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One in six HIV-positive people ‘suffer poverty’

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  1. PumpkinPie 19 Oct 2010, 4:06pm

    Most applicants were not in full-time employment, while some reported losing their jobs after being diagnosed with HIV.

    I’m shocked this isn’t illegal yet.

  2. What’s to bet one in five of them is an immigrant come here to get free treatment?

  3. agree with spanner
    Clinical rooms in most hospital’s are awash with people from other countries coming here to get the free health care and HIV treatment
    Being HIV myself i have noticed that sharp increase in people from other countries clogging up our sysytem, no wonder its at breaking point

  4. So nice to see ignorance and bigotry alive and well on the pages of pinknews. I thought for a second there I had clicked onto the Daily Heil by mistake.

    From the NAT report The Myth of HIV Health Tourism (2008):

    5. What would demonstrate that HIV health tourism exists?
    We list below some of the evidence which would demonstrate the reality of HIV health tourism – and then what is in fact the case.

    Possible evidence: Research evidence that accessing healthcare
    in general, and HIV healthcare in particular, is a significant factor in migration decisions.

    Fact: Research evidence shows that a desire to access particular
    benefits or healthcare provision is not a factor in migration patterns.

    Possible evidence: Migration patterns which reflect over time the
    distribution of the HIV pandemic and problems of treatment access.

    Fact: Migration patterns bear no relation to the distribution of HIV prevalence across the globe.

    Possible evidence: Significant changes in migration patterns
    to and from the UK due to the withdrawal of free NHS care for
    certain categories of migrants.

    Fact: There are no discernible impacts of recently introduced NHS
    charges on migration of people to or from the UK.

    Possible evidence: Levels of HIV infection amongst migrants significantly higher than those in their countries of origin.

    Fact: Levels of HIV amongst migrants to the UK are in general
    significantly below HIV levels in their countries of origin.

    Possible evidence: Accessing HIV tests or treatment immediately or
    very soon after arrival in the UK.

    Fact: There are on average very significant delays between migrants arriving in the UK and their accessing HIV testing and

    Maybe the migrants who are accessing the hardship fund are doing so because they find managing living with HIV and living on £35 a bit of a tall order. Who the hell wouldn’t?

  5. BSE: “Maybe the migrants who are accessing the hardship fund are doing so because they find managing living with HIV and living on £35 a bit of a tall order. Who the hell wouldn’t?”

    Yes, but my question is, ‘what are they doing here in the first place?’ – I dont deny that if I was dying of AIDS in a piss-pot little African country I would try any way to get here, but that’s not the point. We are not a charity for the world’s waifs and strays. We are already drowning in debt, and we don’t need every man and his uncle knocking at our door for handouts. Charity begins at home.

