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‘Ellen saved me from anorexia’, says Portia DeGeneres

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Reader comments

  1. Damn I love this couple!

  2. I’ve been reading quite a bit about Portia’s book on other websites and I’m looking forward to reading it. It sounds like it’s going to be interesting

  3. Wives have ‘husbands’ We need appropriate words for the participants of same sex marraige

  4. Louie Mince 29 Oct 2010, 10:38pm

    Its not anorexia if you refuse to eat ‘pork sword’ Portia, its called lesbianism. Get over it.

  5. Portia has selective memory.
    She was out before she met Ellen.
    OK she was not an activist before she met Ellen but she was in a same sex relationship with Francesca Gregorini (Ringo Starr’s stepdaughter) for 4 years before she was with Ellen.
    This was openly reported on and was certainly not a secret.
    I wish Portia and Ellen all the love possible.

  6. No, we don’t, Nikki. ‘Wife’ describes the person not their partner. A wife is a female part of a couple. The other person in that couple could be male or female.

    I’m looking forward to reading Portia’s book too.

  7. I love Portia (agree with earlier comment that she was definitely out prior to getting with Ellen, it might just be the way the quote is written), and I’ll enjoy reading her autobiography. She is brilliant on Arrested Development, one of the best sitcoms ever IMO.

    Grammatical nitpicking moment- it is “formerly known as” not “formally known as” that you mean.

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