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US school official tells gay teens to kill themselves

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Reader comments

  1. F**king disgusting. This makes me so angry and I feel physically sick that someone involved in education could write something like that. I’m sorry but that special brand of right wing nutter religion is just evil. It’s not Christian, it’s a pathetic attempt to make sad people feel better about themselves by abusing and bullying others. Sick.

  2. PumpkinPie 28 Oct 2010, 4:20pm

    Poor USA kids. In the UK, someone like this would probably be given a life-time ban from working with public schools. Let’s hope the decision-makers value the safety of their children more than they do their precious First Amendment.

  3. How can this guy claim to be a christian ? He needs locking-up in a mental instituition ! Or at the least banned from working in the education service.

  4. I wonder if this is yet another example of extreme self loathing.
    The man should be put in a mental institution.
    He is an abomination.

  5. I agree with the above. Plus how can he as a ‘Christian’ wish death on anyone?

  6. What a nasty evil minded creature! I hope hell exists because he deserves to rot in it!!!

  7. I’m not in the habit of wishing death on people, but I’m sure that discovering he was dying of AIDS might help this guy re-assess his outlook on life, religion and other people.

  8. Deeside Will 28 Oct 2010, 5:22pm

    No, this man shouldn’t have any involvement in education, but in some ways I’m glad that he’s said the things that he has. His position is basically the same as that of the American Family Association, Focus on the Family, Family Research Council and the other right-wing, anti-gay organizations which mendaciously call themselves “pro-family”, but they cloak it in sanctimonious verbiage.

    At least this c*nt has shown them up by saying what he and they really mean.

  9. What kind of EDUCATION official uses words like “thereselves”…??? He should be fired for that if nothing else!

  10. to hell with ‘freedom of speech’…..this is incitement to hate crime….never mind sacking…this scumbag should be in jail.

  11. What would one expect in an area of America where children aren’t allowed to marry outside their relation.

  12. Rick-USA_Knsas 28 Oct 2010, 5:58pm

    this closet case/homophobe is up for re-election the that school board November 2nd. If he gets back on that school board…watch out! (if that town is smart, they will force him to resign)

  13. If there is a god, I’m pretty sure he’d be sick to death of people using his name to incite violence against people, regardless of his opinions on homosexuality.

  14. Funny that when reporters came to ask him for further comment he literally hid round his parents place and let his dad face the music for him.
    If you’ve seen his facebook profile Clint McCance is a middle aged man behaving like a 13 year old playground bully and coward. And for a schoolboard member his spelling and grammar are attrocious.

  15. this makes me sick… im no christian but… this would have to fall under some category of ‘hes gonna end up in hell’ right?
    maybe all us queers should start telling all the right winged bastards to go kill themselves? meh… lets not get on their three-wheeled wagon…

  16. This kind of thing has been going on for so long now and people have just turned a blind eye or not said anything. It’s taken the ‘It gets better’ campaign for the mainstream to finally say something. It’s a shame that so many lives have been lost and that it’s taken so long for people to do or say something about what’s been going on.

  17. David in Indy 28 Oct 2010, 7:11pm

    Last night, Anderson Cooper discussed this Clint McCance problem on CNN. Apparently this asshat has his daddy screening his telephone calls. Typical, isn’t it? The bully now finds himself in hot water and so he seeks out someone else to do his fighting for him. It would almost be funny if not for the fact that this ridgerunning piece of trailer trash is in charge of a bunch of children. And of course there’s plenty more where he came from. We need to ferret out the rest of these homophobic freaks. They are a great danger to our kids and have no business in our schools – in any capacity.

    It’s time to take out the trash.

  18. He really sounds like an exceptionally immature 13-year-old closet case. He should be ashamed of, and sacked for, the quality of his writing if nothing else. His views are despicable but, regardless, this is no way for a grown man to express himself.

  19. This is the sort of reporting that inspires idiots like Clint McCance.

    He is a elected official and should be indited and removed from office.

  20. The Squirrel 28 Oct 2010, 9:18pm

    Having been subject of homophobic abuse which I found very stressful. Including thoughs of giving up a very well paid job and possible suicidle thoughs, I think this person is very shallow, self centered and ingnorant.
    After and during the homophobic abuse, there was one thing that got me through, and that was my christian beliefs… Jesus says love one another as I love you (this is Unconditional Love) “Gays Included”…also try reading 1 John 4:20.
    I am sorry but it’s about time people stopped arguing and bitching amongst each other just because someone else ‘is different’. We are all on this planet for a short time, so why can we not just get on with each other?
    ALSO! The argument that Gays are distroying the normal family (man/woman) is utter rubbish, because someone is born gay weather they like it or not…There has and always will be gay people in this world and we all have feelings just the same as every one else…

  21. Mumbo Jumbo 28 Oct 2010, 9:19pm

    The Superintendent for the Midland School District is Dean Stanley.

    He can be reached at:

    Be calm and polite but forceful. Leave him in no doubt that McClance is not a fit person to have any sort of influence over the care and education of children in Midland.

  22. you know whats funny about this? If this had been the rantings of the westborough baptist church (which wouldnt surprise me) it would be universaly condemned.