  6. the poverty sisters 7 Jan 2011, 9:51am

    Posted By Name and address withheld
    Date 06/03/2008
    i have just returned home from an “interesting” two-day chaps conference. on reading recent letters in the pink paper and elsewhere calling for the return of harder-hitting hiv campaigns to counter the failure of the less impactful campaigns of today to register, i felt it necessary to bring to your readers’ attention a shocking incident that took place at the event yesterday. a health writer from boyz magazine was invited by chaps to talk about why a return to hard-hitting campaigns are necessary. he had implicitly criticised modern day campaigns in a recent column, and it seemed that he was being given an opportunity to persuade the likes of the tht and gmfa to change their approach. as his speech got underway, it soon transpired that he had been invited to nottingham simply in order for the hiv hierarchy who control the flow of information around gay men’s health in the gay press – namely tht spin machines will nutland (yes, he’s back folks, pass the garlic!), rod watson, gmfa’s own spin doctor matthew hodson (yawn), and the usual useless assortment of clueless, number-crunching acedemics from sigma – to nail the poor man to the cross, hurling abuse at him from every direction and discrediting every well-thought out argument this young man dared to confront them with with lies, fabrications and double-speak. it was an orwellian nightmare come to life, a truly sickening, dehumanising sight, and one that visibly distressed a number of the 200 or so hiv professionals present to witness this poisonous tide of venom and vitriol. all i have to say of the speaker, if you happen to be reading this, is you are an oracle of truth and a true hero to our community at this time, and trust me, your arguments hit home with a sizeable element of attendees, some of whom are working behind the scenes to turf these despicable, deranged men from their cosy perches by exposing their dangerous, out of touch practises. as an hiv psychiatrist, i am all too aware of how deeply psychologically flawed gay men can and will lash out at anyone and anything that dares to shine the light of truth on their self-deluding belief systems. indeed, a fellow psychiatrist i spoke to after the lynching commented how their paranoid tirade was the projection of their fear of survival – their increasing inability to continue the same old charades and deceptions they have been spinning for over 15 years now – outwards, like a rabbit caught in the glare of the headlights. let’s hope so. it seems we are witnessing the last, desperate flailings of the dragon’s tail and the final gasps from a bunch of treacherous, incestuous, spineless gay men who know full well that the community is awakening to the fraud they have perpetuated upon us all these years. it was reassuring, also, to speak to several tht/gmfa staffmembers themselves, who joined these organisations with all good intentions and who agree in private with the speaker that things must change. mercifully, one confided to me that several are working from within these crumbling edifices to expose their abuses of power and the mismanagement of hiv prevention in order to hasten their demise, so it is a case of stay tuned – the age of enlightenment in gay men’s sexual health is dawning… more than anything else, the disgusting performances yesterday of the rabble representing tht, gmfa and sigma proved, more than anything else, that they know full well their days are numbered.


    Posted By Editor…”Respect Stonewall feature QX and HIV/Bareback Porn iFeature in BOYZ THIS Week …great articles
    Date 06/03/2008
    love the hiv bareback porn page feature in boyz page 3 this week, and the quote at the end…but even better stonewal chairman in qx about “respect” first the london hiv charity sector makes private eye, then newsnight with hiv bareback and gay porn…hiv on the increase…people getting infected….not the best publicity .for the lgbt community….loads of people losing money in ukcs collapse ….”respect” ? ? ? ? are stonewall out of touch with the real issues ? ? ? james london
    Posted By name and shame
    Date 06/03/2008
    gordon mundie………….his happily smiling face adorns the first issue of tht’s u+ mag……….one of their top tips for reducing the spread of hiv is to have ….”less”…. unsafe sex…so presumabley tht think if you only infect 5 people instead of 10 at the soon to be seen tht aproved sex club backroom you are doing well!……..will these tht inspired gay men get “play zone branding on their butts and a certificate to carry around for only infecting a few people a night???? do yourself a favour gordon and get yourself and your mug shot removed from this.
    Date 04/03/2008
    its absolutely tragic up here in the london lgbt community (sic) people living with hiv are being encouraged off their benefits only to be issued with a two sentence letter of redundancy by the multi-million ound running costs per annum luvvy world of the london hiv/aids charity sector, and they still preach to us how to treat people livihng with hiv/aids….another multi-million pound running costs per annum aids charity bankrupt…people living with hiv/aids losing money some hundreds of pounds……they giveth with one hard and taketh with the other, loads of hiv “fundraising” events that made little or no money over the last 5 years all hushed up by the luvvies with their fantastic wages…..its just a “cash cow” for the select few who are doing very nicely “thank you”……and yet you read the accounts of the multi-million pounds london hiv charity sector all the hundreds of thousands spent on administration…???? its a sick and tragic scandal, and what about the multi million pound aids charity that sent a e-mail to a panel member of a police advisory group about a high court injuction (without hesitation) only to suddenly decide it was “marvellous” they attend their events all of a sudden…..a high court injunction (without hesitation) but now its marvellous they attend all their events………….what is it they dont want them to reveal… ? ? ?… think u have it bad ! ! ! — more scandals to revelaed shorlty in the hiv media….soon to be published rumour on teh streets is……most people living with hiv/aids have nothing to do with the multi-million pound london hiv charity sector… thankful to the few that have spoken up….we owe them a great deal,llike outrage! and actup london – and the many who spoke up for the lgbt community in the very early days – celebrate our history with pride , but make sure you dont let a few destroy our future will dictate………start asking questions – the time is now….the messiah x


