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BBC and Channel 4 ‘working on better trans representation’

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Reader comments

  1. Of course the recent survey didn’t take trans representation into account – feckin’ Stonewall produced it.

  2. Please ignore the above; I was chomping at the bit to insult Stonewall and didn’t read the article properly.

  3. I like Hayley on Coronation Street, but she’s on ITV

  4. Nice work, all the TMW folk who have been rushing around to these meetings!


  5. john(derbyshire) 19 Oct 2010, 12:27pm

    Lets hope they take the homophobia out of The In-Betweeners and The Royle Family first. Two shocking examples of recently tranmitted bilge directed squarely at gay men.

  6. This is a positive step forward for trans folk.

    This may have been welcome in the days of those people who have been abused by the press. But for all those types who like to ‘bear all’ without recognising the consequences of being in front of the camera to name but a few – Lauren Harries, Charles Kane, Lucy Parker, and people who appeared on those awful daytime shows for a quick dime.

  7. I once read the entire blog of a English transgender girl who was having troubles transitioning because of her family and who later solved the problem by moving in with her girlfriend and in the end I thought that her life would make a good storyline for a soap-opera or a TV show because it felt so real and engaging. Television writers should be more in contact with real people who have real problems, only this way they could make TV shows feel more natural. The same problem happens with the television in my country. The soap-operas here in Brazil are so badly written, unrealistic and the values are so bourgeois (specially for a country with so many people living below the line of poverty) that I almost feel physical pain in my brain just by staring at the screen (just for the record, I am forced to watch soap-operas because there is a television set in my kitchen, the soap-operas air around the time my family is having dinner and my parents don’t miss a single episode).

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