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Rolling Stone condemns anti-gay Ugandan newspaper

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Reader comments

  1. Talk about being late to the party. Didn’t Uganda Rolling Stone get shut down a week ago? At least that is what the nice people over at that very good website Box Turtle Bulletin reported on the 14th Oct.

  2. An Cat Dubh 21 Oct 2010, 2:39pm

    ‘Destroying the moral fabric’? Since when do gays ruin fabric?…

  3. Jock S. Trap 21 Oct 2010, 3:12pm

    Disgusting. What planet do these vile bigots live on.

    When people in our own country are suffering cuts, why oh why, must we insist on helping these bigotted, homophobic countries.

    If they have No respect for human life nor one’s basic right to live it in the way we are born then I can’t see why we must fund such savages. The fact they remain such savages suggests our funding has had no effect and could be better placed with people who do appreciate life.

    We may have a government hell-bent on helping other countries instead of our own and if that has to be the case it is Not unreasonable to have a bigger say in where it goes and to be able to stop if that country is not worthy.

  4. I’ve stopped donating money to Africa as the charities I was donating to were unable to offer cast iron guarantees that none of their money ends up in the hands of homophobes.

    In any case we must remember how vilely homophobic Uganda is as a country. It is not merely the government and media which hates LGBT people.

    They simply reflect the views of the majority of the population in the dump that is Uganda.

    I feel no urge to fund such a backward nation.

    Nor do I place the blame for Ugandan homophobia on the former British colonisers or the US evangelicals. The homophobia in Uganda is voluntary.

    Uganda is responsible for it.

    Uganda is a hate-filled, failure of a country.

    Not a penny more in aid or trade to that dump.

  5. PumpkinPie 21 Oct 2010, 4:19pm

    If you Uganda doesn’t recieve aid money, the lives of its LGBT victims will get even worse. It’s a Catch-22 situation. Aid the victims but at the same time aid the bad guys, or shun the bad guys but at the same time leave their victims unable to fend for themselves?

    Perhaps donating only to LGBT charities might be a solution. They’re most likely underground, but Uganda surely has one or two. Anyone got any info on that front?

  6. BrazilBoysBlog 21 Oct 2010, 4:35pm

    So, not only can they not manage to come up with an original idea… (gays ´recruiting´ among their young etc etc) But they cannot even come up with an original name for their odious rag and have to steal one instead!

    Their journalists obviously mirror the general level of intelligence there… (Morons)

    No more aid to these regimes and societies. As we have seen only too clearly this week, money is way too short to be funding raving homophobes anyway. Lets send it where it will do some good.

    They want their own way of life and do not want other ´outsiders´ interfering in their affairs? Fine, but don´t expect us to pay for it then!

  7. Sister Mary clarance 21 Oct 2010, 5:34pm

    Those without education will believe what they are taught to believe in the majority of cases. It is not that everyone in Uganda is bad or bigoted, but the problem lies with those who charge themselves with the job of educating vulnerable minds.

    There are seemingly no check or measures on what the Ugandan poor can have their heads filled with and personally I’m much more included to blame the sharper minds that have preyed on the country’s vulnerable, than the victims of corrupt teachings

  8. If Uganda was a civilised country then all those responsible for this publishing disgrace would be immediately arrested and prosecuted for incitement to murder…are they going to be arrested?

  9. Blacks discriminate? I don’t believe it!

  10. Africa is so retarded.

  11. Mumbo Jumbo 21 Oct 2010, 8:51pm

    As BSE said in Comment #1 the Box Turtle Bulletin were onto this weeks back. Here is a scan they published of the actual article:

    (you might have to use your browser’s zoom)

  12. Perhaps some newspapers should compile a list of the top 100 anti-gay homophobes behind the attempted pogrom on gays in Uganda, who their backers are, how & why they operate, how they organise and recruit… then print their pictures suggesting they should be hunted down and hung.

  13. Can the US Rolling Stone sue for breach of copyright? I would! Hope this drives down the readership of that poisonous Ugandan rag, whatever name it eventually settles on.

  14. Mumbo Jumbo 22 Oct 2010, 10:27am

    Comment 13 by Flapjack

    “Can the US Rolling Stone sue for breach of copyright? I would! Hope this drives down the readership of that poisonous Ugandan rag, whatever name it eventually settles on.”

    See here:

    And the Ugandan government closed the publication last week on the grounds that it had not obtained a licence to publish.

    Whether it will obtain the correct paperwork and open again remains to be seen but as it was very short-lived, has the real Rolling Stone lawyers chasing them and never sold more than 2000 copies anyway, it is unlikely.

    Sadly, the damage is already done.

  15. Please to not condemn all Ugandans – o0r Africans. The majority of Ugandans (I am one) and not against gays. These are just a small bigotted minority – with very little support

  16. Andrew – something tells me you’re a liar.

    «According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project poll in 2007, 96% of Ugandans said that homosexuality should be rejected by society»

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