    Posted By name and shame
    Date 01/03/2008
    it is not new labour political correctness it is political madness by fellow gay men which has caused the damage we are seing with hiv levels rocketing. .
    Posted By Why did so many people keep so quiet for so long ? ? ? ?
    Date 10/02/2008
    editor – forgive the direct approach but how can so many people involved in the £150,000-00 loss hero aids awards in 2005 kept quiet about it for approx two years, why did the management keep banking that lovely monthly salary….there is something very wrong here ! ! ! ! ! also how much are the luvvies in the london hiv (multi-million pound running costs ! ! ! ) charity sector being paid to put on events that dont make a penny – – this is not the reason people living with hiv/aids and my friends have died – – the real disgrace is that we as a community just sit back and do nothing – this is not why we rioted at stonewall all those years ago ! ! ! finally well done to all the people who have bought hope and happiness and employment to crusaids hiv redundant staff – another secret ukc faled to disclose they were secretly assisting crusaids redundant staff……why was this information kept from us all for so long is the question we must ask ! ! !! ! positive future ? its a bl**dy disgrace. emma swindon

    By ALL HIV staffers are to blame….not just Mr Bitti
    Date 01/02/2008
    well i knew about mr bitti’s incompetance and personal piggy bank that was the ukc many moons ago and spent a lot of time arguing the case on ukc online forums. there was not one intervention from staff members on the subject of his huge personally organised wage rises, his cronyism in appointing friends to the board and his wastefulness of our resources. it seems the staff only spoke up when they were in trouble and when they felt their personal financial situations were in doubt. your assertion that only 3 people knew about the goings on is untrue…… i said i knew and i did not even work there!…………………………..paid staff of hiv organisations should whistleblow like there is no tomorrow about the corruption, cronyism, neglect and wastefulness of scarce hiv resources if they are truly interested in making things better………………….or is it the case that when their organisations fold they too can move onto better things like you say many ukc staff did?……………….which only proves my point that hiv pro’s are just using the disease as a ladder climbing exercise to gain personal wealth and careers they would otherwise stand no chance of getting…….no wonder the infection rates are going up and up and up!…no one is interested in reducing hiv infection or educating the parts of the gay community which seem not to care if they get infected or not….those that do care are frozen out with the complicity of paid staffers who do not want to rock the boat because they are too interested in their own careers to speak out!


    Posted By CLOSE IT DOWN
    Date 28/01/2008
    someone please close down this scandal torn london hiv charity sector – its a insult to people living with hiv/aids and those that have died. mark brixton


    Date 26/01/2008
    can i start by pointing out (a)its not been widely reported that the 30+ staff involved in the collapse of the million pound aids charity did not receive any redundancy pay and have apply to the government as u do when a company goes bust, and some lost their annual leave pay. (b)has it not occured to the other million pound aids charitys that perhaps ukc were in the middle of doing things likfe supports groups,assisting people back to work etc etc has no one thought to step in and help all the clients of the charity who have been left deeply traumatised and hogh and dry ??????? where is everybody – all those people that say they care ? where were the offers of help for the staff and probably hundred plus clients – the very people the multi-million pound charity sector claims to care about. i am ashamed of myself now for sitting back and doing nothing…..and i want no part of the london lgbt community that marches down london with a rainbow flag and wears a red ribbon to show they care and then ……. surely this must never happen again. troy london


    Posted By Rory Rory don’t you know the story?
    Date 26/01/2008
    no one is up in arms rory because those with the voice either work in other hiv agencies and are petrified they will get exposed in return by bitti et al because they all have financial skeletons in the cupboard. another reason is they ( gay hiv pro’s and gay press publishers) are all friends and another reason is the financial muscle they hold through advertising revenue which stops the gay press from geting to the bottom of all this.