  23. It’s useful as an illustration of exactly the type of people who put the pressure on young gay kids commit suicide.
    Pseudo-religious homophobic bigots, closed-minded, arrogant, cold-hearted and displaying zero capacity for any kind of human empathy or understanding.
    Clint McCance should be arrested and kept away from children or from having any influence regarding children and their education, his own children should be taken into care to protect them from him.

  24. Not to far off this subject is this recent occurrence in San antonio, Texas…

    Basically, when you cut through the double talk what is being said is that the gay services being conducted didn’t agree with Catholic church “guidelines.”

    On the other hand it is a well known fact that for hundreds of years the Catholic church has looked the other way and still condones Central and South American Catholic services that include pre- Columbian pagan rites into their Catholic services.

    Hmmm… let’s think on this, dedicated gay parishioners seeking out God in modern day liturgy… not okay, church services that include pagan rituals… okay. Something is fishy here and I don’t mean the sign of Jesus.

  25. Words really can’t do any justice to how desperately this man needs to be kept away from children. They don’t deserve to have their heads filled with this hate.

    So please, add yourself to this group:!/pages/Fire-Clint-McCance/170421922968484

    Over 56,000 people have so far demanded, via Facebook, that this man be fired. These voices cannot be ignored.

  26. Why the hell are they asking him to resign? Surely if someone working for the government/council/state/etc. (especially working in the schools department) wrote something as sick as that, they should be immediately fired.

    He should have some kind of mark put against his name ensuring he is never put in any role of care or in a position where he can influence children or any other vulnerable person.

    I really feel sorry for his children.

  27. He is an elected official. He can’t be fired.

    He can be recalled, however, in a process that involves petition signatures and a special election. In Arkansas, unfortunately, the basis for recall is very limited; he must be guilty of a felony or be absent from duties (for a span unknown to me).

    He is running for re-election in the Nov. 2 election. He is unopposed.

    (And for PumpkinPie above: Yes, the first amendment is indeed precious. Very much so. Get over it.)

  28. How can people get away with saying such hostile and hateful comments like this?! I do not understand why people hate ‘us’ as a community with so much emotion and effort, i’m sure all that emotion and effort could be directed towards a more beneficial cause. The quote taken from him “I would disown my kids they were gay. They will not be welcome at my home or in my vicinity. I will absolutely run them off. Of course my kids will know better.” Implies that he obviously believes being gay is a choice, a very stupid and ignorant belief! people do not take ‘us’ seriously!

  29. One would think this must be an anomalous incident involving an educator or supervisor. I assure it is not. This fellow merely went public with his opinion while the others who feel the same way are wise enough to keep this among themselves.

    Bullying gay children begins with the parents and their own prejudices but it is condoned by the inaction of educators from primary to tertiary levels. This persecution of Gay citizens no matter what age is sanctioned by the government on all levels.

    This blatant example of the true nature of societies hatred towards Gay people serves as an indictment of the system. Gay citizens deserve civil rights as well as African citizens, Hispanic citizens and Asian citizens. The federal government needs to enact a civil rights law for Gays. We are an oppressed and persecuted minority and even children who are identified as ‘Gay’ are tortured by the very people entrusted with their welfare. This joker – Clint McCance – boasted about what would happen if one of his children were identified as ‘Gay’. I assure one of his children probably is gay and I can only imagine the horrors they have endured in their young lives.

    I’ve gotta stop writing now – I feel nauseous thinking about this incident.


  30. Jock S. Trap 29 Oct 2010, 8:27am

    Absolutely disgusting!

    This is the reaction from someone because of ‘strong christian beliefs’. Yet again religion showing it’s ugly side but justifying it because of his Bible.

    It’s so ironic that these people preach such to children in schools. Their lies, hate and discrimination expecting children to follow in opinions. Action taught through fear and dishonesty and just plain nastiness.

    How exactly is that helping children grow up? How is it that, that this kind of preaching is acceptable in ‘the childs interest’?

    Religion is the single most distructive, hateful thing in the world. It’s clearly benefits no-one if this results in such negativity. Clearly it turns people into savages. We’re better off without it.

  31. This guy has since resigned. Personally he should be arrested for judicially advocating and rallying for the murders of children, but hey, that’s the USA for you:- land of the free, home of opression.

    And the spineless little freak tucks his tail in between his legs and does the “I’m sorry for being so ignorant” bit…. at least he was right about the latter half of that statement.

  32. Stop press… the egit has been made to swallow his words on CNN and has opted to resign
    IMO it’s a bit of an empty retraction, forcing him to retract an opinion that he most likely still believes deep down and painstakingly drove home with a sledgehammer on facebook but I’m glad he’s resigning from the school board anyhow.

  33. I’d be really surprised if this incident made the news in any of the main Christian media outlets.

  34. Jock S. Trap 29 Oct 2010, 9:28am

    After watching that CNN interview one has to wonder when he says he “should have picked different words” and “I picked the worng words to use” how exactly “”queers” and “fags” should kill themselves” either by suicide or from AIDS, could be reworded to sound any better. Or indeed any different.

