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Police appeal for witnesses after homophobic tube assault

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Reader comments

  1. Lucio Buffone 28 Oct 2010, 3:07pm

    I’m most shocked that the only people who stood up to the attacker were two 5’2 women. More balls than all the ‘real men’ that would have been on that tube carriage.

  2. westcoastkid 28 Oct 2010, 5:04pm

    … and no one helped the victim? Unbelievable. .

  3. depending on the situation I may off stood up to help the guy. Maybe people are scared these days you have no idea if the person is high on drugs or carrying a gun or knife. maybe pulling the emergency handle to stop train at the next station to summon help would have been the best option. but when these incidents are taking place you don’t always think in a logical manor or like I said be scared for your own safety.

    We MUST stand up to the homophobes is a disgusting crime and can affect those abused in all kinds of ways.


  4. Really frightening. 8 o’clock on a weekday morning in the middle of London. If London holds dangers like this then there’s nowhere in this entire country that’s safe.

  5. The suspect is described as black, about 6’ tall with an athletic build, short black hair and a small moustache. He was wearing an olive green jacket and blue jeans.

    Yes, well that just about says it all, doesn’t it?

  6. 8.30am attack by a 3rd world mind.

  7. Was the assaulted man

    a. simply sitting or standing and minding his own business but clearly showing some sort of signs indicating he was a gay person


    b. leering at the black man like a sexual-obsessive, perhaps giving him looks and licking his lips?

    If (a.) then the situation is chilling for all of us, obvious or not.

    If (b.) then the attacker would argue that he was provoked.

  8. As this attacker traveller so far, 20 min or so, and there is a good general description of him, including the place he joined the tube and possibly alighted, there should be plenty of CCTV evidence from the on-board train CCTV as well as the station platform CCTV system. If you then follow this back to the station gateline where he 1st entered the tube, again with CCTV, you can watch your attacker come thru the gateline with a timecode on the CCTV. Match this against the specific gate he entered the station, and with the Oyster system,you can pull up the details of the man you want!

  9. 8.30am attack by a 3rd world mind.

    Comment by YuriFury — October 29, 2010 @ 0:46

    I love this comment it really is the truth. In a lot of countries all over the world religion is responsible for so much hatred which leads to violence. They then come to the UK with these views and then go and commit crimes on innocent Law abiding, UK Tax Paying people. This world really is full of hatred I’m afraid, we LGBT people have to be so aware who’s around us.:(

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