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Gay priest ice cream ad banned for ‘mocking Catholics’

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  1. Jock S. Trap 27 Oct 2010, 12:22pm

    Isn’t it ashame that this actively proves the says “Two wrongs don’t make a right!” Can’t go upsetting those Catholics now can we. However, Catholics can abuse gay people.

    We couldn’t possibly allow a picture showing natural attraction, something born, with religion, something chosen.

  2. I, and I am sure every other gay man, gets offended everytime I see the Pope on TV. How do I get him banned?

    I also find it offensive that Pink News is making money from the homophobic organisation Islamic relief which is advertising below. Perhaps Pink News doesn’t bother that some of it’s money is coming from a religion that ideologically executes gays, imprisons them, and tortures them. But I do. I will not be reading this site again until the ‘Islamic relief’ adverts are removed.

  3. I always thought it was the Catholics and the Catholic church who were the offenders.

  4. richie, liverpool 27 Oct 2010, 12:38pm

    Interesting to note that The Christian Party’s “There definitely is a God” campaign was the most complained about advert of 2009 (receiving 1204 complaints). Isn’t it bizarre then that the ASA decided not to investigate these complaints regardless of the offence it caused to atheists or agnostics. It seems, therefore, offence caused to the beliefs of non-religious people don’t count!

  5. yes so why is it the Pope’s right hand man(?) is called gorgeous George who is very fit and likes manly sports……..

  6. The pope HIMSELF is gay. It’s just about the worst-kept secret in the international intelligence community. There are few homophobes more virulent than closeted homophobes.

    Surely the ASA shouldn’t be in the business of banning adverts based on how “offensive” they might be to some irrational people? Some people find split infinitives offensive – should those be banned? Some people find women wearing short skirts offensive – should those be banned? “Offense” is a purely subjective phenomenon – by banning some adverts on these grounds and not others, the ASA is implicitly taking a stand and saying that some groups in society are more important than others, and their offense matters more than that of everyone else. This is nothing less than ideological media censorship. Shame on you, Advertising Double-Standards Agency.

  7. How come ASA allow the offensive Nationwide little Britain trans advert that mocks transgender people its complete hypocrisy!

    If this advert is banned then so should the Nationwide one too.

  8. It could’ve been worse… just imagine the fallout if they’d featured “Mr Whippy”! Hmmm, self-flagellation… can’t see priests approving of that… or can I?
    Does it come with a communion wafer?
    Funny, if the Vatican wasn’t actively oppressing other minority groups this wouldn’t be classed as an offensive ad.

  9. Gil Grissom 27 Oct 2010, 1:28pm

    you should see what those self righteous arrogant english people are writing in the Daily fail, ‘Im physically sick at the thought’ jaysus christ, do they sue themselves when they look in a mirror when naked for obscenity? maybe they shower fully clothed too. what a pile of arrogant p*icks

  10. It’s a tacky cheap advert and quite frankly it should be banned on taste and exploitation grounds.

  11. I agree with Tony @13.57 its tacky… yaawn!

  12. The pope is a flaming fag in his velvet $5,000 Prada slippers, and his right-hand man, Gorgeous George. I was in Catholic seminary, and I bet some 74% of priests are gay, and probably 90% of nuns are lesbians. So why not recognize the obvious? Lots of priests took a “special interest” in me, even if we never had sex. It is just the way people are wired. So I didn’t find this ad offensive. It is what gay people, including gay priests, do. Would the ASA be offended if two straight people found each other attractive? I think not! The ASA is just perpetuating the homophobic ideals currently set by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church wasn’t homophobic when I was a kid, but then I don’t think we had a gay pope.

  13. BTW who says they are catholic priests in the ad? They could be C of E in which case no one would take offence(!!!!!!) More Ice Cream Vicar?

  14. Thanks Mike, just what I was thinking. How can you tell they are catholic?

  15. Surely the biggest mockers of Catholics are Catholics themselves.

    All religions are nonsense and based on lies and control. They give a group of people a ‘pious’ image to hide behind, who then continue to bully and murder the world and all its diversity. Isn’t that Fascism?

    The sooner all religions are gone from this world, the closer we’ll be to any form of world peace.

