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Gay kissing protest for Pope’s visit to Spain

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Reader comments

  1. Whilst I hate to rain on the protester’s parade, if London was anything to go by Vatican PR will be in overdrive and there will be a media blackout of any dissenters, who probably won’t be allowed anywhere near the old git anyhow.
    If anything Spain is more Catholic than the UK so he’ll be mostly preaching to the converted.
    Shame they couldn’t have set the date to co-incide with the famous tomato throwing festival!
    Will have to make do with this one from the archives

  2. Of course, he’s only going there to agitate against same-sex marriage and telling the Spanish people just how much it has impacted marriage in such a negative way around the world. He has to be the world’s leading hate monger. Everytime he dehumanises us with his antigay statements, he incites homophobia and violence. He should be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity.

  3. Davis Mac-Iyalla 26 Oct 2010, 4:33pm

    I will be there and will surly kiss a Spanish man.

  4. Madness.

    The Emir of Qatar is in Britain on a State Visit, staying in Windsor Castle.

    He is the absolute monarch of a tiny state in the Middle East. This country imprisons homosexuals (for 5 years, with lashes of the whip) and persecutes gay men and lesbians…Yet, not a word from anyone on this site, or anywhere else for that matter…

    Yet, you still hound the Pope – the one international leader who has constantly criticised prejudice against homosexuals. Maybe it’s because he’s an easy target…No-one wants to be blown up by a Muslim, do they!? Maybe you don;t say anything because you don;t really care about gay men and lesbians who are imprisoned and executed in other countries, because it’s not your problem?

  5. 20,000 people gathered in central London … Where does that figure comes from? This is not what the official figure was. We can like or dislike ideas and even people, but it does not help to use wrong data. I read there were a few thousand (4?) while several hundred thousand others came to see and welcome the pope. I do not agree with the Catholic Church teaching on homosexuality, but let’s be honest, the Church tells us to abstain from sex, not to be killed or anything form of physical punishment. The Church also says we should be treated with respect.
    It won’t help us to act unwisely and be bullies.

  6. great idea lmao!

  7. Sebastien/ Ben – which pope are we talking about here? The current one that said we were a bigger threat to the world than the destruction of the rainforest and that we are intrinsically disordered?
    How is that an anti-gay prejudice stance?
    He can pay lip service to treating us with respect, but frankly he keeps contradicting it with the next pile of dogmatic b***ocks he utters to the faithful masses.
    I’m astonished that these little snippets somehow managed to escape your attention.
    As for the Emir of Quatar, if what you say is true then fill your boots and protest him too, but ‘whataboutism’ doesn’t alter that the Pope is a homophobe with a large degree of international influence.
    Just because we haven’t got around to challenging every homophobe in the entire world first doesn’t mean we don’t have a right to protest the evil old goat.

  8. @ Ben, I attended the march in London, and whilst a few thousand were expected the start of the march was delayed as the number of people who turned up was far more. In fact most independent news sources have quoted figures between 10,000 and 20,000 and I would have to say that a middle figure of 15,000 was probably about right.

  9. Flapjack, exactly right. Ben…the pope is a hypocrite. Saying we should be treated with respect, but in the next breath he’s calling our sexual activity intrinsically disordered (formerly called “evil”); he singles out gay men from the seminaries believing it will prevent further molestation as if paedophilia is a gay phemonenon but does nothing about the straight molesters, absolutely nothing; he rails against same-sex civil marriage as if religion owns it; he opposes condom distribution in the emerging nations and claims that they cause AIDS, while millions are dying as a result of his statement, one that was denounced by the WHO and a vast majority of medical experts around the world; the list is endless. In regard to LGBT people, when he makes negative statements about us, that sends a clear message to the homophobes out there that its ok to go out and bully or bash us or worse, kill us. Words have consequences and he is complicit. The man should be arrested for crimes against humanity. His cult is hardly in a position to make any moral judgments given its track record for the past two millenia up until the present day. He has NO respect for us.

  10. de Villiers 26 Oct 2010, 8:22pm

    > The Emir of Qatar is in Britain on a State Visit, staying in Windsor Castle.

    The banquet takes place tomorrow in the City of London.

