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Trans group angry at Stonewall’s nomination of journalist it criticised

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Reader comments

  1. It’s good to know Stonewall keeps up a good record of supporting transphobia and inequality. Great to have them leading the anti-bullying campaign.

    I’m sure it’ll work out well…

  2. If this isn’t the writing on the wall for Summerskill, I don’t know what it. He refuses to put marriage equality on his agenda and refuses to fight for it. Come on Summerskill, do us all a favour and resign, immediately. You have demonstrated poor judgment and are not fit to represent all of us, in fact you work against us. Please resign, NOW!

  3. Shades of the Bindell episode.

    Summerskill up to his usual petty and sly tricks…

    The truth is that he does seem to use his position to attack those who disagree with him or stand up to him, whether they are Lesbian, Gay, Bi or Trans….

    Frankly, I think the time has come to make a formal complaint to the Charity Commission over his stewardship of Stonewall, on the grounds that he is simply using it as a vehicle for his personal political advantage, and is thus in breach of the rules governing an organisation’s charitable status.

    There is by now more than enough evidence to present to the CC.


  4. Good more people for the Stonewall demo.

    I just hope there is enough room outside the V&A to fit everyone in!

  5. Black Hawk Down 14 Oct 2010, 4:52pm

    The guy believes it’s ok to crack homophobic and transphobic jokes too …

  6. lynne perkin 14 Oct 2010, 4:52pm

    Can only echo the sentiments already expressed here. Just one more reason that confirms I was right in canceling my direct debit to Stonewall.I have supported them for years but no longer feel that they have the best interests of the community at heart.

  7. I can’t wait for the demo.

    I hope that it is massive.

    If there are more people demontrating the awards because of Stonewall’s homophobia and transphobia, than actually attending the ridiculous event itself, then it will send a clear message to the media and the politicians, the low regard that Stonewall is held in.

    Even if Stonewall suddenly decides to support marriage equality at the last minute (which knowing those slimy opportunists they are perfectly capable of doing this, then unless they also simultaneously sack that homophobic traitor Ben Summerskill, and announce clear plans to make their agenda more transparent, and announce who they are answerable to; then they should still be picketed.

    As an equality organisation Stonewall is no longer fit for purpose.

  8. What an utter waste of time Stonewall is. They seemed to have a created a money making business, propped up by labour good practice regulations , getting councils and orgs to sign up to their Stonewall LGBT logo of approval. Just hope that in good time these councils and orgs realise that Stonewall don’t actually represent us and the Stonewall logo of approval is as useful and as unwanted as the HIPS packages were to the housing market. …. Get rid of this useless org (I refuse to call them an LGBT charity/campagin org)

    Hope the demo is loud and successful…

  9. How long can Stonewall go on like this? The Evangelical Alliance must be laughing their socks off at Stonewall doing their work for them.

  10. Have Stonewall and the Christian institute merged

    Which bit of LGBT do they not understand ?

    Sadly it appears that the dignity and sensibilites of trans-people, are last on the stonewall agenda along with gay rights.

  11. F*** Stonewall.

    The LGBT community does not need Stonewall hindering or campaign for equality.

    Let’s send them a loud message at their pathetic awards ceremony which says ‘Thanks to Stonewall’s homophobia and transphobia you do not represent me or my community. Disband!”

  12. In response to “Black Hawk Down”…have you actually READ this article (which I just have), because this piece argues that unless we stop telling jokes altogether then we are in fact offending SOMEBODY along the way. Therefore a balance between right and wrong, funny and unfunny must be found, and anyone with any intelligence would understand that this is the message within this article.Perhaps he or she could enlighten us all as to what sector of society is in fact immune from jokes being cracked at their expense?

  13. Just for the record, I have today suggested that it is time Stonewall apologised for their support to his guy.

  14. The Lizzie 12 16 Oct 2010, 12:05pm

    Where are the nominees in the Stonewall awards who work on the frontline of our communities? We should be acknowledged too. In 1995 I was instrumental in setting up one of the first locally-based LGBT Forums to tackle homophobic crime. Based in the London Borough of Southwark, we have taken a multi-agency approach by including the police and our local authority. We celebrated our 15th anniversary last month (September 2010) but no one has taken a blind bit of notice. I take pride in the fact that I am the only member of the Forum who was in the original line up. I am proud of what we have achieved, but as a founder member, I am saddened that the wider LGBT community (including Stonewall), do not recognise us or many others in our community who undertake such ground-breaking work. I could do with a night out at the V&A rubbing shoulders with Sir Ian & Co. It would make a change from a meeting room at our local Town Hall!

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