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Elton John says television is “arse-paralysingly brain crippling”

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Reader comments

  1. I didn’t think I’d be agreeing with EJ but, yes, ‘talent’ shows are pretty awful and, another yes, the state of current pop is mind numbingly dreadful.

  2. Well Elton, at least the majority of them wouldn’t sell their souls for money and dump their morals for a few quid.

    Bugger off. You look like Gary Glitter…with bad hair.

  3. Elton John also defended his decision to play at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding for $1,000,000 despite the fact that Limbaugh is a horrific bigot.

    Elton John claimed to be livid that people thought he was doing it for the money as ‘I don’t need the money’.

    He forgot to say which charity he had donated the money to.

    Personally I think he simply pocketed the cash.

    Elton John has no problem profiting from the profits of racism or homophobia.

    Elton John performed during Apartheid era South Africa.

    He is greedy beyond measure.

  4. I agree- why not have a show with singers who write their own songs. That would require real talent.

  5. Didn’t he duet with that white America that talks over music and fancies his mum?

  6. And now we have heard from the senile old has-been, the only possible excuse for his corporate greed, empty morals mentality of late. But given his idiotic attempt of adopting a kid at his age I will give him the benefit of the doubt and just chalk it up to senility.

    If his is still able to think and he thinks everyone else is so less talented than he is, well how about donating all that cash to an entertainment institute for young gay men. Partially solve the talent problem and also prove he is not just a worthless douchebag.

  7. I agree with everything he said. I never really liked American Idol, and I never thought the premise of the show would last too long, that of launching new singers to success every season. The discovery of new singing talents should be something spontaneous. Although I watch television very often I wish I didn’t. It’s such a time-wasting and mind-numbing activity ! Like the Internet ! Unfortunately I don’t have that much willpower to read a book, for example. People should read more books, then they would be more intelligent and could also write more and better songs. For example, Kate Bush (who coincidently covered one of Elton John songs, “Rocket Man”, a very good cover on my opinion), one of my favorite singers of all time. Half of her songs are based on books, like Wuthering Heights, Ulysses and A Book of Dreams (based on the life of Wilhelm Reich). And I don’t understand why some of the previous comments think attacking his supposed greed would make his opinions about contemporary television and songwriting less valid. That’s a very bad ad hominem fallacy.

  8. Very much a non-story here… maybe next time we can have Elton John’s views on clouds, or umbrellas. Doesn’t take a gay man to come to this startling revelation that reality TV is absolutely moronic.

  9. Peter In Brisbane 19 Oct 2010, 9:42pm

    Imagine! A paralysed arse.

  10. Stuck up snobby wanker… Is this the same Elton John who did a private gig for £1000,000 for Rush Limbaugh, an American broadcaster known for his right wing anti gay views?

  11. At least I think it was Rush Limbaugh… It’s bound to be someone like that!

  12. Then slip a DVD of your greatest pop video hits on, dear. Then again…

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