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Vince Vaughn says gay joke must stay in film

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Reader comments

  1. joking about differences encourages hatred and doesn’t bring people togethor

  2. Except I can’t imagine he would countenance a script with jokes at the expense of an ethnic minority, or be allowed to use one.

  3. john(derbyshire) 15 Oct 2010, 1:13pm

    What an absolute HYPOCRITE!

  4. “Electric cars are jewish. Not religious jewish, but my-parents-are-chaperoning-the-dance jewish.”

    “Electric cars are black. Not racial black, but my-parents-are-chaperoning-the-dance black.”

    “Electric cars are crippled. Not wheelchair crippled, but my-parents-are-chaperoning-the-dance crippled.”

    Would that ugly moron Vince Vaughn even be allowed to say any of the above in one of his dreary films.

    Has the lesbian co-star of this movie – Queen Latifah – been approached about her opinion on the gay slur being used in this film.

  5. “Comedy and joking about our differences breaks tension and brings us together.”

    How stupid is this man.

    I remember when he used to be goodlooking.

    The alcohol bloat around his piggy face has ruined his outward appearance.

    He is a moron.

  6. If you don’t like the content don’t watch the movie – let him know how distasteful his so called humour is by impacting on his wallet –

  7. Comedy. That’s rich. He wouldn’t know comedy if it hit him in his face. This is now purely about free advertising.

  8. I think he’s right. I don’t want to live in an atmosphere of relentless political correctness – nor do I think it’ll help gay teenagers one bit if I do. Clearly the whole context of this is meant to be silly, and I think it’s just fine. (Awaits talkboard execution, or support from rightwing Christian eejits – is there any possibility of avoiding both??).

  9. Exactly right, David #4. It’s the constant acceptance that the word ‘gay’ can be used to mean stupid or crap that gets to me. That’s not “joking about our differences”, it’s taking it for granted that everyone thinks it’s just fine to use the word ‘gay’ in such a way. And as that’s getting more and more common, thanks to f*ckwitted US culture* spreading its backward views across the internet on sites like youtube,MSN and IMDB where you can see the most vicious anti-gay comments every day.

    *NB – I am NOT saying everyone in the US is stupid, my reference is to SOME people in the US and the weird macho male culture in SOME areas where shouting out your heterosexuality every five minutes by making derogatory comments about gay people is common.

  10. Maybe someone needs to tell him that unfunny comics are “gay”. (I’ve never heard anyone over the age of 15 use that insult before.)

  11. Greeks – it’s not PC, it’s about showing that gay doesn’t mean rubbish and that gay teens aren’t rubbish or gay adults, words can be very powerful and many ignore the negative impact of words!

  12. Simon Ainley 15 Oct 2010, 2:36pm

    Yeah right, because Vince Vaughn knows what it is like and how it feels be bullied and called ‘gay’ ?!

    “Electric cars are Vince Vaughn. Not straight unfunny Vince Vaughn, but my-parents-are-chaperoning-the-dance Vince Vaughn”

    What a douche !

  13. He’s right of course, while it wasn’t appropriate to have that scene as a trailer it absolutely should stay in the film because of Freedom of speech.

    At the end of the day it’s offensive to us but it’s not exactly hate speech in the way it’s used.
    If he was using it in a hateful way or a homophobic way i’d be the first to complain

  14. In the trailer, Vaughn is seen telling a boardroom: “Electric cars are gay. Not homosexual gay, but my-parents-are-chaperoning-the-dance gay.”

    If that’s one of the film’s best bits, it must be pretty dreadful. Give it a miss, as the film critics say.

  15. The word gay is only funny to 5th graders.
    I doubt ant parents are going to take their 5th graders to see a movie that sounds so sterile and cliche, however.

    Also, for those saying gay bashing is USA culture… what culture classes have you been in?!?

    There are 50 different US states. CT, DC, IA, NH, VT and the Coquille tribe all have same-sex marriage. CA will soon have it again, I predict. This is full-blown same-sex marriage.
    CO, HI, ME, NJ, NV, OR, WA and WI all have civil unions.
    This adds up to 13 states and one tribe having some form of recognized union. These states will see the union as either marriage or a union, depending on the state.
    All these USA states are bigger than Britain, in which you have your civil partnerships that a lot of Europe won’t even recognize. We have a lot more freedom to travel here.

    Don’t say that what the federal government does is our “culture”. It is the federal government that made DOMA, which denies us our rights (and it currently in a lawsuit that may strike this limitation). It is the federal government that made DADT, despite 65%+ of Americans wanting its re appeal.

    Each state has its own unique culture. So going “The USA has horrible culture” is like me going “The UK has horrible culture”, which is not fair since you have Wales, England, North Ireland, Scotland and your little territories as we do. I don’t believe in that oversweeping generalization.

