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Gay arts festival Homotopia kicks off

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  1. I can’t wait Liverpool is showing the way forward, MANchester had QUN but sadly that seems to have gone, after all there hard work.

  2. It would seem, from all the pictures on their site (whose URLs this site refuses to accept in a comment) that, when they say they are “the only LGBT arts festival in the North”, Homotopia’s idea of “T” is restricted to drag.

    Look, drag is part of gay and lesbian culture and life. A festival that excluded drag would be excluding L&G people. It is performance of aspects of the other gender role for social deconstruction, mockery, fun or entertainment, not because it is your gender role or identity, or part of it. It isn’t something you have to do. Including drag is just part of being a L&G festival, it doesn’t justify claiming to include “T”. And only including drag, out of all the many manifestations of “T” is, frankly, transphobic. It makes such a festival one where transsexual, and formerly-transsexual people feel very threatened – because it seems as if they are seen like that too – even those who are gay or lesbian. It “others” us, and excludes, whilst claiming to include.

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