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David Cameron supports gay arts event GFEST

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Reader comments

  1. Nice.

    Now what is Cameron doing to introduce marriage equality.

    And what is Cameron doing to ensure that religious institutions lose their opt-out from equality legislation.

    What is Cameron doing to ensure that not a single penny of British taxpayers money is not being used to fund genocide against LGBT people in Uganda.

    His support for Gfest is nice but there are far more urgent issues facing the LGBT population which deserve far more focus.

  2. OK, let’s leave all the “And where’s marriage equality?” comments aside for a second. It’s obviously not his first priority and I don’t blame him, it probably wouldn’t be mine if I were PM.

    Let’s just realize how incredible it is that a Conservative Party PM is promoting a gay festival. Would that have happened 10 years ago? No. 5 years ago? Probably not. It’s pretty awesome when you think about it and definitely something alot of people never thought would happen (A gay friendly Conservative PM)

    I’m not a Conservative Party voter but fair play to them & Mr Cameron, they’ve really changed.

  3. I’ll concede the Tory party has changed somewhat on gay issues and I give credit to Cameron for backing GFEST and I’m no fan of the Tories. I’ll also concede that marriage equality is not a high priority, but it is a very important one and shouldn’t be pushed to the bottom rung on the ladder in the pecking order of things. However, we can’t be lulled into a false sense of thinking that we’ll get full equality under this government. I want to see action, I don’t want empty words such as “consider”. I want to see “support” for marriage quality and I don’t see why its so difficult for him to say it. We have Nick Clegg and his party endorsing it as official policy, we have Ed Miliband supporting it and I’ve no doubt Labour will make it official policy, so why is he sitting on his hands? If I wanted to gain more gay support for his party,I’d declare support now, not three months before the next election when all it would be is a political ploy to get votes but not deliver on anything after the election. Its up to us to keep the pressure on him and his party.

  4. Mihangel apYrs 29 Oct 2010, 1:41pm

    if he can’t multi-task, he can at least say he favours equal marriage rights and then let one of his horde of ministers do the work

  5. de Villiers 29 Oct 2010, 1:56pm

    It will not appear in any legislative session until it appears in the Queen’s Speech.

  6. Finally recognition for lesbian, gay and trans artists- Well done GFEST

  7. …..never trust a tory!

  8. Big f’n deal!

    For some, including some idiots here, this will make him a gay rights hero.

  9. Have the Tories changed? You bet. Me says only once they manage to introduce and pass one, only one, major piece of legislation in our favour, that will make our lives more equal. Until then, hot air is just what it is, I mean, have you ever met people who say they’re not homophobes because they have a gay friend? While he manages to express a few words of “support” to a festival that doesn’t have an inch of his input, he has slashed funding for the Arts. He is also switching off the life support of many disabled people, telling the poor to get on their bikes and off rich areas, and ignoring his rich cronies tax avoidance. Are people supposed to find his champagne burps funny?

  10. The tories hijack the PR for a gay arts festival. Pathetic.

  11. Louie Mince 30 Oct 2010, 3:22pm

    Leo, what bee has got up your ass that has you buzzing like an idiot? I doubt the Tories have “hijacked” a gay arts festival as you put it. If cameron said nothing about the GFest or didn’t voice his support you’d complain about that as well. Sheesh. The only thing “pathetic” in your comment IS your comment, the tories are back in power, get over it, its not the 80s anymore, we’ve all moved on perhaps you should put away the stone wash denim, poppers and Bronski Beat vinyl records and move on also? Just a thought?

  12. I agree with Leo and say a few more things. This piece of Tory PR is beyond pathetic. As if the gay festival is in need of his “message of support”. He must be thinking he’ll get along with the gay community by occasionally releasing “messages of support”. What we really need is serious equality legislation. Have people forgotten how awful his campaign was for us? He and his cronies were just disastrous, and often homophobic. At the end they only managed to say they’ll “consider”, blah dee blah… but they’ll not move a finger, let alone deliver. They and the Libdems also made many promises to protect the “most vulnerable”. But for them, the “most vulnerable” are themselves and their rich cronies.

