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Ugandan newspaper publishes ‘list of gays’ and calls for executions

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Reader comments

  1. This is shocking and disgusting. I thought the UN was invented to opposed blatant discrimination like this and put pressure on these kind of behaviors.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. This newspaper not only has a lot to answer for, it’s going to have a lot of blood on it’s hands. Utterly unacceptable.

  3. This is what happens when right wing extremists (Evangelical ‘Christian’ missionaries)are allowed to propogate their vile hate.
    The U.N. should be condeming this but I doubt that they shall.
    Just absoslutely vile!

  4. @3 Ditto,
    This is what misguided Evangelical Christianity has achieved in Uganda.

  5. Yep, it just screams US fundies, doesn’t it? Did anyone see that recent programme (Ch 4, I think) with the clip of the lovely visiting US evangelists spreading their particular brand of hate? Vile, vile, vile.

  6. Horrifying Horrific . . . Evil beyond words

    We must find a way to support our African sisters and brothers . . .

  7. No wonder it’s such a poor country – it’s five hundred years behind.

  8. BrazilBoysBlog 20 Oct 2010, 10:19pm

    I agree with the above comments. This is totally hateful and is what the US fundies have managed to achieve by spreading their hate.

    This paper will have blood on it´s hands but will it be sorry? I doubt it. When you consider that you are right and backed by the church, then you feel justified in spreading the hate and what it leads to.

    More reasons to block and ban any and all contact/trade with Uganda. We as gay people cannot in any way support a regime that still thinks this is acceptable…

  9. One organisation very noticeable by its silence on this issue is the Commonwealth. I have not heard of even a squeak from them although I would be happy to be corrected. It seems to be happy to call itself a family of nations and to pride itself on its stance against apartheid in the old South Africa. It does not seem to very proactive in taking a stance on the human rights issues of the present day. Does the genocide have to begin before its rusty old wheels start to turn or are they now fused in their bearings?

  10. This happened a couple of wks ago. A complaint was made to the media council and the paper was found to “Nevertheless through this complaint it has come to our knowledge that you published in contravention of Section 5 of the Press and Journalist Act (CAP 105) which makes you criminally liable,”

    Details here:

  11. paul canning 21 Oct 2010, 7:45am

    The ‘kill the gays’ bill has not been withdrawn. AP got it wrong – see Warren Throckmorten

  12. There’s going to be a congress in South Africa of ‘World Evangelization’; maybe it should be held in Uganda, so it’s participants can see what their influence can bring to a country and a minority.

  13. Why won’t my long post on this matter be accepted by the PinkNews software???????

  14. Folks, I have done tests and the word beginning with N that is used to describe those people from Germany who aggressed us in WW2 has caused my test-messages to be rejected. It seems we are not permitted by PinkNews to refer to those people!


    Those people incarcerated gay men in concentration camps and a gay website in the UK won’t allow reference to the persecutors!!!!!

  15. john(derbyshire) 21 Oct 2010, 11:44am

    We can guess what the N word was though-its not too difficult!!

  16. Imagine if pinknews published a list of prominent Blacks or Jews who should be executed. Imagine the international outcry. This story didn’t even make the heterosexual news. Further proof that in this world you can ‘kill a gay’ and no one gives a toss.
    I’d be depressed if I didn’t realise how lucky I was not to be in Uganda at the moment. Those poor sods.

  17. Exactly, Leo (#16). In fact, fortunate though we are, it’s still depressing.

  18. An Cat Dubh 21 Oct 2010, 2:22pm

    @Leo: No-one cares because people just expect those ni**ers to act like backward ni**ers. If something like that were published in a Western newspaper, the media certainly would be outraged.
    Honestly, I think that if they complain about Western values and the like forced upon them when they want to kill gays, they no longer have the right to complain if anyone calls them ‘stupid coons’. (This, obviously, does not refer to non-backward black people.)

  19. another John 21 Oct 2010, 4:59pm

    I can’t think of words to describe my reaction to what is being described here.

    As for Christians being behind these outrageous attacks in any way, I cannot yet comment, not knowing all the facts, other than to affirm my revoltion and opposition if it is true.

    PS Denys: I think Pink News like posters to keep their posts succint. If your post is that long, why not try posting in two parts?

  20. Here’s what I sent the FCO:

    Page used to send this email:
    Contact the FCO []

    Choose a subject
    Commonwealth of Independent States

    I would like to know what the UK Government is doing to influence the Government of Uganda to halt their campaign of persecution against lesbians and gay men.

    In particular I would like to know what official representations have been made by the UK to the Ugandan Government in light of the recent Ugandan newspaper publication printing the names and address of those it alleges to be lesbian or gay and calling for citizens to murder them.

    I note that the only reported action the Ugandan Govt has taken in light of this illegal activity is to order the newspaper to get their paperwork in order so that they can legally publish as a newspaper. Once that has happened the Ugandan government will be happy for the newspaper to continue to incite murder.

    I would expect that the UK Government would be protesting in the strongest possible terms to the Government of Uganda with a view to influencing them to take swift and decisive action in defence of their lesbian and gay citizens. Please let me know what you have done in this regard and if no action has been taken, why you believe none needs to be.

  21. @notagain: Never expect anything from the UN, even less from its principal human rights body, the Geneva-based Human Rights Council (HRC). Since July, rebel militias in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) as well as elements of the regular army have been engaged in a frenzy of rape, the thousands of victims ranging from babies to women over 100 years old. The HRC response has been limited to what is called an “informal dialogue” held at 15 minutes notice outside the council chamber during the lunch break on 27 September. With massively disproportionate time and energy spent on condemnation of Israel, the Human Rights Council has next to no interest in human rights abuses elsewhere in the world, least of all towards gays and lesbians in Uganda.

  22. another John 21 Oct 2010, 8:32pm

    Sadly, Jonathan, I fear you are correct. Besides venting our anger and frustration on websites like this, protesting as suggested by Nick (21), lobbying our own elected representatives, and doing what we can in our own respective spheres of influence, what else can / should we do?

  23. Feel free to contact their Embassy directly here as I have done.

  24. Another john wrote

    “As for Christians being behind these outrageous attacks in any way, I cannot yet comment, not knowing all the facts, other than to affirm my revoltion and opposition if it is true.”

    Another john . . . Not only are Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians trying to murder LGBT people by proxy, their hate filled pulpit rhetoric is also linked to a raise LGBT people taking their own life.

    When are Fundamentlaist Evangelical Christians like your self “Another john”, going to repent of your hatred towards LGBT people.

  25. another John, Christians should not shoulder all the blame, but the influence of US fundies in Africa is indisputable. Here’s a link to the programme I mentioned:

    If you want to help, then how about trying to influence those US groups? They are dressing up hate in pretty words to fool the good (and the ignorant sadly), and they are actively spreading hatred of gay people in Africa. They are not real Christians. I don’t think you get the unChristianity of some groups in the US.

  26. Bishop Ioan 26 Oct 2010, 2:10am

    These fundie bigots will not be happy until they can criminalise homosexuality in the US…Uganda is just the beginning.This is absolutely disgusting. Sadly, groups like Exodus are behind this pernicious legislation. So much for “love the sinner”.

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