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Ugandan gays and lesbians ‘attacked after being outed’

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Reader comments

  1. Omar Kuddus 22 Oct 2010, 5:54pm

    And the world stands back and idily watches, as it did when the government introduced the worst bill in history to discriminate against LGBt’s.
    Apparently if it does not effect us personally, nooone seems to care, but just think for one moment if the shoe was on the other foot.
    would we, as an LGBt community tolerate or accept the worlds fellow homosexuals to sit and do nothing.
    I doubt it.
    But that is why discrimination and inequality is allowed to thrive, for the lack of interest or involvment or community spirit.

  2. This is why I don’t like straight blacks. They are aggressive, they glorify their hate as righteousness, and take pleasure in killing. To our gay brothers and sisters in Uganda and other African countries, I’m so sorry you have to go through this. As a white african, I know what you’re going through.

  3. It is possible that some of these Ugandan extremists are targeting the “mypink” news section of this site, by sending members psudo-friendly e-mails to engage in dialogue with them.

    One person has responded out of curoisty, and recieved the usual Evangelical Christian rhetoric and abuse about; God being unhappy with you because of your sinfull life.

  4. Omar Kuddus that’s not fair. I do understand your frustrations and certainly empathise with the position that many of my gay Ugandan brethren however I can assure you that many of us do not stand idly by and let such indiscretions occur without fighting back.
    My good friend has set up a facebook page and has recommended that everyone email their MP’s and MEP’s (who have more clout) outliining their disgust at this horrid little episode.

    It may not be much, but it shows people are doing something, may I ask what you and your organisation are doing?

  5. @ Ty, #2: bringing in racist generalisations is hardly helpful. ‘Straight blacks’ were hardly responsible for the genocidal atrocities Namibia 1904-07 (quite the reverse, as I’m sure you as a white African know), or 1930/40s Germany, Poland and Russia or, more recently, the former Yugoslavia.

    It would appear that, rather than the colour of their skin, it’s the Ugandans’ susceptibility to gutter evangelism that’s resulting in this horrible lurch away from developing human rights.

  6. It’s due to the poison of fanatical religion – not race TY.

  7. If it’s all about fanatical religion and not race, then why is Africa the most homophobic continent in the world.

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