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Obama seeks stay on gay military ban judgment but promises policy will end

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 15 Oct 2010, 12:39pm

    Nothing but a damn hypocrite! Must be the Mid-Terms coming.

  2. How ridiculous.

    On the 1 hand he is saying ‘I want this homophobic policy to end’.

    On the other hand he is actively keeping to keep the homophobic policy in place.

    I do not understand why Congress needs to lift the ban?

    It is the president’s job to uphold the US Constitution. It is not his job to defend legislation that has been deemed unconstitutional by the courts.

    Obala is a slimy opportunist. His behaviour on this issue is appalling.

  3. gladiatorkid 15 Oct 2010, 1:02pm

    I’m so fed up with Obama. Doesn’t he remember that Gates is a conservative republician and will fight to keep DADT to the end. And is the military so imcompedent that it needs a year for a ‘study’. And Obama says it will change on ‘his watch’. If it’s wrong why do we need any damn study anyway. I ain’t voting for the guy again!!

  4. I wonder if the real reason he wants it b ended by Congress is that, if it is ended by the courts, there will be MASSIVE claims for damages against the Federal government for operating what will have been deemed an illegal policy?

    Just a thought..


  5. “Opponents to repealing the law say it will harm recruitment, cohesion and morale at a time when the military is fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    Now let me get this straight. The U.S. military didn’t refuse the help of western allies in Iraq and Afghanistan (particularly the UK) the majority of which allow their gay people to serve openly. How did that effect the U.S. military’s cohesion or morale? Where is the evidence? This is nothing more than a red herring to do nothing. We all know why Gates et al use it, because they’re hoping that after the November 2 mid-term elections, the republicans could regain one of the houses in Congress which would mean they would filibuster any attempt to repeal the ban. They’re already planning to overturn every piece of legislation passed since Obama came into office, to take their country back to the good old days of Bush who was responsible for wrecking the economy with blatant disregard for oversight and regulation. The majority in the republican party want the ban to remain even though it runs counter to the wishes of the majority of the electorate who want it overturned.

  6. “It has enormous consequences for our troops.”

    Why? There are already lots of gay people serving in the US army, they just keep quiet about it. Their fellow soldiers manage to serve alongside them just fine, so what would these ‘enormous consequences’ be?

    Obama is all words. In my opinion, he’s a coward. IN fact, now I often doubt whether he actually wants equality for LGBT people at all. DADT is still there and so’s DOMA. I can’t see one thing he’s done to try to remedy that.

  7. Obama’s promises mean _______. He is a coward, so concerned with his own position that he has bent over backwards so many times he can now effortlessly kiss his own ass. Cowardice of course is the number one problem with Dems, they don’t seem to be bright enough to notice that the Republicans will never be on their side no matter how much brown nosing they do (although some times you have to wonder if Obama is not on the GOP payroll).

    If only Hilary had run as an independent, like Lieberman, she might have won. Her husband was mostly worthless (but Obama seems to think he is a role model with his kissy kissy with big corporate and the same crappy mistakes with the ban). Hilary always was the one with the brains and her mind seems more open than Obama’s.

    If only we could dig up either of the Roosevelts and re-elect them. Oddly the Republican one was the most socialist in his policies. But thinking of the needs of the people was not called socialism (as a four letter word) back then.

  8. so he’s going to end it and kick up a stink when someone else ends it before he does? surely if he was that keen he’d have ended it ASAP instead of the homophobia he’s previously spewed

  9. He isn’t going to end it.

    They wanted a year review and he is already half way into his first (and probably only) term.

    This means that by the time the review is done, he’ll have less than a year left to reappeal it; if at all. He appealed to gay americans, then later let his true life shine. That he lets himself be told by others that LGBT Americans are worthless, that he should lie to us, ect.. He is nothing but a follower (who won’t follow the will of the 65%+ Americans that want DADT to end).

