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Trans woman’s murderer guilty of rape

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Reader comments

  1. > Police could not uncover a motive for the killing but
    > speculated MacMillan may have been unaware she was born male
    > when he booked her services as a prostitute or that her health
    > problems may have meant he became angry when she could not sleep
    > with him.

    At the time the police were criticised for making speculations that effectively blamed Andrea Wadell for her own death. It does this site no credit to repeat the same slurs, especially now that we all know that the murderer was a rapist before he met Andrea Wadell.

    With that knowledge other speculations involving MacMillan attempting another rape become more appropriate. And Andrea Wadell now becomes one of the thousands of women who would have been saved if a rapist had been arrested and imprisoned after their first offence. Perhaps this site could report on why that had not happened with MacMillan?

    And may I again point out that Andrea Wadell identified as a woman, and was, after much suffering and considerable effort, a woman in every way. Where that is the case surely this site should have the respect to use the few extra characters to say that someone is, or was a woman with a transsexual (or trans if six characters need to be saved) history, rather than qualifying her status as a woman at the time of her death by using “trans woman”, even in the headline.

  2. …Or better yet, why not stop labelling everyone altogether and call people by their names? So the headline could read ‘Andrea Waddell’s murderer guilty of rape’. Simples.

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