  16. Jock S. Trap 15 Oct 2010, 3:58pm

    I’m all for a laugh as much as the next person but in light of the publicity surrounding teenage suicides don’t these people need to think about their actions. To say comedy should not be “subject to “dividing lines”” suggests certain groups in society should remain a laughing issue. A laughing issue in which the vunerable will not only pick up on but be subject to taunts because of.

    I know everyones level of humour is different but this wouldn’t even be questioned if it was about someone black. It wouldn’t be acceptable. It was shameful enough that it was 30 plus years ago and for the very same reasons those kind of programmes are not made today nor must using the LGBT community be used to demean.

    As for the comment “Most importantly, where does it stop?” There are plenty of things to laugh and joke about but why is the way someone is born has to be one of them?

  17. Vaughn’s absolutely right, comedy shouldn’t be censored! Shame he doesn’t have the remotest understanding of what is comedy and what is tasteless, UN-funny, potentially dangerous trash!!!

  18. I find it funny and agree with him and I’m not even fussed on the guy. When I came ot to my best mate who has always been homophobic through ignorance it could of gone bad or been tense ruining the relationship but you realise sexuality shouldn’t be serious it should be fun. He makes gay jokes and I make gay jokes, also straight jokes but there’s a difference between making light of it all and making fun of sones sexuality.

    I think if we were honest and laughed more about sexual things and not be uptight we may just get over it mattering and move on.

  19. there’s a difference between joking around with mates and jokes based on ignorance
    ignorant jokes will always hurt people

  20. i think hes right. if it wasnt for the breaking of censorship we wouldnt even be recognized by the media. I think in a democracy everybody has a right to speak as hateful as their speech may be, noticing that we have the right to condemn it. Nowadays in many shows including family guy or the simpsons, they make jokes about black people, jews, christian, gays everyone and actually its not outrageous because were in a democracy
    We cant impose what we had to fight to break down: censorhip towards the gay community

  21. Honestly i don’t see what the big deal is. I may be wrong but i think this battle against a certain use of the word gay is a lost battle. “gay” now means that too… You can’t control language. It reminds me of when people got all upset about the fact that suddenly gay meant homosexual where it used to mean happy. Now it’s changed again and it also means rubbish. The VV joke is not really about gay people… It’s not particularly funny but i don’t find it particularly offensive. I certainly don’t feel insulted.

  22. Gay jokes are fine, it makes it more normal and we should be able to take the Mick out of eachotger with friendly banter, you can see in this context it Is not meant with malice. I am gay and my friends and I have banterl like this all the time, it makes us more accepting x

  23. I don’t feel accepted when someone swaps rubbish for gay


    Here’s a link that many don’t agree with the idiot vince

  25. I think it’s a generational thing. Since South Park ‘gay’ as a pejorative has become part of everyone’s vernacular, and at first it didn’t bug me as South Park is an equal opportunities offender.
    But as it caught on and everyone under the age of 20 including gay people started using it as another word for lame, I realised that we’d put the gay equality cause back by about 25 years, back to the days when we were nothing more than the punchline to stupid jokes told by straight people.
    How many times does it have to be said?
    If you used “black” or “jew” or “disabled” as a putdown, there would be an awkward silence and people would soon shuffle away from you at parties, make their excuses and leave with the distinct impression you were a bigoted jerk with the wit of Jim Davidson or Bernard Manning.
    People who can’t see a connection between “gay” implying homosexual and it’s subsequent semantic shift into implying lame and rubbish really don’t understand what motivates such semantic shifts. Here’s a big clue… those that perpetuate such trends don’t tend to like gays.

  26. Flapjack – exactly. Thank you.
    When people argue that they are using ‘gay’ to mean ‘lame’ or ‘pathetic’ without any reference to sexuality you have to ask why they just happen to pick a word pervasively associated with people who prefer their own sex. Just a coincidence? In that case, why not ‘Mickey Mouse’, ‘rhubarb’, or any other damned word unconnected with us or anything else?
    It’s the feeble rationalisation of homophobes, conscious or otherwise.

  27. cityslicker 16 Oct 2010, 2:14pm

    Ok, OK! Let’s just make it simple. It’s been decided then … driving an electric car is gay, being black is being lazy and a drugger, if you’re a jew you’re a money grubbing banker, southerners are all married to their sisters, arabs are all terrorists, all catholics are irish with large families of red haired kids, polish people end up being (dumb) garbage collectors, indians (the far east kind) all crap in alleyways when no one is looking … capiche! Oh yeah, I forgot the italians, they are all sex crazed folks who have vertical sex on the public streets.

    Life is so much easier when we all deal in stereotypes. Thank you.

