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Wear purple on Wednesday in memory of gay teen suicides

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Reader comments

  1. Please also honour Chloe Anne Lacey who took her life on September 24th, aged 18.

  2. Christina LeMore 19 Oct 2010, 6:08pm

    Yesterday in a press release from GLAAD they sent out a link to our “Spirit Day A global day of remembering” Event page. I encourage everyone to join and leave words of advice or share a story with the people in the group.

    Much Love

    Christina LeMore

  3. Peter In Brisbane 19 Oct 2010, 9:00pm

    There is much talk recently about homophobic abuse inflicted on our young, whilst savage abuse is also systematicly vented on older Gay persons in most areas of the community.
    Here in Queensland OZ, especially in our Government Institutions, bullying has been honed down to a fine art form, it looks normal to everyone on the outside but you know that it is happening to you.
    The weapons most used with effect by our detractors are isolation, ridicule and humiliation. It is used by Queensland Health to silence you when you have genuine complaint, it is also used with effect in Public Housing by Islamic, Eastern European Migrants to get rid of you.
    Brisbane based, West End Police are also experts at homophobia, if they are called to your home for a routine complaint.
    “We notice that many men are seen to enter your premises”, said one.
    Gay publications here are also guilty of silence and censorship which prolong the torture. Gay Queenslanders have always been afraid to speak out, problems are left to a handful of, go out there and do it Activists to get things done.
    If you wish to have a night-mare holiday, come to Queensland.

  4. Ahhh, I won’t be able to. My only purple T-shirt is still drying and I don’t think it will be dry by tomorrow.

  5. Peter In Brisbane 19 Oct 2010, 9:28pm

    Felipe, throw your purple T-shirt in the clothes dryer and come, see our Queensland Tourism sun-burnt, bimbo-blond, sand gropers.
    Must rush off now and baste the chicken, the poor things lying there with it legs open and bread crumbs hanging out of it’s bum.

  6. Yes , I am aware of severe abuse in both the health and mental health services of queer people in Australia. Is it just that bit more extreme in Queensland? Oh and it is ignored and covered up of course!

  7. Peter from Brisbane 20 Oct 2010, 5:06am

    Thanks Victim for speaking out about severe abuse in Mental Health Services against Queer people in Queensland. Yes, the abuse is also coming from The notorious Inner Brisbane Mental Health Clinic, and G Ward RBWH Hospital. They seem to think that a brutal search of a 72 year old visiting Carer is normal and within their powers. My Nephew was also discriminated against at the Mental Health section at Ipswich Hospital, on the basis that he was performing a daily Pagan ceremony. Another incident at the PA Mental Health Ward, involved two Crazy Fundamentalist Nurses, who informed my disabled Client that, “He was not ill but possessed by the Devil”. Our Minister for Health is too busy choosing a new car and not attending to serious problems in the system.

  8. Headjob Bob 20 Oct 2010, 5:27am

    The latest slogan dreamed up by University hollow PR men for the hopeless, Queensland Mental Health Service is: “FUTURE PERFECT”. TEE HEE!
    Written by,
    Under Water Ceramic Technician. {Dishwasher}.

  9. Peter & Michael 20 Oct 2010, 7:17am

    It happens still in the UK NHS, we have been told that our Civil Partnership is only a ‘Partnership’, not a marriage, and have to listen to the laughs and giggles by staff whilst being treated for Cancer, at a hospital near Manchester. We also complained but nothing has been done.

  10. Mihangel apYrs 20 Oct 2010, 7:51am

    @ Peter & Michael
    1 medical staff acting this way are in breach of their professional standards – take names and report them to RCN, BMA

    2 non-medical staff behaving this way are in breach of all sorts of guidelines

    3 ignoring your CP is breaking the law, CP = marriage according to various rulings. Talk to the CAB

    I know when you’re ill and vulnerable it’s difficult to fight THEM as well as circumstance. Get it written into the notes that the partner is to be treated as next of kin, and mention that your solicitor advised you to (get a free consultation with a gay friendly one) Write to everyone, MPs, councillors, the Trust CEO telling them how you’re being treated. Have you any bolshie friends to take along with you? To sit with you when waiting, and when asking for info? They can challenge on your behalf.

    My very best wishes to you both. Times of illness aren’t times to have to take the fight forward, but you have to hang in there.

    I hope all goes well


  11. Peter & Michael – that’s horrible It must be a thousand times harder to stand up to when you’re dealing with illness. Mihangel’s right about taking a friend that can help you stand up to them. Get the names of the staff who laugh at you (that’s made me feel so awful – how inhuman of them) and ask to speak to a senior manager, with a friend for support if possible, and make an official complaint. The threat of legal action can be good too. It tends to concentrate their minds.

    All the best to you both.

  12. David Myers 21 Oct 2010, 9:43am

    At our sea of purple demo in Vancouver on Wednesday, one speaker claimed that a close tally of teen suicides related to being gay or preceived to be gay over the period from September to now in Canada and the US numbers over 600, not just the six that are mostly being mentioned. This is a mini-holocaust of gay/lesbian or precieved gay/lesbian children. Absolutely unspeakable and untenable! We must all stand up and state loudly, NO MORE!!!

  13. Omar Kuddus 22 Oct 2010, 6:47pm

    Be honest how many of you wore purple. no actually dont for if the sample of people i saw was any indecation , it was a poor show of support.
    Have we become that selfish or self concious that we dont care for anything that does not effect us directly.
    It did not stop us dishing out over 300 T shaits and if even for a few moments unity and soladarity came to mind.
    Did one forget that it could easily have been you or someone you know that was a part of the unnecessary tragedy caused by the eneguality and phobia that continually shows its ugly head.

  14. I thought I’d let you know I’m wearing purple today in honour of Spirit Day but I just thought I’d let you know that Epilepsy sufferers also have a purple day (I think there’s is in March).

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