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Benefits changes ‘will fail HIV sufferers’

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  1. Omar Kuddus 28 Oct 2010, 4:51pm

    According to reports, currently , one in six people with HIV have lived in poverty at some point in the last four years, a report from the National AIDS Trust and Terrence Higgins Trust says.There is a “cyclical” relationship between HIV and poverty, as poor health caused by the disease leads to poverty, while poverty is also a factor in worsening among HIV-positive people.Poverty is defined in the report as 60 per cent of the median weekly income of the general population. As now one in six people diagnosed with HIV receive support from the Crusaid Hardship fund,which is run by THT. For these people, the average weekly income is £42 per week whereas only ten years ago, this figure was £93. “The level of poverty people with HIV are experiencing across the UK has dramatically increased over recent years.“The Hardship Fund now it mainly goes on basic survival.”
    one would not belive that such statistics ovccured in the Uk and that the wellfare system is failing those in need.
    Britain has had a proud record on its welfare state looking after the most needy and vunrable, but is now acting as if we lived in a thirld wold country, and neglecting those most in need. Shame on the Coalition Government to alow this to happen in the Uk in the year 2010.

  2. This review will effect about 8,500 people listed by the DWP by its main disabling condition for HIV/AIDS, this figure excludes those on DS1500 terminal illness. Of the estimated 92,000 recorded people living with HIV/AIDS, this equates to about 1/10 of the population due to be affected. This data can be found at and . 86 people also receive support through the Independant Living Fund as well as those supported by direct payments and personnel budgets. More information on this can be found at

  3. I suspect just about everyone who happens to be on incapacity benefit with HIV/AIDS will lose their award and be dumped on JSA when the migration to ESA rolls out next spring.
    This could then trigger a revue and stopping of any DLA awards.
    Why did they ever bother protecting people with HIV/AIDS under the DDA. With a few clicks of a mouse by a non-doctor everyone claiming will be classed as well.
    This government will not be happy till the sick and poor are evicted from their homes, starving, and living in doorways.
    The French wouldnt stand for it. Why do we?

  4. John of 29 Oct 2010, 1:00am

    @J Cartier – Yes you are, in part Correct. I have had a few conversations with the chair of the Work & Pensions committee on this and have been raising this for a few years now.

    As DLA will be subject to reform this parliament this will trigger a reassesment for all DLA claimants.

    The new speclated DLA test coupled with the contradictory data collected by the ESA migration is a problem for which there is no answer.

    We cover these issues extensively on the website.

    Of course any change for HIV people is problematic as there are a myriad of other issues also.

  5. “HIV is a disability, and like many other disabilities, people living with HIV can have vastly varying experiences relating to their condition.”

    Well done Deborah Jack for correctly articulating exactly what HIV is. It is NOT a normal condition where people can live long, happy lives as described by less scrupulous HIV commentators in other HIV organizations, like Matthew Hodgson at the GMFA. No doubt he will have to change his line now that HIV sufferers’ benefits are being threatened, and start describing the horrendous outcomes to health that living with HIV causes. Because unless the HIV charities start describing HIV as it really is instead of the picnic they have been describing it as, then next to go will be top-line HIV drugs in favour of third-rate generics. Mark my words.

  6. This is yet another instance shifting the burden of taxation onto those least able to defend themselves. This government let Vodaphone off a £6bn tax bill (! Which, incidently, is the amount they hope to gain from cutting incapacity benefit (

    At the same time, the multi-millionaire front bench are involved in tax avoidance ( While tax avoidance is “legal”, such legality is established by parliament’s taxation laws; i.e. the rich make the laws that suit themselves financially, and shift the burden of taxation not only onto those of use who can not defend against this immorality, but also onto those of us who are pushed into poverty while these multi-millionaires get richer.

    Instead of focussing on the immorality of tax avoidance, media like our traditional persecutors the Scum and Daily Wail concentrate on using extreme examples of benefit awards to infer that ALL benefit recipients are somehow scrounging and undeserving (

  7. Cant this be appealed against under the DDA?

  8. PumpkinPie 29 Oct 2010, 5:37pm

    Nice one, NAT and co. Nice to see people fighting back against the government that takes our money and dishes it out to corporate fat cats instead of those who actually need it. A government made of people who don’t understand poverty and who are willing to let the poor suffer so the rich can afford their holidays. My opinion of the Lib Dems will drop massively if they don’t fight to protect the poor and infirm in situations like this.

  9. Gary Barbosa-Strickland 1 Nov 2010, 3:17am

    What about the damage done to our bodies from HIV drugs, these drugs have destroyed the nerves in my feet and hands causing neuropathy an extremely painful condition. Making walking and standing unbearable at times. I also now suffer from daily migraines for which I take morphine 3 times a day as well as other strong painkillers. Not to mention the chronic diarrhea from the meds as well as other side effects. But 2 outsiders I may at times appear healthy

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