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NY governor candidate Andrew Cuomo promises to legalise gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Now lets see if Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and David Cameron will “fight” for marriage equality without Summerskill’s interference. I’m holding my breath on that one. Action speaks louder than words.

  2. Nice promise. It’s not really up to him though, is it?
    He can sign the law if the legislature passes it…

  3. The thing is Val, the New York State legislature needs 32 votes to pass it. In December last year, it failed as a result of eight democratic conservatives. Every republican voted no of course, conservatives usually do. There were one or two who said they would vote for it but didn’t at the last minute for fear of a backlash from their conservative constituents. I suspect this will be the way Cameron will proceed, living in fear of the right wing in his party and the usual clerics in the House of Lords. Its really a red herring not to vote for it because Spain, Portugal and Belgium, three very heavily catholic countries managed to do it easily even in spite of resistance. Their leaders were far more courageous and decent, unlike our own, they saw the larger picture. Ours have no backbone or the character to implement it thus far. Constant deferring to religious leaders shouldn’t even take place because this is a civil issue, not a religious one, though successive Prime Ministers will hide behind it for political cover. As I said once before, talk is cheap but action speaks louder than mealy-mouthed words.

  4. How can Cuomo promise to legalise marriage equality when he has no say on whether it is legalised or not.

    Just another political opportunist – like Barack Obama.

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