    He clearly agrees with his comments. This was no apology for his actions but for very much getting caught.

    The only positive outcome to this is that clearly a large amount of people objected to these comments forcing him to now resign. Something not easily achieved in the joke country that claims it is Land of the Free!

    It’s his children I now feel sorry for having to grow up in such a repressive house of hatred.

  35. Jock – That’s just what I thought, he keeps suggesting he used the wrong words as if 5 minutes with a thesaurus would have made what he said more palatable. Perhaps instead of “suicide” he could have said “take their own lives” and instead of “fags” he could have said “gays” or “homosexuals” but he’d still be rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic.

  36. You should read some of his own comments on his facebook page, he’s doing the “poor me” thing. He’s blaming CNN (the “liberal media” as he puts it) on blowing his comments out of proportion…. the man must have the IQ of a tennis ball if he thinks that.

    My absolute favourite comment from this moron is “Very few people on this page know me. But everyone has formed an opinion based on CNN.” Ahhhh, bless, he’s just an innocent little man being persecuted by evil liberals. LOL! What an idiot.

    There is only one thing more pathetic than a fool like this man, and that is a spineless whimpering self pitying fool. Its a tragedy this retrograde moron has already procreated, genes like his humanity needs less of.

    Where are all the lunatic christian nutters normally on this site to defend their fallen “persecuted” brethren, hmmm? How quiet they are now.

  37. Thank you for that update, Will and Flapjack. So he didn’t realise how ignorant his comments were, eh? Of course, he did. He clearly hates gay people and I’m sure if he hadn’t got all this backlash he would have stood by his comments quite happily.

  38. “He clearly hates gay people and I’m sure if he hadn’t got all this backlash he would have stood by his comments quite happily.”

    Oh, totally. Even his own use of words on facebook point to that, Iris. He says at one point “The words I used were unfortunate … but they can’t be taken back”, or he constantly refers to his post as “poor speech”

    Unfortunate?!?!?!? WTF?

    Unfortunate is when you break a nail. Unfortunate is when you miss the last bus home. Unfortunate is when you’re one number off the winning lottery numbers. Its is not “unfortunate” to say one world be happy that AIDS kills gay people, and all gay kids should commit suicide, its down right bigotry. He still doesn’t see that.

    What’s truly marvellous is the backlash against him. He’s paying a heavy price for his ignorance, and one well deserved too. Maybe there’s hope for American society yet.

  39. Oh, it’s always the liberals’ fault, Will *rolls eyes* I’m waiting for the fundie nutters to bleat on about how he’s being persecuted for ‘being a Christian’. They’ll probably be emailing him to advise on how to couch his hate in ‘nicer terms’. After all, he’s not apologising for what he said, merely that he ‘used the wrong language’ – ie got called out as a bigot.

    And it’s not just about this man – he’s one of so many in the US who genuinely believe this cr*p. There are homophobes in all countries, of course, but I find the religious ones most frightening – their blind conviction, their ‘god-sanctioned’ hate.

  40. ‘Unfortunate’?? He just can’t bring himself to say they were wrong, can he? I’m not a member of Facebook so I can’t see his response. thank you for confirming it’s as self-pitying and ignorant as I thought. He should NEVER have said what he said, no matter what language he used, and I really doubt that that will ever get through his thick head.

  41. Helen #19 – just watched that video. Absolutely gobsmacking. “Will acceptance of Gays Destroy America”?? And it’s not even a fundie nutter video, it’s a freaking NBC news programme!!

  42. Iris, quite right, he’s not alone. But what is impressive is that the Facebook page entitled “Fire Clint McCance” has over 64,000 members and growing, while the “Clint McCance is a true christian” page has 98 people.

    I look forward to a Hank-like cretin coming on here to explain how calling for the death of children is christian. Of course, they won’t be. They prefer PinkNews stories that somehow lend credence to their bigotry, like if a gay man is knocked down by a bus, then its a good thing because (obviously) god is driving the bus, and all gays should be (obviously) banned form public transport, that kinda thing….

  43. Will – Nah, Hank’s usual line is that although he strongly disapproves of homosexuals he doesn’t wish any harm on them, until they encounter his vengeful god who will make them suffer and burn in eternal torment for ever and ever. But he wouldn’t want us to commit suicide.

  44. Jock S. Trap 29 Oct 2010, 11:17am

    Just seen video from comment 19…

    Will the acceptance of gays be the downfall of America?

    Isn’t it ironic that they can’t see that no it’s not ‘gays’ that will be there downfall but there own intolerance, hatred and bigotry.

    It’s always the same with these people, if they do something wrong blame someone else and justify it with what it says in some religious texts.

    A shameful broadcast.

  45. Apart from his pathetic neanderthal views how is it a ‘man’ with such a poor grasp of the English Language, even the American version, is involved running education? I cannot think of a surer way to push people away from the compassionate teachings of Jesus of Nazareth than to rant in this way. Has he never read the Gospel story which ends with the words, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  46. Before anyone knocks Arkansas or mocks the people from there I suggest they google Will Phillips. He comes from there as do his forward-thinking and embracive parents Jay and Laura.

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