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Pentagon tells military to start accepting gays and lesbians

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 20 Oct 2010, 11:44am

    “Instead, new recruits who are openly gay will be warned that the legal situation may change if the Obama administration successfully argues at a higher court to temporarily keep the ban in place.”

    In other words, those people at the top are trying to tell who you are is wrong and given the power will be only too pleased to continue to make you know and feel it if the President wins his arguement. As LGB people we should not be accepted esp, god forbid, with the mid-terms coming up.

    Damn hypocrites the lots of them. End the ban…period!!

  2. I’ve been following all this on pinknews for weeks now… but i still dont get why the obama administration are trying to block it when its apparently what obamas wanted all along. Can someone explain it to me without simply ranting about how barack is a hypocrite? What is his public reasoning for the resistance?

  3. Bruno, from what I understand is that Obama feels that the general public would be more accepting of allowing gays to openly serve if Congress, and not the courts, did it.

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