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Court temporarily reinstates US military gay ban

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Reader comments

  1. Obama is a disgrace.

    He wants to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell through Congress does he?

    And how does the stupid homophobe plan to do that when his own party will likely lose control og Congress after the elections in a few weeks.

    Obama has failed miserably on each and every one of his pre-election commitments to the LGBT population.

    I suppose the fact he invited homophobic religious extremistt to give his inauguation prayer should have been a sign that under Obama, the legal situation for LGBT Americans was barely going to change from what it had been under Bush.

    Obama is a liar, a hypocrite and a homophobe.

  2. if Obama placed any importance on this it would have happened
    that it hasn’t and that he fights it says it all plus that he had an inaugural prayer done

  3. An Cat Dubh 21 Oct 2010, 2:34pm

    Maybe he should be shot like Rabin to shock people into voting for the Democrats again and finish the job.

  4. Is it me or is USA in a moral race with Uganda to see who can be the most homophobic?

  5. what a bloody farce. So they suspended investigations and firings of out gay soldiers and has instructed military recruiters to accept out gay applicants .. so does that decision get reversed now?

    Obama really dropped the ball on this. I know he wants congress to be the ones that strike down DADT, but as a back up he should have instructed the Justice Dept to wait to appeal the decision (they had someone like 60 days) That way, if he gets hammered in the mid-terms and is basically a lame duck president for the rest of the term, he could then have instruced them not to appeal and he could have effectively killed DADT that way. If he loses the numbers in the mid terms and the report due in Dec (from survying the troops/milatary families,etc) comes back firmly against then it could be years before its undone.

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