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Guide to parenting for gay dads

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Reader comments

  1. Research indicates that many of children brought up by same-sex couples grow to be heterosexuals furthermore it is noticed that they also make normal progress in schools.gaytorium

  2. Imaging how much better they would do if their parents could get married just like their friends with straight parents.

  3. More gay couples would become parents if they could do so within the stability of marriage.

    Summerskill says ‘the law is now on their side’, but changes to the law pushed through by Stonewall actually put a legal impediment in the way of some gay parents: gay men co-parenting with lesbian couples can no longer be named as the father on the birth certificate, even if that is what is desired, unless they lie and pretend that they had sex to conceive the baby. Why should that make a difference?

  4. not having access to full and equal civil marriage it is an obstacle for many gay men to adopt! apart from the legal implications it is not sending the right message to children about their parents relationship status and this is perceived by society!

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