  13. @ Louie Mince, Who are bronski beat? I take it they are a pop group you used to like in the 80’s (I’ll look them up on youtube). I also take it that you’ve recently thrown your old stone washed denims away (I’ve never owned any), and you’re so old and ugly now that you don’t need your poppers anymore. I take it you feel as if you’ve recently ‘moved on’ from the 80’s and think everyone else should. But I was only born in 1989 so I wouldn’t be moving on from anything.
    What is truly pathetic is that a young gay guy like me knows what the tories did in the 80’s and isn’t stupid enough to bow down to them like some masochistic retard, when an older man like you, who obviously experienced the abuse that the tories inflicted on a generation of gay men and women during the 80’s (and even recently voted against all gay equality measures), is willing to hurl abuse at another gay lad to defend a political party who thought you were so ‘filthy’ in the 80’s that it was illegal to even speak about you in schools.
    And regarding your ‘the tories are back in power, get over it’ comment. Likewise, if the bnp got in power, should we all just ‘get over it’ because they are in power?
    You may be older than me, but it sounds like you’re also dumber than me.

  14. definition it just ISN’T Tory to believe in such things as equality or social justice…he’s only going for PR and because his grubby little nose has whiffed the smell of pink pounds!

  15. Leo – your cynicism and bitterness is sad and for a 21 year old, very troubling – you have your life ahead of you and are living in one of the most progressive and liberal societies in the world – what has damaged you so? Louie is right – our world here in the UK has moved on in leaps and bounds in the last 15 years.

    Concentrate on the positive and celebrate life – something our gay brethren cannot even begin to do in nations of islam and fundamentalist christian Africa. Sure we have reforms to lobby for like full gay marriage, but we do this by reasoned persuasion not dividing the political parties into goodies and baddies.

    It is time to lay to rest the politics of the 80s – before you were born as you say – and look forward and not backwards. Communities with massive chips on their shoulders and a sense of being wronged and that society ‘owe’s them’ get nowhere.

    There are few Tory ministers who are against such equality, but as others have pointed out, there are extremely pressing economic problems to sort out first, meanwhile we keep on the pressure and argument and we’ll get there.

  16. Thomas, Leo has shown a realistic character, and at such a young age, is politically aware to realise when a party is deceiving the gay community, which in the UK has moved on in leaps and bounds thanks only to Labour. Economic problems, however pressuring they may be, will never ever be excuses to delay equality legislation. That’s what multi-tasking is for.

  17. @ thomas. Sad and troubling. Really? Thanks for the psychoanalysis from a blog post. Yet again, another gay man on pinknews who thinks it’s more important to ignore prejudice of the political party in power, bow down to those in charge and not fight for equality. Please tell me one thing that this government has done to create a more peaceful life for LGBT? I could name a number of LGBT equality votes that half of the current cabinet have voted against in the last few years. In fact if the tory government had been in power over the last 15 years, section 28 would probably still be in place. And we as a community would still be seen as the ‘filthy deviants’ that the last tory government labelled us as.

    You might think that you live in a free lovely country where everyone can be ‘happy and gay’. Maybe one day you might wake up from your soho dream, and walk outside the gay ghetto street that you are talking about, and realise if you so much as show any sign of affection for someone you loved you’d either be punched, spat at, or at best looked at like some freak by the rest of society.

    You go and get in your LGBTtory bubble and pretend to sort your economy out, but leave me and those of us who are still passionate about fighting for equality alone. This country is endemically homophobic. You might be too troubled to accept that. But I can accept that, live with it, and try and do something about it.

    You might think that communities who have ‘chips’ on their shoulders don’t get anything. Really? Tell that to martin luther king and malcolm x, without their ‘chip’ on their shoulder do you really think there would be a black president. It’s people who have ‘chips’ on their shoulders that make a difference in this world, that change things.

  18. Louie Mince 2 Nov 2010, 4:09pm

    Wow Leo, its great to see that GCSE you got in Social Studies is being put to good use. Anything else you have an opinion on that you know zero about?

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