  10. There is a myth in America that Obama is a progressive. Far from it. He’s also a political opportunist. In 1996 when he was running for office in his home state of Illinois, he declared support for full marriage equality. Speed ahead to 2008, he campaigned for civil unions at the federal level (national level) and made it quite clear that he does not support marriage equality but happy to support civil unions. In other words, coming from an ethnic group that suffered more than any other in America until the civil rights movement heralded full equality for black Americans during the 60s, he chooses to support legal segregation under civil unions for LGBT people, a complete 360 degree turn. Its absolutely shameful that he’s backtracked on this issue merely to get elected and once in, fails to deliver one extremely important piece of equality related legislation being repealed. It won’t happen under his watch since the Democrats will lose control of one of two houses in Congress giving the republicans the keys to keeping the ban in place which they will of course. Elections can be bought legally now that corporations both domestic and foreign do not have to reveal who they are, no thanks to a republican stacked Supreme Court that overturned the law prohibiting the decades-old system of rules that govern the financing of the nation’s political campaigns. Most corporations donate heavily to the republicans. This will unleash a torrent of corporate and union cash into the political realm and transform how campaigns for president and Congress are fought in the coming years. So now its perfectly legal to buy elections in America and the seeds for a banana republic are now sewn. There will be no full equality in America with republicans in control, ever.

  11. “There will be no full equality in America with republicans in control, ever.”

    Nor with tge Democrats it seems!

  12. Obama is a spineless coward and a traitor to the American people he is going against everything the USA is meant to represent. Freedom and opportunity …

    If he gets re-elected it will be a shame. Americans deserve better, tbh they need better.

  13. Bill Perdue 15 Oct 2010, 11:24pm

    For a few GLBT folks this will be the proverbial straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

    For the rest of its proof positive, as if anymore were needed, that Obama is an anti-LGBT bigot. It matters not at all whether he’s a bigot because of his own narrow-mindedness or because he’s a functional bigot, a backstabbing, unprincipled hustler trawling for christian, aka, bigot votes.

    The Democrats and the Republicans are almost without exception bigots, functional bigots or bigot panderers. They, like Obama, are the enemy. The key difference is that the Republicans don’t bother lying about it.

    On Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 and again on Tuesday, November 4th, 2012 lots of GLBT Americans will vote against the twin parties of bigotry, war and Depression. Join millions of us sitting it out (barring important referenda) or vote left or write in your favorite GLBT person. That’s the only way to respond to the fact that the Democrats are virtually indistinguishable from their brother-cousins the Republicans.

  14. “it [lifting the ban] has enormous consequences for our troops… who need a lot of prior training” ??? What planet are many Americans on? European defence forces lifted the ban virtually overnight once the deciison was taken, some nations it was decades ago, even the more conservative UK it was last century. There is no difference having a colour bar in the armed forces and having a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – both as reprehesable as the other. Just do it Obama, stop shilly shallying around.

  15. Well said, Bill. I’d love to ask Obama why he needs to proceed through Congress, yet Loving v. Brown (allowing interracial marriage) and Roe v. Wade (allowing women the right to choose if they want an abortion) weren’t put to a congressional vote but by the Supreme Court ruling. This is nothing more than a red herring to do nothing to appease the bigot base on both sides of the aisle. I predict, once the republicans take back one of the house on November 2, repeal will be dead in the water, ditto ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) not coming to the floor for a vote and of course DOMA (Defence of Marriage Act) will remain in place. In the absence of the economic downturn, the two wars, the housing foreclosure and stimulus package,we still would not be any further ahead. They’d come up with another excuse to delay which is political speke for “do nothing”.

  16. Mihangel apYrs 18 Oct 2010, 7:25am

    the mid-terms are almost on us, and at least one Chamber will go GOP; he’s squandered his time not very fruitfully overall, and merely talked a good fight on gay issues. He can now try to blame the Repuglicans for the obstruction.

    It never ceases to amaze me that a country like the US, where anything is for sale, capitalism trumps morality, that the godbotherers have such a strong grip on the balls of every politician! Is it because Americans have a hidden guilt about how willing they are to subvert their Xianity in the fight for profit?

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