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Facebook ads can ‘out’ gay users

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Reader comments

  1. I’m gay but I don’t want a nursing degree. I’m sure not all nurses are gay either. Or is the combination of nursing and Florida? Still puzzles me.

    Anyway I think we should all be far more concerned about the FACT that gay people are being put to death in some countries.

  2. PumpkinPie 22 Oct 2010, 5:18pm

    That’s some nice sleuthing. Very interesting stuff… And rather worrying, too. Living in a country with low-levels of homophobia, this isn’t really an issue for me, but I can see this sort of spying having a dangerous effect on people in certain other countries.

  3. The unspoken words. We purposely try to get gay nurses and carers and doctors because they are simply the best. The feminine gays are too unstable for that type of work we filter them out in the first and second interview process.

    There are so many reasons why we prefer the ordinary gay nurse carer or doctor they work harder they care more they understand the macho man character and females they are friendlier they are simply the best.

  4. Jim: “I’m gay but I don’t want a nursing degree. I’m sure not all nurses are gay either. Or is the combination of nursing and Florida? Still puzzles me.”

    I can’t see why. This is not some underhand decision. It is done purely on computer profiling. It’s what Google has made it’s millions on, simply if a lot of gay men visit nursing websites, the systems automatically clock that information and map a demographic which can then be used to target a specific audience for that potential advertiser.

    The fact that this is done entirely without human intervention seems to tell me that many nurses are gay, even though I’m sure many squealing PC queens well adamantly refute the fact.

    What I don’t get is that so many gay people demand equality and equal treatment, yet still complain when they get approached specifically as gay men, who are predominantly ABC1 customers, with high disposable incomes – A marketeers dream demographic.

  5. friday jones 22 Oct 2010, 10:07pm

    Spanner, don’t you homophobic men have web sites of your own to troll? Why are you hanging out with all these “squealing queens” if you hate them so much? Aren’t straight men supposed to save up all their misogynistic bile in order to dump it on cis women? Won’t you be a few gallons short after today’s posting spree here at PinkNews?

  6. Also, Facebook tells you which of your friends clicked that ad. If it’s a gay ad–one advertising for you to get a boyfriend—that can out the friend. Seen that plenty of times.

  7. But if they’re closeted don’t they usually list their orientation as straight? If they list themselves as gay doesn’t that mean they’re open about it?

  8. Jock S. Trap 23 Oct 2010, 12:00pm

    So isn’t this just saying that Facebook do nothing to protect an individuals personal information? That one’s security data is free for all?

    With their profiles ya’d think they have sorted these problems out.

  9. Oh god, the government is using Facebook to track down homosexuals! Everybody, comment and show your disgust while at the same time doing nothing about it!

  10. martyn notman 23 Oct 2010, 4:42pm

    mmm, i wonder why pink news is showing me constant ads for disney on ice at sheffield arena? targeted marketing?

  11. friday jones: Who said I was straight? I assume you must be one of the aforesaid screaming queens that kicks up a riot every time they are criticised.

  12. I very recently ‘Came out’ on Facebook, by changing my ‘Interested In’ to men and immediately thought the very same thing. It did make me chuckle how stereo typical the adverts are. Is there anything of interest to homosexuals other than furniture, holidays, clothing, and clubbing? Acording to marketing, apparently not!

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