, a religion is supposed to tell you who to love, not who to hate. The problem is that this guy is saying what plenty of others believe. From this point of view, these american bible belt fundamentalist are no different than the mullahs in Iran, the pastors in Uganda or any fundamentalist anywhere.
    We need to be aware of this as the ‘rights’ we got here (UK and some of continental Europe) need continuous attention as the dark site is waiting for its hour.

  11. he’s only sorry that he got caught, many use less overt words to say the same evil things eg priests like the pope

  12. It’s stories like these that would almost make me give up hope. There seems no end to the amount of morons in the world. The fact that he was given the time of day to go on Anderson Cooper’s tv show and throw out all those illhearted apologies. The man said this recently – what miraculous potion did he drink that turned him from a ranting bigot into a respectful and tolerant lover of the gays.
    His job was at stake, period.
    The last question says it all – Anderson asks him what he would do if his children were gay and he can’t even feckin answer!

    And now I’m the one ranting, so I’ll stop.

  13. RickW_Kansas 29 Oct 2010, 5:04pm

    Contrast this pig with Joel Burns, Fort Worth,Texas city councilman, who’s eloquent and emotional public address about recent teen suicides brought the country together. Both are elected public officials.This man chose to take the low read and demean and threatened gay youth. One is a courageous and dignified leader. The other, is a pig. No offense to pigs.

  14. Why are the comments here so spiteful? Isn’t this exactly what we hope for? An uninformed and ignorant politician makes a hugely hurtful statement to our community and then comes around after fully considering what he said? This is the way we get to acceptance; not by condemning the repentant.

  15. Sundancer – people don’t just make a complete turn-around like that in such a short time. Views as hateful as his take time to change – especially considering that, given the quality of his writing, he appeared to have the mental age of about 13. I am definitely pleased that he apologised, and that he’s resigned, but I for one don’t believe that his apology is genuine.

    He seems to have got his come-uppance, though. I hope this is the last we’ll see of him.

  16. Sundancer, he didn’t apologise for what he said, he apologised for the language he used. There’s a difference. Presumably he thinks that if he’d phrased his hate in more polite trems then it’d have been OK. I also believe that if he hadn’t been called out on this he wouldn’t have issued this apology. I don’t think he’s changed his mind about gay people at all.

  17. He is not sorry he said those things, he is just sorry they were made so public. Nothing has changed in this troglodytes mindset.

  18. Mumbo Jumbo 29 Oct 2010, 8:45pm

    From the interview he gave to CNN, it seems he is still unsure about whether or not he would run his own daughters out of town if they turned out to be lesbians.

  19. Really happy about the swift condemnation and hopefully he won’t be able to do much harm anymore….but on the downside he was voicing what a lot of people think….he’s in a tiny town…I think people like Sarah Palin are much more sinister.

  20. Clint McCance = sh*thead….period

  21. John in Calif. 30 Oct 2010, 6:09am

    America is not the United Kingdom.

    Sovereignty rests with “the people” rather than “Her Majesty.” In the context of a modern democracy, that may seem like semantics. But it actually makes all the difference in the world. Because all public officials in Britain are in the service of the crown, the monarch – or rather her ministers – can suspend said official for misconduct. Whether they are elected or not is beside the point.

    That is not the case in America.

    The people are sovereign. Only they can remove an elected official from office for misconduct. For instance, an American governor cannot dismiss a mayor from office for ethical violations or bad behavior. They just have to settle for wagging a finger at the offender from the state capitol. Officials who commit “high crimes and misdemeanors” might be removed by a legislature or sent to prison by a court (i.e. forfeit the office by default). But they are otherwise untouchable.

    You’d be surprised at just how much autonomy and power an idiot like Mr. McCance has in America once he wins election to any office. Even judges are elected in some American states. One doesn’t even need to have a law degree to become a judge. Can you imagine this man – or someone very much like him – instructing a jury deliberating a case involving anti-gay violence?

  22. John in Calif.: I don’t know the laws to be exact in USA, but certainly in UK, threatening to kill somebody verbally is technically an imprisonable offence. One would assume telling someone to do so would have similar seriousness.

    I think everyone has the right to say what they think about gay people, right or wrong, but for someone working in schools to recommend suicide when young gay people feel so isolated, and so many have taken their own lives, is tantamount to murder by proxy.

  23. Go and crawl back under the stone you came from under….and stay there!

  24. All the complaining about this man’s homophobia, and PinkNews still have a homophobic organisation, Islamic Relief, advertising above.

  25. Just a side note:
    “Speaking to the openly gay journalist Anderson Cooper”
    Anderson Cooper is openly gay?

  26. westcoastkid 30 Oct 2010, 4:54pm

    John said… “Can you imagine this man – or someone very much like him – instructing a jury deliberating a case involving anti-gay violence?”

    As a matter of fact John I can imagine that. Several of the justices on our United Sates Supreme Court routinely give public speeches and comments that are anti gay and homophobic. This is fact. Therefore John I echo you’re question/comment, how can someone who is so obviously antigay sit in judgment and purport to be be impartial when a case involving gay issues arises?

  27. It was long due

  28. Anderson Cooper has been rumoured to be or bi. But he is not ‘openly’ so — unless pinknews is claiming to have a scoop?

  29. To the best of my knowledge, Anderson Cooper still remains silent on the subject of his sexuality. [i.e., his being gay is the worst kept secret in U.S. broadcast journalism]

  30. What made Clint change his mind and feel sorry about his remarks, the avalanche of negative publicity? I wonder what this man can teach anyone on any subject.

  31. Trust Christianity to be behind his poisonous vitriol.

  32. Another rabid ‘christian’ b*****d. The worlds infected with them.

  33. StCroixDude 1 Nov 2010, 1:05pm

    Yes, he did resign. thanks zefrog for providing that link. Good riddance to white trash!

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