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Christine Burns becomes first trans patron of LGBT History Month

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Reader comments

  1. I used to like Christine Burns…..But now I have read she is a Tory I’m not so sure ;)

  2. Christine Burns 19 Oct 2010, 4:31pm

    Could I rush to reassure my many adoring fans that the Tory thing is very firmly in the past. There came a point in the mid 90’s when I realised that it was much more embarrassing to say I was a Tory than to announce I was a trans woman. After that, history took its’ course. I guess that moniker will follow me to my grave though, so would it be enough for me to say it was a terrible mistake and that I’m very, very sorry :-)

  3. Mo need to apologise…

    I am more interested in what people do, than what political party or religion they may be, or have been, part of. I used to be a Roman Catholic, and I hope that is not held against me. :-)

    A big “Well Done” to Christine…


  4. Think I’m gonna have to check out that podcast now. :) Congrats btw! I must say I’m very glad we have a trans woman as patron of LGBT history month, will help to counterbalance that awful dinosaur stonewall that constantly does its best to whipe the “T” from LGBT.

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