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Trans golfer sues after being banned from tournament

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Reader comments

  1. In all respects trans people deserve equality and recognition, however in sport there is a problem. The sexes are not equal. Does being physically male for many years give a trans woman an advantage? Is there data for this? The sport governing bodies need to be cautious. I understand it can cause pain to trans people, but they must be fair to all their members.

  2. (the real) Ian Bower 14 Oct 2010, 3:59pm

    Lana Lawless? Gimme a break, if only Lana were “Faceless”, that photo has put me right off food, especially half chewed bacon.

  3. “they must be fair to all members”
    But this ISN’T fair. If they want to split sports competitors into two groups, they can’t pick two groups that not everyone fits into and call it fair.

    As it happens, I believe the evidence is that after 6-18 months on hormone therapy, there is no significant difference between the strength of a transgender woman and a cisgender woman.

  4. John777 its not just strength. Testosterone has permanent effects on the bodys development. Once you have gone through puberty there is no going back, the structure of your body is set, muscle size isnt the only factor, bone density and size, as well as the cardiovascular system are effected. Reversal of those effects takes decades, by which time most sporting careers are over.

    Not everyone fits into the 2 sexes, but how many categories do we need? It will end up like the paralympic where people are categorised by degree of disability.

  5. The lack of testosterone will cause the muscles to break down into a more womanly model pretty fast, even in an athlete.
    Same reason why if you don’t exercise everyday, your muscles will “disappear”. Muscle is a set amount for each person, and how we “build” muscle is by ripping it (the healing scar tissue is what adds up after awhile and causes the bulk).

    I don’t know how many people realize that transgender people take hormone blockers, plus the supplementary hormone for the sex they are transitioning/transitioned to?
    Its not like she is getting some hidden, unknown pump of testosterone even as a woman.

  6. Rovex,

    studies have been done and transwomen an compete at the olympic level because theyv been found to have NO unfair advantage over ciswomen. the rule states that they must have had been on hormones and had srs for 2 years before they can compete again because by that time any additional ‘advantage’ due to testosterone has gone. transwomen are as strong as any other women. if she’ll be banned because of her size then theyd have to ban all larger than average women.

  7. I don’t really care for the debate. I just want to know why she’s got such a surprised expression on her face. she looks like she’s had something stuffed up her ass!

    1. If you don’t care for the debate why make such a fatuous comment?

  8. Mark Glassman 15 Oct 2010, 3:12pm

    Ridiculous – anyway should be allowed to put a ball in hole!

  9. Mark Glassman 15 Oct 2010, 3:15pm

    Ridiculous – anyone should be allowed to putt a ball in a hole!

  10. I don’t know, I am tied on this one. I have been post op for many years now, and I in my 20s. I was a dancer before and a sporter (football), After about a year I started to notice my strengh go. I used to be a soloist in my dance company and suddenly I wasn’t able to do half I of what previously was easy or at least doable. I was never really big or strong, but I definitely was fit. After surgery I my muscle strengh quickly went, and is still depleting despite taking up kickboxing and other activities.

    I can not compete with the guys, that is forsure. They just have to whack me and I am down for the count (luckly the guys I fight don’t hit me as hard as they can). But also I still am a little bigger than most of the girls (but not stronger). I fight with other girls and they never said I fight particularily hard. So I can only assume that I am now evenly matched with other women my age.

    I was quite young when I did everything so I didn’t have many years of practice as a guy nor was my body fully mature. For someone who transition later in life, I can’t say for certain they don’t have an advantage, if only in being treated as a guy. From my experience, girls are treated far different in sport than boys… Simply being raised and trained as a boy definitely has its advantages.

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