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David Laws ‘wants to return to frontline politics’

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Reader comments

  1. Keith Lynwood 18 Oct 2010, 12:02pm

    This man has some way to go to prove himself. After cheating the taxpayer out of the rental money paid to his boyfriend we then find out the fact that he is a wealthy young man this just compounds the problem. He didn’t need the expenses money, just took it because he could. Dishonest people are not needed in politics.

  2. Keith, if dishonest people are not needed in politics, then we’re going to have to sack everyone in Parliament. There is no such thing as an honest politician. Do you really think cameron is an honest man? do you really think blair was an honest man?
    Then whilst you’re at it, sack every dishonest banker, company director, journalist, etc etc. But then there wouldn’t be any, because you don’t get to lead others unless you are dishonest.
    So what’s so different about this guy? Some dishonest journalists at the sun, who were probably tipped off by another dishonest politician, didn’t want him to have any power.

  3. No-one wants a dishonest coward in frontline politics.

    He was too scared to come out (despite having nothing to fear) and lied wholesale in the process.

    Don’t return, Laws. You’re not wanted.

  4. The last thing we need is hypocrite of a benefits cheat running the county. I’m still waiting for the police to knock on Mr Laws door and arrest him for theft.

    Or do they only do that to disabled people who are confused over the benefit rules!

  5. He should be deselected and given the bum’s rush in more ways than one.

  6. You guys are all idiots.

    He didn’t claim those expenses for monetary gain. He did it because he wanted to keep his relationship secret. If he was open, he would have qualified for even more in expenses.

    I’m glad to hear David Laws is thinking of coming back to frontline politics.

  7. “You guys are all idiots.

    He didn’t claim those expenses for monetary gain. He did it because he wanted to keep his relationship secret. If he was open, he would have qualified for even more in expenses.”

    @ SamB

    If he was on job seekers allowance and did the same thing with his housing benefit ho would face a judge and face jail. A court would not take into account why he did it just that he did.

    So you are saying David Laws should have special treatment over that of everybody else, that allows him to cheat the system because he is a MP.

    People on benefits or tax credits might want to keep relationships secret. But they face prison if caught unlike the fraudster David Laws.

    I would say it is you who is the idiot SamB

  8. de Villiers 18 Oct 2010, 8:42pm

    David Laws should not have claimed what he did. However, had been open about his relationship, he could legitimately have claimed a larger sum in relation to his family and second homes.

    He should not have claimed the lower entitlement. But had been honest, he could have claimed more. It’s a bit harsh to attack him so vociferously.

  9. @ helen, why are you comparing him to someone on the dole. Compare him to other politicians and you’ll see he’s no different than any of them – all MP’s cheat the system, everyone with power cheats the system, that’s how they get power.
    I want him to come back, because the more gay men there are in politics the better for me.

  10. @ Sam B, @ de Villiers –

    Totally agree. This is a guy who walked away from an extremely lucrative City career for a £15,000 pa job with the Lib Dems. It’s very distressing to see the reach of the Telegraph on PinkNews readers and these knee jerk responses.

    David Laws was, in hindsight, very foolish for submitting his claim in the way he did. I think this was understandable given the family pressures he felt, though. He certainly does not deserve to be portrayed as a grabbing politician seeking to further his personal wealth.

    Right now, we need David Laws. There are plenty of people deserving scorn, but he isn’t one of them.

  11. I agree. I think he should come back. I know he did wrong but ppl do all sorts of things out of anxiety and fear – he deserves another chance. I feel compassion for him. He certainly doesnt strike me as any worse than most of the others and, as has been noted, he could’ve cost the taxpayer even more had he been genuinely greedy like some of the others who were claiming thousands for moats or sub-letting properties. He also happens to be very good at his job by all accounts.

  12. after having tarnished politics with his bad morals he should please not now tarnish good gayness with his politics

    equality is equality and that includes moral action

  13. Gay or not, he is just another right wing Fib Dem

  14. Sister Mary Clarance 18 Oct 2010, 11:40pm

    Keeping it real here for a moment of two, he actually claimed less than he would have been entitled to if he was honest about the nature of his relationship, so in effect his little charade actually saved the taxpayer money

  15. the guy wants to lead us but didn’t want to be honest with us. that’s not cool. he should do somethng else

  16. Keith Lynwood 19 Oct 2010, 10:13am

    To all the guys that commented on the fact that he was entitled to claim more had he been open about his sexuality instead of living the lie. That was not the point I was making. I was stating that as the wealthiest Lib Dem member in parliament he had no need of claiming £74 a month for council tax and £37 a month for utility bills. He is a multi millionaire . No need to claim the £40,000 he did. That’s why I don’t want to see the money grabbing dishonest man back in cabinet.

  17. To be a crook is bad, but it is foolish to expect politicians to be honest. People who want influence and power over others often are not. The point, in a functioning democracy, is to make sure that their antics are monitored and limited, and that they do some useful work while they are in the saddle.
    But David Laws wasn’t just crooked. He was stupid. Claiming expenses for something you want to cover up is just gormless, and stupidity in power is a great deal more dangerous than dishonesty. This ninny should be kept away from the front line.

  18. paulawilmott 19 Oct 2010, 12:15pm

    He’s a thief, an idiot and a liar .. so he should fit well in a govt stuffed full of them. Lets be progressive and move forwards into the 80’s with a new bunch of scum tories… same as the old bunch but now with less aware sheep to rule over.

  19. The arguments that he did not steal as much money as he could of, so we should let him off is ridiculous. Would we let a thief off because he only stole £100 out of the £200 in a pensioners purse? I think not.

    The way how we deal with benefits cheats should be the same way as we deal with MPs who cheat on the benefits and expenses we allow them.

    If a single mother claimed housing benefit when she was living in a partners house she would be up on fraud charges. What David Laws did is the same as that single mother, he should face the same punishment as any other benefits claimant.

  20. Galadriel1010 21 Oct 2010, 1:46pm

    He’s a multi-millionaire, did you really think he was nice when it came to money?
    And the evidence, what little we have of it, actually suggests that it was legitimate. The landlord came first, then the relationship. He actually moved out and rented from someone else – so presumably it wasn’t a live-in relationship. And he’s not been claiming it for a few years – presumably since he moved in officially.

    No, he didn’t need the money. But he didn’t break the rules to get it.
    Maybe you wouldn’t do it – this is probably why you never had a career in the city or in politics, you’re just too nice.

  21. Mike Savant 28 Oct 2010, 11:51am

    No thanks David. You blew it.

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