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Penguins ‘are flirty, not gay’

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Reader comments

  1. If a guy came up to me and started flirting…I would assume he was gay… if he started MATING I’d know it.

    The penguins are gay. GET OVER IT

    I’ve never laughed so much in my life.

  2. Well…If that’s what the penguins said to the researchers! sounds very scientific doesn’t it.
    It’s just like all the LGBT folk who read PN, we are not gay either, just flirty!

  3. You’ve just got to laugh that people actually get paid to come up with these brainless theories. I wonder if the doctor in charge of the research is a religious man with a hidden agenda.

  4. flirting happens with people you are into so these researchers must be pretty stupid

  5. Surely animals are not conscious of their sexuality? they are programmed to breed. If that programme is different they may try to breed/bond with the same sex. Human beings read books, speak, have a conscience/morality, are creative and many other qualities that set us apart from animals.

  6. Headjob Bob 21 Oct 2010, 7:34pm

    Flirting…Jeez Wizz! Is that why I forever had my young back to the wall in the OZ Army? There were two places I had to beat young males off with a burnt stick…The OZ Army and holidays in Fiji. Well..Fiji was fun before Christian Missionaries destroyed their culture and inflicted on them that dreadful virus.
    What Planet do these Hetero’s live on? Why do they find it necessary to hide their Homosexual feelings? What are they afraid of? Do we have to remind them again of the love affairs in the Trenches.

  7. Montpelier, France?….nuff said

  8. One Word . . . Anthropomorphism

    Don’t do it !!!

    Sexuality is one thing . . . Sexual Identity is a completely different ball game.

  9. France? Wasn’t it eBay France that said no gay people in a contest it held this week? This penguin research appears to be some kind of heterosexual wish.

  10. Jock S. Trap 22 Oct 2010, 8:23am

    This made me laugh, thanks PinkNews!

    It comes to something when such excuses have to be made. How long before this argument is aimed at us.

    Excuse me must go on Gaydar for some ‘flirty flirty’!

    Oooooh Missus!!

  11. Maybe the birds are bi? Flirting with the same sex is GAY, clear as light.

  12. Of course the scientists are right. For instance, I’m not gay at all. I’m just a guy who likes shagging guys.
    It is plain that some biologists still can’t get over the idea of social animals being gay or bi. It would be frankly astonishing if they weren’t. Tom cats are known to boff younger males and cats aren’t very social at all.
    Apparently the whole world has to be ‘really’ straight deep down, even gormless birds sitting on an ice-floe. Sad.

  13. Who doesn’t want to be boffed by an older Tom cat ;)

  14. Clearly, research in penguins is related to behaviours and what they might ‘feel’ is quite different.

    They only found 2 pairs that long term bonded. But the case of male-pair zoo penguins are well documented. If their behaviours are such that two male penguins are perfectly happy being together in a zoo and try to hatch a stone then what it does show is that sexuality in animals, such as it can be described by anthropomorphic human perception, can result in penguins being ‘gay’… actually , let me re-phrase that, can result in penguins being gay (no quotes required). It’s no big deal for them.

    Being gay in humans is a quite different matter, due to us having imagination, self-consciousness, human evolution towards sexual behaviours unrelated to reproduction etc.

    What we share with some penguins is that being gay is a perfectly natural response to the environment (short term environment or through evolution), in either the short term (situational – zoo, too few females) or when it is experienced for life (situational or intrinsic).

    This data supports the view being gay is natural. It’s manifestation in humans is inevitably at a higher level of sophistication (identity etc).

  15. Not gay, just flirty?? :D Why can’t people accept that some people and animals are gay? Why do people have to keep trying to show that ‘they’re not gay really’? Yes, they are, and, really, does it matter?

  16. Jock S. Trap 22 Oct 2010, 12:21pm

    The difference?

    In animals a mate is a mate. Unless your king of the herd no animal cares nor discriminates. It just is the natural why things are.

    In humans a mate is a mate. So long as it’s of the opposite sex because if it’s the same the some pathetic creep can hold up a book and use it as an excuse to kill someone for just being themselves.

