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Obama administration launches campaign against anti-gay bullying

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Reader comments

  1. Counselling for the bully? Only an American could suggest such an idea!

  2. Mihangel apYrs 26 Oct 2010, 12:42pm

    while the USA is institutionally homophobic (etc): DADT, DOMA.. all such nitiatives are tainted.

  3. This article fails to mention that the campaign sent a statement to schools that bullying based upon sexual harassment or gender is a federal crime but bullying based upon sexual orientation is not. This is the administration that takes credit for passing the Mathew Sheppard Hate Crimes Law but hasn’t seen a hate crime based on sexual orientation worth prosecuting at the federal level. More idle talk from the liberal homophobe

  4. Maybe we should leave bullying to Cameron and let Summerskill concentrate on getting full equality by supporting marriage equality. Its obvious he can’t multitask.

    Any federal legislation to make bullying a crime will be filibustered by the republicans who don’t believe in equality for LGBT people and think that special laws to protect the gay minority aren’t necessary and don’t really see violent crimes committed against us as hate crimes. They’re even against making discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere illegal.

  5. Obama and his administration are clearly engaging in some spin, seeing as their LGBT support is disappearing due to Obama’s horrific homophobia.

    Well this campaign is nothing more than PR.

    Obama is defending horrendously homophobic laws in court (DADT; DOMA) and refuses to support marriage equality.

    Why should he be taken seriously on this?

  6. Ah Robert, there is a federal law against hate crimes based upon sexual orientation in the US, but the Obama administration (who aren’t Republicans) have never prosecuted a case under that law.

  7. A few years ago, I read that Obama was an opportunist. I didn’t believe it back then, now I do.

  8. Farris Evans 26 Oct 2010, 2:57pm

    This is just more pablum for the masses. Nothing significant will come from “advice”! It will take money for education and the moderization of (when it comes to this issue) a still-archaic legal system.

  9. I’m told that Obama has to defend DADT, DOMA under the current law even though he allegedly opposes both, otherwise he’d be accused by the republicans of flagrant violation or abuse of the law of the land and would try to impeach him.

  10. There is precedence in both Dem and Repub administrations for not defending laws the administration deems unconstitutional. There is also precedent for the DoJ to appeal but state that they agree with the lower court’s ruling on unconstitutionality. People talk about impeachment, but only one president has ever been brought up for impeachment and none has ever been removed from office. Obama is just not that interested in supporting gay equality.

  11. Omar Kuddus 28 Oct 2010, 4:37pm

    And not soon enough, and one only hopes that the Local School Authorites take the lead and take on bord that Homophobia and Bullying in schools must be stamped out and that it will no longer be tolerated, either by students of the Education…al Sytem/ Body/ Authority itself.
    Everyone regardless of their sexual orientation has the fundemental right to the full protection of the law.

  12. The hatred on this thread is appalling. These guidelines should help schools deal better with bullying of LGBT kids and hopefully it will.

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