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Senator David Norris could be Ireland’s first gay president

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Reader comments

  1. James Harrison 20 Oct 2010, 3:13pm

    Surely that wouldn’t just make him Ireland’s first gay president, but the WORLD’s first elected gay head of state?

  2. No, there have been closeted gay leaders, but even discounting them he’d be the second out gay leader elected after Iceland’s current leader. I hope he gets it and brings in marriage equality for Ireland.

  3. James Harrison 20 Oct 2010, 4:30pm

    No the Prime Minister of Iceland is not a head of state. And obviously I mean openly gay, a load of old English Kings were known to be secretly gay

  4. @James .. I think, possibly, Edward II beat him to it by quite a few centuries ???

    That said, David Norris, would be a totally inspired choice as President, irrespective of his orientation – a lovely man and one who would be WELL ABLE to project a hugely positive impression of Ireland around the world. He also has the advantage that, as an Independent Senator, he is untainted by party politics.

  5. I’m joining this group. You all should aswell. The more support he has on facebook, the more likely people are to vote for him because they’ll think their vote isn’t wasted.

  6. Well none of the English kings were elected.

    And the PM of Iceland is not the head of state, nor was she elected as PM – she was the leader of the party which won the election, and therefore became PM because she was their leader.

    Senator Norris for president!!!

    How amazing would that be. An openly gay president who was elected by the people.

    Imagine if he was to do a state visit to the US while a homophobe was in power. How awkward would that be.

  7. Apparently Senator Norris is an extremely popular independent politician in Ireland. And the presidential election is next year.

    I hope he stands.

    And I hope he wins.

    Gay presidential power!

  8. Liz 2 is visiting Ireland next year. How fab would it be to have the Queen of England welcomed by the democratically elected Queen President of Ireland.

    I can see the headlines now

  9. not everyone wants or likes to be labelled queen David

  10. Build a bridge, get over it. It was a joke.

    The hypersensitivity of some people.

  11. As someone who is Irish, I have to say his sexuality doesn’t even come into it. He is just an overall well liked man! He is smart, educated, articulate, passionate, emphatic and a very genuine man! He is what we would call a “smashing bloke”. For that alone he has my vote!

    He would be a great representative for Ireland. The position of President is only a figure head position. It doesn’t hold much, if any influence, which is a pity, as I think he could easily change Irelands situation by his charm alone!

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