    We stopped seeing ghosts and gods in the smoke of fires at night millions of years ago, humans are so predictable. We are not special. Too many humans are stuck in a self-centred fantasy like the aliens in the machine on Toy Story ‘I have been chosen’

    No you haven’t been chosen, you’re just a mammal; get over yourself already :D This planet is nothing of relevance at all in the universe, yet surprisingly religious people have created entire faiths based around this grain of sand and how it’s ‘so important’; it isn’t. :D

    So yes indeed, anyone that believes in a ‘religion’ such as Catholicism, and believes in an ‘almighty being’ and gives me hell for an old rag of a book, is a total mockery to me.

  16. LOL….we believe in salivation! Deffo buying it next time I’m in Morrisons!

  17. Completely agree Leo, will be reading the Pink Paper from now on.
    Pink News has sold out to a homophobic islamic organisation for money.

    I am absolutely disguested Pink News

  18. I never even saw that ad. I never look at the ads, I’m used to just looking at the content and blurring the junk out.

    It seems almost part of the site where it is. Yes some Muslims are homophobic, as are people from every religion, or those who are non-religious. Many however are not homophobic at all. Aren’t we as a movement supposed to be all about tolerance? Should we put walls up ourselves rather than build bridges? If they want to advertise here then what’s the problem? Aid has no religion. Thirst, starvation, disease and death have no religion. At the end of the day it’s about human life, we’re all human, so who cares where or who the relief ad comes from as long as it saves human life.

  19. Mumbo Jumbo 27 Oct 2010, 8:10pm

    The ASA said it “considered the portrayal of the two priests in a sexualised manner was likely to be interpreted as mocking the beliefs of Roman Catholics and was therefore likely to cause serious offence to some readers”.

    I find raping children and covering it up seriously offensive.

  20. RedDevil, I doubt pink news would acccept adverts from companies who are Jewphobic, so why accept adverts from organisations who are Homophobic?

    I agree with tigra, see you later pink news, I’ll find my news on a site that doesn’t take money from people who want to murder me.

  21. Banned for being offensive?

    Well, I find the fecking catholic church’s attitude towards me to be fecking offensive.

    I find the catholic church’s condoning and covering up of its priests’ physical and sexual abuse of minors to be offensive.

    I find the catholic church’s discriminatory attitude towards women to be fecking offensive.

    And I don’t see anyone in a rush to ban those ignorant, bigoted, evil sods….


  22. Hey guy i looked up Islamic relief worried that Pink News was selling out their mission statement is below dont seem too fundamental and have good core values.See Below: They are also part of the global Make Poverty History coalition.
    Still thanks for bringing up your concerns

    Our mission:

    – Inspired by Islamic values, Islamic Relief work to:

    – Assist individuals, groups and institutions to develop safe and caring communities.

    – Help the poor to enjoy self-reliance, with dignity.

    – Make it possible for those who wish to support others to reach people in need of their help.

    We do this by:

    – Providing assistance regardless of race, colour, political affiliation, gender or belief, and without expecting anything in return.

    – Working to mitigate the affect of disasters, preparing for their occurrence and responding by providing relief and rehabilitation.

    – Promoting sustainable development through programmes in education, health and nutrition, water and sanitation, and income generation.

    – Advocating on behalf of the poor.

    – Committing ourselves to harnessing our outputs and outcomes to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

  23. All you people complaining about the Muslim ad…chill out. I doubt Pink News has that level of control over which banners pop up. Indeed, the banners I am seeing are mostly for Danish companies, as I’m in Denmark today.

    If anything, you should be relishing the fact that any such company is supporting a site that is pro-Gay, probably unbeknownst to them.

    Pink News provides a great service for our community and that’s reason enough for me to continue being a loyal follower.

  24. Rev Laurie Roberts 27 Oct 2010, 11:14pm

    And we all know don’t we that 2 priests would never toss each other off-

    — well hardly ever ! :)

  25. Sav,

    I am reading that they are “Providing assistance regardless of race, colour, political affiliation, gender or belief, and without expecting anything in return.”

    What about sexual orientation?