    “The way to stay well is to stay well informed”

    the age of enlightenment in gay men’s sexual health is dawning

  7. Well acording to the CDC, 48% of people with HIV in the US are gay; and account for 58% of new infections.

    Also, they are the only group where HIV infection rates are increasing.

    Hmmm, not so natural and harmless after all.

  8. the poverty sisters 24 Jan 2011, 10:01am

    Crusaids HIV staff request a Contract of employment with correct start month & removal of someone else’s AIDS Diagnosis from Staff Appraisal….to Trustees & advised to “GET ANOTHER JOB WITH A BETTER EMPLOYER” AND END UP REDUNDANT WITHOUT A JOB LIVING IN POVERTY – BUT MANAGEMENT ALL KEPT THEIR JOBS !!!!!
    Subject: Crusaid discussions
    Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 13:20:47 +0000
    Dear XXXXXXXX,
    Thank you for the email that Robin has forwarded to me as you have requested. I am fully aware of the issues you have raised and hope that your meeting with Robin in January will resolve these for you.
    I understand that there is an issue with the given start date on your contract of employment. I also know that you have pointed this out to Robin and that he has offered to look at and amend this for you. However you have included this in your formal complaint and under the procedures that we have in place, this must be handled in the meeting. No-one has at any point inferred or indicated as your email suggests that your job is being terminated.
    We are aware of the importance of stress in the management of the HIV virus. However when a formal complaint is lodged, we do have to follow the procedures we have in place. It is the trustees’ view that a speedy meeting according to our procedures that can resolve your concerns is the best way to deal with the current situation. I understand that Robin has made himself available to meet with you at the earliest convenient time.
    Crusaid Head of Dept Charity e-mail to HIV Police Panel Member…..
    “pendantic,uncooperative and causing stress hassle and pain to alot of people” …..If Crusaid is so bad get another Job with a better employer”
    Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 15:12:56 +0000
    I want to see the two of you in the meeting room tomorrow at 10 am. No excuses. I sincerely hope that this email conversation has not been widely distributed.
    Robin Brady
    Chief Executive
    Subject: RE: Thank You Invitation to Crusaid Events
    Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 10:31:55 +0000
    Thank you for the email As you know I am co-chair of Crusaid as
    well as their legal adviser .I am writing this to you in the latter capacity as
    Crusaid’s solicitor . THAT WAS THE END
    Crusaid THEN Sends Letter requesting feedback AND DONATION to HIV Police Panel Member after advising them to “GET ANOTHER JOB WITH A BETTER EMPLOYER !!!!

    To: Crusaid Trustees
    After your high court injunction e-mail which as you can imagine was very distressing,followed by a letter from a Head of Department a few weels later at Crusaid about being “the lifeblood of all we do, we could not go on without you” which is very kind of you all at Crusaid I received a few weeks later a letter from the CEO of Crusaid requesting a small donation and feedback on the running of the Charity with a pre-paid envelope and the CEO in their letter to me advising me in writing that Crusaid values feedback and to use the new e-mail address could I therefore respectfully request you and the Board of Trustees’ clarify to me what sort of feedback on the running of Crusaid you and the CEO would like me to provide you with and I will then give your written request for feedback on the running of Crusaid the attention it deserves.
    From: Laurence Gilmore (
    Sent: 20 November 2006 18:26:10
    What is this about and why is he on circulation lists!!!
    Best as ever,
    Tel: 020 7355 6102
    Mon, 26 Mar 2007 17:52:53 +0100
    Dear XXXXXXX
    I have written to you today. We discussed this matter…. An error occurred. I dealt with it swiftly. … you are going on the walk….which is MARVELLOUS!

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