  28. … wonder how many black, arab or jewish “jokes” there are in Mr Vauhn’s crappy little film? Also, I agree with the comment by “Dave” above. If this sound bite is what is suppose to be a highlight of the film it’s going to be a long, boring hour and 1/2 experience.

  29. Cityslicker – I see where you’re coming from, but the difference between all the other minority groups and gays as it stands are that using the actual words ‘Black’, ‘Jew’,’Southerner’, ‘Arab’, ‘Catholic’, ‘Polish’, ‘Indian’ and ‘Italian’ aren’t considered insults in themselves. You had to add the insulting stereotype description onto those words.
    Gay is currently the one minority label generally considered so intrinsicly insulting no further explanation is necessary, it’s not even “limp-wristed gay” or “pathetic gay” or “my sister could beat him in a fight gay”.
    What people forget about the kids on South Park is the joke was that they were too young to get how deeply offensive they were being when they used the word ‘gay’ as an insult. They picked it up from somewhere and used it without thinking, same as all the other bad words they used.
    Regrettably the ‘gay’ as insult meme has now got wider currency than just a juvenile retort.

  30. Just why is it that when this sort of thing comes into play that “freedom of speech” is always the battle cry, however when anyone refers to any other minority group (blacks, jews,arabs) they are considered a bigot and should stifle their thoughts?

  31. bicoastal – cos homophobia is the last acceptable form of bigotry for many

  32. Whilst the “joke” is not funny it does poke fun at the way in which the term gay is now used to mean sad (and that is now a universal use, not just a childs one – at least in the UK). I am anti-hate, but I am also anti-knee-jerk overreactions. The word gay was not originally used to mean homosexual, it meant “cheery: bright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer”. Now it is used to mean crap. Word usage changes and that is what keeps language alive, and it seems to me that that is what the supposed joke is trying, unsuccessfully, to poke fun at (particularly as he states, quite clearly, that he is not referring to homosexuality when he uses the term gay). Perhaps people should stop focussing on something that at its heart should not cause offence if you understand what the joke is meant to be, and instead put their efforts into combatting deliberate and malicious acts of hate.

  33. HoneyB – The deliberate and malicious acts of hate start when you degrade minorities. And what better way to degrade them than by making their own labels synonymous with ‘crap’, ‘pathetic’ and ‘lame’?
    I’m well aware that gay used to mean ‘cheery, bright and pleasant’, but the moment it becomes inextricably linked to a minority group it became politically charged.
    The whole reason ‘gay’ was adopted over the more formal ‘homosexual’ is that the word ‘homosexual’ gathered negative semantic baggage. It implied “pathology”, “perversion”… something which required a cure. So someone decided that the word “gay” had a more positive spin.
    Now it seems that word is gathering yet more homophobic baggage. So what now? Should we just change the terminology for describing ourselves again? How many times do we have to keep doing this? Every time homophobes co-opt our own labels to mean crap/perverted/rubbish/pathetic?
    Back when I was at primary school “spastic” briefly became the new buzzword for “stupid”, and for a while it gathered momentum in the playground until teachers and parents pointed out in no uncertain terms that mocking the mentally ill by turning their illness into an insult was wrong and borderline facist.
    No-one uses it any more. There are better ways of keeping language alive than by having a crafty dig at minority groups.

  34. Sally Outen 20 Oct 2010, 10:42am

    I’m not sure how many people here will have realized this, but the use of the word “lame” to mean “rubbish” doesn’t exactly do a lot of good for disabled people either….

  35. This is pathetic. Crap joke in a crap film, but hardly going to incite an audience to leave the cinema to go queer-bashing.

    It’s about time a lot of gay people got a life and stopped whinging about trivia.

  36. Loooooooooooooooooooooooook. Whilst a bunch of you may not find Vaughn’s tween joke lolorific, he’s got every right to make it…

    ALSO… it’s ok to make fun of EVERYTHING, or you can’t make fun of ANYTHING. I’m parroting southpark here, but they hit the nail square on the goddamn head…

    I’m no bigot myself heah, I’m down with the queermmunity and the queer mutiny, buu-ut Vaughn is, like anyone else on this doofus planet, entitled to say whatever guff he likes. If he offends a few people along the way, then actually that’s pretty cool. Admittedly it’s a backwards and reductive viewpoint, BUT IT’S HIS AND HE CAN HAVE IT.

    I’m repeating myself now. I know what I’m trying to say.
    Oh. Basically what spanner said, except omit the word gay, leave the word people. Everyone everywhere could do with a nice dose of perspective. Also everyone everywhere could do with getting SRSLY OFFENDED. It’ll do us all good.

  37. Or to be succinct: Whilst I may not agree with what he says, I feel I may defend his right to say it.

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