  26. [1] Flapjack: “Mr Whippy / self-flagellation / Does it come with a communion wafer?” :-)

    [2] The “abrahamic religions”, long touted as the word of god, (whatever one of those is), have been debunked as adaptations / bastardisation of earlier myths from “West Asia”. Can the Advertising Standards Authority [or the Office of Fair Trading] get them to desist from promulgating their lies and deceit, fleecing the gullible, and promoting hatred (e.g. homophobia, misogyny, and sectarianism) and consequent bloodshed?

  27. Golly, can’t have the religious types feeling bullied and wanting to suicide now can we?

  28. The perfect mixture of chocolate and cream ice cream. I would take that ice cream.

  29. Censorship makes my skin crawl.

    In practice, having laws that protect you from hate speech sound awesome – but then you realize the people in power often do not agree with your believes, and you become the one labeled “offensive”.

    If this were private, and I am not sure from skimming, that would be one thing; however the sound of “banned” implies a higher entity watching over your shoulder.

    Britons should revolt for the freedom of speech, like America has in its constitution.

    As an example:
    Fred Phelps is extremely offensive, but it would be more offensive if you were told your counter protests are banned.
    Replace ‘Fred Phelps’ with ‘the Pope’ and you got your situation in the UK, albeit more sneaky like a fox and getting away with it much more rampantly, as seen here.

  30. An Cat Dubh 28 Oct 2010, 9:23am

    Showing two priests tossing aside their vows of chastity (Catholic priests can’t have sex at all, remember?) and even being encouraged to do that would naturally offend the Catholics. If it were just common Catholics it would’ve been a different case, but Catholic priests choose to celibate, a decision being mocked in this advertising. Nowhere in the ad does it say that they’re offended because of the homosexuality in it, but because the priests are in a ‘sexualised position’.
    Their being offended is understandable, but nevertheless it should be up. Right of expression and all that cal. It doesn’t work the other way around, because gayness is not a choice.

  31. If its OK for a TV ad to misrepresent and offend transgender people with the Nationwide little Britain ad then is OK to offend Catholics.

    The ASA need to explain why this is deemed OK:

    While an equally offensive advert is not OK because its Catholics involved.

  32. (Catholic priests can’t have sex at all, remember?) Oh really? I know that not to be true at all!Gay sex is rampant in the church but its the hypocracy of the Vatican that stinks! Given that its the old testament that homophobes use against us all the time and that is not a “Christian” book, there is no justification in Christianity for homophobia. In fact there are a number of “potential” gay themes in the gospels (the Centurions “beloved” servant for one!)Recently stayed in a travel lodge and found the offending page ripped out of the Gidion book; well done whoever!

  33. Black, white, same sex. It presses all the wrong buttons for many people, and so it should as there is far too much prejudice around.

    The ASA should stay out of this. If the ad doesn’t work then the company paying loads of dosh for it will lose out.

    Anyway – one is clearly Catholic, but the other is dressed in Anglican garb – so that will offend even more people.

    This ad should be published.

  34. Oh thanks for that patronising information Sav about islamic relief, the first point of which is……….

    “Inspired by Islamic values”

    If you would like me to post an equally patronising comment which details how islamic values affect gay people, please ask. In short, it’s imprisonment, torture and execution. If you don’t know about how the islamis world treats it’s gay citizens in every country where islam has any power then I suggest you find out before posting any further comments which attempt to justify a homophobic organisation advertising on a gay news site.

    Islamic relief = homophobic.

    You have a homophobic organisation advertising on PINK NEWS. Why not phone the BNP up and ask them if they want to place an advert?

  35. Suggesting that some priests might not be gay and might not be totally dedicated to their vows of celibacy (a suggestion that is backed up by the evidence) – that’s “offensive” and violates advertising standards.
    Stating that there definitely IS a god and claiming that they, and only they, can give you eternal life – that’s considered acceptable advertising.

  36. PumpkinPie 28 Oct 2010, 4:30pm

    I’d like to complain to the ASA about the ASA’s homophobic decision. Thanks a bunch for justifying the belief that it’s an insult to be seen as gay, guys.