  11. He represents the unacceptable face of homosexuality.

  12. Kate Leigh_Aberdeen 26 Oct 2010, 9:47pm

    Suggest those doing the kiss protest also release hundreds of purple balloons with 50 cm. purple ribbons attached to represent Gay spirit (as in the rainbow flag)and also do this along his route making sure the press know of the connection likely to get more notice too.
    The Catholic church has this scam – “love the sinner hate the sin” this is their way of saying conduct rather than intrinsic being. The US supreme court gets it – “Our decisions have declined to distinguish between status and conduct …” christian legal socy. v martinez

  13. Pope Benedict should be indicted for crimes against humanity. As an influential world leader, he travled to Africa which has millions of AIDS cases, and told the people there that condoms don’t work, and they would be sinning if they considered using a condom. The pope’s advice has caused the deaths of at least hundreds of thousands of Africans. Previous popes were once considered as the “Prince of Peace,” but when Benedict the Rat visited former President Bush, he encouraged Bush to continue the war against Iraq. That war was immoral in that there were no WMDs, and the Bushes just wanted to seize Iraqi oil (Operation Iraqi Liberation- OIL). In the USA, it is well known that pedophile priests are in hiding at the Vatican, beyond the reach of extradition warrants that seek to return them to states like Arizona so that they can face criminal charges for child molestations. This pope thinks the Catholic Church is above the law. At the funeral for Pope John Paul II, he arranged to have Cardinal Bernard Law from Boston in a prominent spot during the funeral cortege, even though Law had systematically moved and shielded pedophile priests from criminal prosecutions. There was heated talk in the USA that Cardinal Law should be indicted for obstruction of justice. By putting Cardinal Law in a place of prominence, this pope indicated once again that the Catholic Church is above the law. I was in Catholic seminary, and the anti-gay rhetoric is so funny in that some 75% of Catholic priests, including this pope, are gay themselves. Instead of coming to terms with the priest-pedophile problem, this pope has blamed gay priests, when being gay has nothing to do with being a pedophile. I have never met a gay man who likes tiny cock, but I know there are plenty of straight pedophiles who do.

  14. As already said, I do not agree with the Church’s teaching on homosexuality, nor with its handling of the pedophile crises, nor with many more things. I also want to add that the church is not specifically targeting homosexuals. Their core teaching is that sex is only acceptable with married straight couples and should be open to procreation (and again I do not agree with this). We are so to speak ‘collateral damage’. The anti-condom rhetoric derives from the same point.
    What I think is that if we keep calling him names (Benedict the Rat, Rotweiler, etc…) we will loose our own credibility. Some journalists have a tendency to transform and exaggerate what he says. If for example he says ” we need to preserve traditional family values” , they will report- ‘pope attacks gay marriage”. And this kind of ‘game’ is not helping us, we loose our credibility.
    Just my thoughts.

  15. Mihangel apYrs 28 Oct 2010, 7:31am

    Robbie @13
    I consider “Benedict the Rat” to be a most offensive term. Rats are intelligent and friendly animals: why blacken their name by linking them to this creep?

  16. Ben – with due respect I think the pope has gone a lot further than “defending family values”. You can’t simply dismiss every press report where the pope has been overtly homophobic as hyperbole and heresay as the evidence from multiple sources is simply overwhelming.
    I personally don’t care much if that homophobia is based in doctrine or his particular interpretation.
    Saying in essence “I respect homosexuals except for the gay ones” doesn’t really cut much ice around here.
    We were compared unfavourably to the destruction of the rainforest and were told we were we intrinsically disordered. He also has the steaming gall to make us the scapegoats for the paedophile priest scandal he attempted to cover up.
    He made it a hotbutton divisive issue for Catholics across the globe and encouraged many homophobes in the process so if he gets some heat from gay people for that, then he only has himself to blame. I don’t feel obliged to “play nice” for reasons of expedience.
    What I resent is when we get lectured about tone when the pope hasn’t moderated his tone for decades.

  17. Flapjack,
    Thanks for coming back on this point. Let me first tell you that I share your frustration.
    Now about what the pope says, you are in fact illustrating my point. The title of the Reuters article says that the pope said that “gay marriage treats creation”. If you then look at his exact words you will see that this is not what he actually said. And this is exactly my point. It is already bad enough like that, so there is no need to add a spoonful. By the way, if for one moment we forget his unfriendly allusions on gay marriage, the rest of his message was very interesting. “In his speech to diplomats from more than 170 countries, the pope repeated the themes of his message for the Church’s World Day of Peace on January 1, which said industrialized nations must recognize their responsibility for the environmental crisis, shed their consumerism and embrace more sober lifestyles.” By using the title about gay marriage , Reuters destroys his plea for a more responsible behaviour in the industrialised world towards the environment.
    Now I agree with most of what you said and I am quite furious about the way the Church behaves. I simply think it doesn’t help us to make it worse than it already is.
    Thanks again.

  18. Fine!!! You may not only kiss the same sex person but also make love on the rode sides. You may even enjoy sexsually with animals on the public road sides where people are always crowded. You may even go naked and show that you are fully human. Is that all that you want? Then try and why not. It is open!!!!!!! But don’t blame on someone else if you do such things and your conscience makes you feel guilty and abnormal.

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