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‘Most US troops’ okay with openly gay colleagues

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Reader comments

  1. good article and good news (ex soldier myself) but you need to change the potentially ambiguous title – ‘Most US troops okay with out, gay colleagues’ or ‘Most US troops okay without gay colleagues’ Hmmmmm

  2. john(derbyshire) 29 Oct 2010, 11:46am

    So the US army thinks that currently no gay soldiers are sharing their showers? C`MON!!!

  3. Jock S. Trap 29 Oct 2010, 12:05pm

    One question… do those who ‘strongly opposed allowing out gay service members in the military and say they will quit if this happens’ also refuse to service alongside countries that do?

  4. Jock, I made that point on another post. The U.S. is hypocritical. It forbids openly gay men and women from serving, yet it didn’t exactly refuse the help of the British military in Iraq and Afghanistan, the largest foreign contingent. I didn’t hear of any straight American soldiers withdrawing from service either, did you? Why didn’t the American top military brass refuse our help knowing that we have openly gay men and serving alongside them and still are. I didn’t hear their leaders complain about the lowering of morale and lack of cohesion, the reasons why they don’t want to repeal that obnoxious law of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. What a bunch of hypocrites and bigots they are.

  5. If the ones who strongly oppose gay soldiers all leave, can the 13,500 who were thrown out have their jobs back if they want them.

  6. Will the Pentagon also be asking whether the troops are happy serving alongside blacks and Asians?

    No, I thought not.

  7. Dragan Poljak 29 Oct 2010, 4:35pm

    Those who quit army just because of gay troops present would also quit army when real enemy is present.

  8. Over the years I have shared showers, sleeping accommodation, and cheek-by-jowl work situations with straight colleagues and friends who knew I was gay. Only a few were afraid or uptight about my physical nearness to them and the other (straight) people thought they were screwballs.
    None of this is news. Why is the bigoted top brass in the US military being aloud to drag its feet like this? Or is the entire US political system now running scared of the Tea Party?

  9. chris in new england 31 Oct 2010, 6:16pm

    I think foot-dragging is SOP for just about everything when it comes to the colossal lumbering beast that is the U.S. military bureaucracy. As far as I can tell the top brass is divided over repeal, with most of the resistance coming from the marine commandant. Which is pretty amusing, since marines are the easiest of all servicemen to talk out of their skivvies when it comes to gay sex – if airmen are the Spanish virgins on the international scale of sluttiness, marines are the Hollywood crack whores.

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