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American newspaper refuses to publish gay wedding announcements

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Reader comments

  1. Maybe I’m old fashioned but aren’t newspapers meant to report news.
    If it’s news when two opposite sex people get married surely it is if two same sex people get married.

  2. why the surprise the US is so backward in so many areas one of which is gay equality


  3. Maybe I don’t understand this deal with wedding announcements, but how is it news that 2 people are getting married? Surely it’s more along the lines of advertising or a private announcement, isn’t it? And if so aren’t the paper entitled to choose what they publish?

    Just asking, don’t shoot me… Just trying to understand, I don’t really have an opinion on this yet… I just feel that some average couple’s marriage can hardly be called “the news”… unless it’s a really slow day…

  4. A lot of newspaper publishers regard same-sex couples wedding as abusive. They rule out its public announcement even if is not banned.In past Utah newspaper denied inclusion of wedding couple photos inside its publication.gaytorium

  5. Val: I believe the situation here is that the Union Leader does choose to print notices of straight couples impending marriages should they (the straight couples) request them to do so. This may indeed be applying a double standard but is entirely within the rights of the publication as a private company.

    On the other hand I wonder how much news the readers of this publication are not able to view due to the fact that it perhaps doesn’t fit the publishers parameters.

  6. Is there any question but that they are outrageously homophobic? The locals should make a big deal about this. Picket sign time!!

  7. Dead simple. Start a boycott campaign against the rag. Most ‘principles’ of this sort are ditched when they start to cost money.

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