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Gavin Rossdale admitted gay relationship for publicity, Marilyn claims

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Reader comments

  1. Gavin Rossdale is clearly only telling the truth to promote the comeback of his band Bush.

    He is famous these days only for being Mr Gwen Stefani.

    And the fact that he is pretending that his 5 years same sex relationship was ‘just an experiment’ indicates that his honesty needs some work.

  2. Who gives a stuff anyhow? It’s not as if Bush are going to ever make it big again – they weren’t that great first time around.

  3. what a tosser! he has played with peoples feelings. thats not on!

  4. Celebrity lies, cheats and manipulates. How astonishing.

  5. :( what a douche …. He broke the guys heart. And now will hurt his wife again.

  6. Who knew that homophobic adulterer Iris Robinson’s husband Peter Robinson used to be Marilyn in the 1980’s and had an affair with Gavin Rossdale who is now Gwen Stephani’s husband…just amazing!

  7. @Pavlos –

    Best. Comment. Ever.

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