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eBay accused of banning gay couples from competition

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Reader comments

  1. So I guess a mother and her adult son sleeping together in the same bedroom makes sense to them whereas a gay or lesbian couple doesn’t?

    Is this REALLY the statement ebay intended to send out?

    Honest to God, have I misread my calendar? Mine says 2010 but it seems like the rest of the world’s calendars say 1910!

  2. de Villiers 20 Oct 2010, 2:34pm

    An appalling state of affairs. I have informed La Halde.

  3. “We have quite a large vision of what counts as a couple: a mother and son could count. The only constraint is that the apartment only has one bedroom.”

    Er… and an adult son and mother sharing is ok? Adult daughter and father…

    Besides, their notion rules out a mum and daughter, dad and son, too, even if one assumes a parent/child is a COUPLE!

  4. Well it is same with invitations to big store parties, only men & women couples allowed, it stinks!!!

  5. The answer seems simple – boycott eBay

  6. That’s just weird :o Why specify gender at all? Yes, I accept that they might want to say it’s for adults, but surely that’s all that’s necessary? Why not specify race too, ebay?

    And what does: “We are looking for people who are representative of the range of products sold on eBay.” mean?? So gay people don’t wear clothes or shoes, or use electrical goods or listen to CDs, etc, etc? What kind of explanation is that?

  7. I was on ebay the other day and came across many LBG stuff like novels etc so I can’t see how they can genuinely claim that only heteros are representative
    Plus clothes don’t show sexuality either

  8. I totally agree iris, just because I’m not straight it means I don’t buy the same things as Hefei people >.>.

    Normally I’d say sod them but this isca massive company and to treat people like this is just wrong.


    Send an e-mail. This type of discrimination is against the law even in France.

  10. I’ve just been reading the terms and conditions, so if you are LGB and or have a disability then you cannot enter; looks like someone has been on discrimination special pills.

    Do they have a contact or opinion form when you try to close an account with them? No, do they care? No

    Bye bye eBay!

  11. If they were trying to be ‘representative’ they’d have specified only one caucasian person too. This is BS.

  12. how can e-bay say ‘sexuality doesn’t come into it’? Stupid, outrageous lie and they know it. Heterosexuals can take the person that means most to them, the personn they love the most. Gay people cannot. They can make do with ‘taking their mothers’.

    E-bay treat their LGBT customers with contempt. Not only boycott them but protest against their bigotry at their offices.

  13. Another homophobic firm to boycott. ebay is sh1t anyway. I’ve never been into buying other people’s cast off junk.

  14. Thi sis esactly what will happen when we finally have Gay marraiges. They will specify mixed sex couples only!

  15. “We have quite a large vision of what counts as a couple: a mother and son could count. The only constraint is that the apartment only has one bedroom.” Ebay states heterosexual incsest is ok but gay or lesbian couples aren’t…..sounds odd!

  16. This is awful and horrible to read. I’m truly disgusted.

  17. Stan James 22 Oct 2010, 5:21am

    The president of Ebay, Meg Whitman is running for governor of California on a platform that demonizes gays.

  18. de Villiers : Go to court, not to the HALDE. We need jurisprudence, not foul deals.

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