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US judge says she will deny stay on gay military ruling

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Reader comments

  1. The only way it’ll harm recruitment is you will no longer have homophobes in the military because they think they are too good to serve side by side with gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transvestites. It won’t be much different then now, it’ll just be that we are able to openly serve.

  2. **I am not part of the military, but I do have gay friends who want to be a part of it but they refuse until the policy is repealed.

  3. de Villiers 19 Oct 2010, 3:51pm

    It appears not to have adversely affected the quality of either the British or the French armed services.

  4. I am split on this one. I applaud the judge for sticking by her guns and trying to get the senate to finally do what everyone else is doing.

    However, Americans are inherently an immature race, and I forsee openly gay people getting some major harrassment should the bill go through. I sometimes wonder if the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy is the best compromise. I suspect that even if all this does happen, most gay people entering the military will continue to keep their mouths very firmly shut for fear of reprisals.

  5. Headjob Bob 20 Oct 2010, 12:12am

    The best way to deal with American troops and their sexual immaturity is to take away their Beer, Chicken and Ice Cream, send them into combat with a pocket full of Rice as Asian Troops receive. Asian soldiers can last for weeks on Rice Pudding.
    We’ll see how superior Yank troops are then.
    The best way to deal with a mad Dog is to muzzle it.

  6. @ Spanner, #4: Americans aren’t a race, and it’s probably best not to generalise about 300m people, don’t you think? (Even if some of them do say the silliest things.)

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