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The Real PM?: ‘Warts and all’ film of Peter Mandelson

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 16 Oct 2010, 8:24am

    The stuff of nightmares!! Just when thought they were gone…

    Nothing new will be told, we all know Gordon Brown was his ‘bitch’ and that they left the country bankrupt, yet went round the country splashing blank cheques about without care in the world. What a legacy. Think they should be hiding like Gordy B is and never show there shameful faces again.

  2. (the real) Ian Bower 16 Oct 2010, 11:26am

    Vile old queen and I see he’s still ingratiating himself amongst the rich and titled in letting Hannah Rotschild follow him, and what exactly are her film making credentials other than being a rich jew who’s been bankrolled by papa….and Mandelson is the guy who criticises the Tories!

  3. Mandelson is a ruthless, unsympathetic, but interesting character who might have done more worthwhile things if he weren’t so infatuated with the rich.
    (the real) Ian Bower – why is the woman’s judaism worth highlighting here? A whiff of anti-semitism, I think.

  4. (the real) Ian Bower 16 Oct 2010, 12:56pm

    Her whole background should be highlighted, she would not be admitted to Mandelson’s inner circle unless she were either rich or a rent boy. The Rothschild family are a very powerful Jewish family who are ruthless and shameless in their efforts to ingratiate themselves into the upper echelons of society. it isn’t enough that they are worth millions thru’ their business acumen they also want to make themselves visible in politics, the arts etc. If she were some dirt poor chav with a video camera and an idea for a film there’s no way she’d be left anywhere near Mandelson.

  5. I don’t know Peter Mandelson or the Rothschild’s personally, so I will therefore not comment (because I am not in a position to)…..

    But I don’t find an answer to the question posed in your reply (the real) Ian Bower. Maybe I can pose it again: Why have you chosen to highlight this woman’s Judaism over other characteristics of her personal background? Can you please make a comment about why you have chosen to highlight her Judaism and how it is relevant to your character assassination of her and her family?

  6. Well one can imagine this will not even scratch the surface in demonstrating what an utterly loathsome piece of excrement this man is.

    AScumbags like him, Blair and Brown will (or have been) awarded gongs, knighthoods or peerages whilst the rest of the country suffers the swingeing cuts and financial burdens these bastards have left us as a legacy of thirteen years of ripping off this country. The so-called ‘people’s party’ have got what they came for, and now they sit in their tax havens, give highly-paid lectures and watch the rest of us rot.

    I hope the man’s heart fills with cancerous cells and he dies a slow and painful death.

    What do you mean, ban hate speech? Some people deserve it. :)

  7. Oh yeah, because all the other politicians are lovely people who only have the poor man’s interest at heart. Grow up guys, you sound like silly naive children at an anti semitic BNP convention.

  8. Paul Cann: The usual straw man argument when you can’t find a decent word either to support the man?

    Just because most other politicians are complete sh|ts too does not vilify the man. He is a sh|t par excellence amongst sh|ts

  9. In recent years entry into the television industry has become more difficult for people who aren’t from wealthy families. This is because independent production companies offer unpaid ‘work experience’ as a way in and only people who have a rich parents who can support them can do that. TV thinks it’s above the minimum wage legislation.

    I believe the coalition government said it will tackle this. I hope it does.

    Otherwise the future is more people like the Rothchild family working in television. I would suggest there were far more working class people working in TV in the 1960’s than there are now.

    However, just the fact that her family is so close to Peter Mandelson should be enough to bar her from making a documentary about him for the BBC.

  10. two comments here refer to this woman as being Jewish. She is of course (or rather I assume she still is), but the relevance is…..?

    Or was it gratuitous? If so,it was offensive? Please engage brain before hitting keys or unnecessary offence will be caused.

  11. I love Peter Mandelson, he’s a legend.

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