  37. Pumpkin Pie – I have complained to the ASA about their decision. I urge everyone else to do the same. Here is a copy of the letter I sent:

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    I would like to register a complaint with the ASA regarding its recent decision to ban an advert for Antonio Federici ice cream. This is the advert which suggests that two priests may be gay and are tempted to break their vow of celibacy. The complaints against this advert were upheld on the argument that it was mocking the beliefs of Catholics and could be seen as offensive.

    This ruling is a disgrace for a number of reasons:

    Firstly – there is plenty of evidence that gay priests exist and that many in the Catholic priesthood, gay and straight, do not stick to their vow of celibacy. This advert is suggesting nothing that is not backed up by fact – such as video and photographic evidence of sexual activity within the Catholic clergy and the existence of priests’ children. If it is “taste” that worries you, then perhaps you need to take a look at adverts that portray images of a First Century Jew being tortured to death – and accusing the audience of it being their fault. Your ruling suggests that religion is allowed to offend, but the religious need to be protected from being offended. This is favouritism and hypocrisy – you are not applying the rules fairly or equally.

    Secondly, the “offence” caused by “mocking” belief didn’t apply to the bus adverts run last year which stated “there definitely is a god”. Complaints against that ad were dismissed, yet that is mocking the beliefs of people who either don’t believe in a god, or this particular god. So is it only certain religious beliefs that are protected by your organisation? I see adverts on the tube all the time promising me eternal life – with absolutely no evidence at all that these claims are valid. If that isn’t false advertising, what is? Yet your organisation does nothing. More hypocrisy.

    Thirdly, the decision is homophobic. It is self evident that the Catholic church is venomously homophobic and perpetuates hatred towards gay people. The church has recently described people as “an intrinsic moral evil” and “a greater threat to humanity than global warming and deforestation”. The Catholic church is strongly opposed to equal rights and equal treatment of gay people – such as marriage or protection of their jobs and rights under anti-discrimination legislation. Since I’m not aware of any ruling that bans Catholic priests from eating ice cream, I can only assume that people complaining about the idea of gay priests were complaining because of the suggestion that there was same sex attraction. So this simply another example of this bigotry. Your upholding of this complaint sends the message that this bigotry is justified. Well done. The next time you read in the paper about a young gay person committing suicide, or someone being beaten to death in the street during a homophobic attack you might want to reflect on the part your organisation has played in helping keep the hatred alive.

    This was a shameful decision that panders to bigotry and ignorance.

    Yours faithfully,


    1. Nice!

  38. Paul Cann i apologise if i sounded patronising it was not my intention at all.
    I simply looked up some info on this organisation as i was shocked that pink news was accused of taking revenue from such an organisation.
    I found this info on them to add to the discussion.
    Anyway i thought you would not be reading Pink News again!
    I am now of course being sarcastic. lots of love.x

  39. Sav, there is no discussion. Islamic relief are a homophobic organistaion. You are trying to justify a homophobic organisation. Aren’t you clever.
    lots of love.

  40. Great letter, David. Covers all the points very eloquently.

    This is such a subtle, gentle advert, I really can’t see how it’s that offensive. Yes, I can think of some images that would definitely offend Catholics, but not this. I think the ASA were wrong and were being overly cautious.

  41. “Yes some Muslims are homophobic, as are people from every religion, or those who are non-religious.”
    Islamic Relief would never display adverts for gay charities because they wouldn’t be Islamic.

    It’s disgraceful Pink News promoting organisations that condemn us and execute us with our own donations just so they can make some more advertising money, while trying to take the high ground with Ben Summerskill.

  42. It disgusts me that we will go so far to protect the feelings of religious people, who have done immeasurable harm to others in the name of an imaginary friend.

  43. Wonder if it would have offended them if it were a priest looking at an alter boy? There is no WAY they could say it wasn’t truthful. Not ALL do but enough that we ALL know it.

  44. I think it’s funny. I’m not going to get offended over an ad mocking a religion that follows a homophobic, sexist, racist, and evil book.
    Once homosexuals/bisexuals are not mocked and are not portrayed stereotypical, then maybe we can talk.

    With the whole Muslim aid thing, just don’t click on the link and don’t donate to them. They’re still giving a pro-gay website money and if we don’t give them any money then we win.

    1. stereotypically*

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