    How does that make humans better than other animals?

    Thankfully, these actions are decreasing and acceptance is with us but only those of us lucky enough to be in certain countries.

  17. Jock S. Trap 22 Oct 2010, 12:25pm

    Bet there are a few people who’d have thought of this first. The likes of David Laws for example. Then he could have stayed in his job and said he was being ‘just flirty’.

    Least he knows now he’s not the only ‘Flirt’ in the village.

  18. The definitive work on this matter is “Biological Exuberance” by Bruce Bagemihl, not a study on a couple of penguines by some obscure research unit, and certainly not anything published in a paper like The Telegraph (sorry T-bag). Where the evidence has been heading for years is perfectly clear, for anyone to see (if they actually want to, and aren’t closed-minded). It’s the same reason some are more likely to suffer heart disease, have a particular eye colour, be tall, or short, or those people who are skinny whatever they eat. It’s difficult to believe that there are still people who just don’t get it. So typical of people to jump on this and use it as an excuse to gay-bash, and as a way to justify their own prejudice and homphobia.

  19. That’s just what Ted Haggard said!
    Dear me, all these closeted penguins… paranoid what other penguins might think if they admit they might prefer guy on guy action…stashing copies of Penguin’s Health magazine “for the workout routines”! Let me guess, he’s the dominant male so that doesn’t count? They’re just doing that to stay warm? He’s only tagging along to help you with your ‘luggage’?
    Calling all NARTH therapists, you’re urgently needed to cure some unwanted same-sex attraction in the Antarctic! Nah, don’t bother to pack the winter clothing and crampons, you’ll be fine.
    There’s some pretty messed up semantic definition of gayness if selecting a same sex partner of your own free will to mate with and sticking with them doesn’t count. I’m starting to wonder if I’m gay by those terms.
    I say we should love all penguins equally and respect their sexual preference, no matter who they happen to p-p-p-p-pick up.

  20. Hi Flapjack . . . lets not encourage those NARTH therapists – lol

    Since they are Quackers so to speak . . . let them just stick to curing those flirty bicurious mallards.

  21. John K – last I saw, the mallards were seriously into the rubber ducks ;)
    And am I the only one that would get a schaadenfreude kick out of seeing a NARTH representative freeze like a popsicle as they attempt to explain at length the finer points of making a better ‘lifestyle choice’ to gay penguins?
    It’s about time someone made them uncomfortable in their own skin!

  22. BIrds.
    It all makes sense now…

  23. Don’t you think we’re projecting onto the animals? After all they’re not human and they don’t live by our social anything. So, why would this behavior be “unusual.” Do we really fully understand the levels and subtleties of their mating, love or friendship rituals and relationships. Besides, what we learn about them doesn’t prove or disprove anything about humans. We’re only talking penguins here.

  24. I daresay there is a certain amount of anthropomorphic projection going on, but no more so than with any other nature study. Any time documentary filmmakers turn a camera on animals they pretend to know what they’re thinking.
    I just find that there’s a double standard here… if it’s male on female animals the voiceover is all about partnership and commitment and settling down.
    If two animals of the same gender go at it hammer and tongs and hang around with each other 24/7 it’s because ‘there aren’t enough animals of the opposite gender’, they’re ‘flirty’, ‘it’s displacement/ play/ establishing a social hierachy’ or ‘we really can’t read anything into these strange rituals, animals don’t think like humans y’know!’
    Any euphamism other than the bleeding obvious.
    How come the straight animals are never doing it because they’re ‘making do in the absence of a same sex mate’?

  25. southpaugh 24 Oct 2010, 6:33pm

    The first question to ask is from where the funding for this study came? A meta study of other studies’ results funded by the same organization may also reveal whether that funding source is aligned or not. There is alot of money, especially among groups with a vested interest in maintaining a public perception of whatever status quo interests them. The worst thing a comservative minded funding group experiences is differing points of view. consider, too, that the results of this study are a minority outcome among all the available studies. The word play and euphemism choices are the most revealing. It is to laugh at the lengths humans grasp at straws.

  26. Yeh yeh what ever!

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